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  1. Too much of media presence. People are bored to death seeing CBN every day. Even a staunch follower like me can't be bothered to pay attention to the long, monotonous speeches. He should limit his exposure so any occasional visibility would generate enthusiasm among people. He certainly needs a strategist to improve on public performance, social media campaign etc, not necessarily running a party which he has done reasonably well for decades.
  2. Hi How big or how many ponds can be applied for if I have 20 acres under two names.(two owners)
  3. Glad to see Tirupati airport expanding. I have used this airport quite a few times and majority of the times there was an average of 2 hours delay. And they just ignore anyone asking for updates as if this is normal practice. I hope they tighten on punctuality
  4. two lakhs per acre in jasmine crop is impressive.