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  1. TDPforever

    Beauty of Our Office

    Beautiful place to work. I bet you look forward to go to office everyday May I ask you what your job role is ? I have been following Tmbaktu for nearly 5-6 years and I am in awe with this couple who created an oasis in dry Anantapur dist
  2. TDPforever

    panta sanjeevani (farm ponds)

    Hi How big or how many ponds can be applied for if I have 20 acres under two names.(two owners)
  3. TDPforever

    Tirupati International Airport

    Glad to see Tirupati airport expanding. I have used this airport quite a few times and majority of the times there was an average of 2 hours delay. And they just ignore anyone asking for updates as if this is normal practice. I hope they tighten on punctuality
  4. TDPforever


    Opposition may make it an issue. 22 Cr for taking visitors to the site. But it will be good publicity for TDP. They should take the opportunity to educate people about the rapid progress that was achieved during this term.
  5. TDPforever


    Can someone throw light on these 'saptha dweepalu' ? are there islands that have not been inhabited yet ?
  6. TDPforever

    Prakruthi vyavasayam

    two lakhs per acre in jasmine crop is impressive.
  7. TDPforever


    Apparently they are planning for inaugration next Ugadi