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  1. In the past they used Ayodhya whenever they needed to stir emotions among people. I have a feeling they are preparing for a major event to distract the public away from the current economic situation. I think they are up to something in Kashmir. They may start something now and drag on until 2023 and reap rewards in the Jamili elections. Imagine if they scrap article 370. All the Bajarangis in the country will give them a solid majority 😀
  2. i totally agree that CBN's speeches don't connect with the masses. Not even to 'class' i suppose.But that is him, it is too late for him make changes at nearly 70 yrs of age. The only ones who can fill the void is Rammohan and Jr NTR (currently). RMK has the added advantage of political acumen so a natural choice to be the face of TDP along with CBN in the next elections(and Lokesh can have his own place alongside). After all CBN can never let go his ambitions for his son.
  3. I think this comment is too harsh. Yes i agree India still has a significant proportion of people who are illiterate or ignorant who may just not understand what he said, but i think he explained himself much better than i expected. I do agree people want theatrics and chest thumping but you cant expect that from Lokesh. He is too polished for such acts and i don't blame anyone who believe it to be a handicap.
  4. Hi How big or how many ponds can be applied for if I have 20 acres under two names.(two owners)
  5. Glad to see Tirupati airport expanding. I have used this airport quite a few times and majority of the times there was an average of 2 hours delay. And they just ignore anyone asking for updates as if this is normal practice. I hope they tighten on punctuality
  6. Opposition may make it an issue. 22 Cr for taking visitors to the site. But it will be good publicity for TDP. They should take the opportunity to educate people about the rapid progress that was achieved during this term.
  7. Can someone throw light on these 'saptha dweepalu' ? are there islands that have not been inhabited yet ?
  8. two lakhs per acre in jasmine crop is impressive.