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  1. This is exactly what I don't wont to get into. As you can see from my post i actually said the above post makes a lot of sense and I do agree in Koushik's opinion in this case. I also said labelling him and bashing each other is not constructive.. All i said was we got be careful in our approach when criticising each other and also the party leadership. Not sure which part of my post annoyed you. Also i did not say i have a lot of ideas that i can lay out step by step to change TDP. I don't have the skills, intellect or time to get involved in such a large organisation like TDP. I am sure there are many like you who are well placed for that. By the way a homogenous group is not necessarily positive thing and in some cases it can lead to very poor outcomes. Conflict is good when it is healthy. Thanks for your response. And goodbye. May be i should just remain silent.
  2. I am a back bencher on this forum but follow it as regularly as many of the active members. I thought i will express my opinion on Mr. Koushik. After following his threads and posts for sometime, I cant help believing that he probably is a genuine well wisher of TDP. But i certainly don't agree with his approach in his criticism. Having some experience in leading big teams, i think i have reasonable understanding of how group dynamics work. I would certainly struggle with someone like him in my group with his current approach. The above post actually makes so much sense and i also believe the leader should evolve with changing scenarios. He may not stoop down to a low level mass leader altering his image that he built for decades but he can certainly inject enthusiasm and energy by encouraging other fiery leaders. I don't know who Kaushik is and i am sure he may be successful in whatever he does for a living, but i am not sure if his style of criticism actually lead to a positive change. There are better ways and approaches to bring about change. I also feel extreme and vigilante approach from some members (by calling him names) have just made it worse. I would prove myself to be a fool if he indeed is a YSRCP sympathiser who is just out there to troll. However if he is a genuine TDP follower, he should be allowed to express his opinions, albeit in a constructive manner. I wish Koushik shift his focus away from CBN bashing and continue to contribute to the debate with constructive criticism. I hope i will be spared of bashing from both the warring factions 😀
  3. Hi How big or how many ponds can be applied for if I have 20 acres under two names.(two owners)
  4. Glad to see Tirupati airport expanding. I have used this airport quite a few times and majority of the times there was an average of 2 hours delay. And they just ignore anyone asking for updates as if this is normal practice. I hope they tighten on punctuality
  5. Can someone throw light on these 'saptha dweepalu' ? are there islands that have not been inhabited yet ?
  6. two lakhs per acre in jasmine crop is impressive.