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  1. Busy with another pk im farm house
  2. Drama artist cheyadu ga he want that friction live for votes
  3. Love zihad is biggest ever mission, Hindus blind ga vunte antha Assam. They are even targetting divorced n widows. I have seen 3 such cases in my small circle.
  4. Love zihad is true, I have seen many hindu girls targeted n trapped by other religion guys. They are doing it on a mission.
  5. Predicted loss before elections during campaign. TDP gave up
  6. All analysis are thrash. Rayalaseema ditched TDP becasue they believed jagan can bring capital to seema. He also ditched them now. Let's see the outcome
  7. Aa inturi gadante dabbu kosam anukochu. MP ayundi VISA reddy sharing fake pics #Shame
  8. Jagga blackmoney funding to center emo .. election kharchulu Business man lo laga helicopter lu sanchulu .. modi niku delhi ista ..
  9. Hemanth was killed brutally but so called caste fellows bashing Guys family in every social media comments .. as if like Reddy caste is superior than all .. komati ante chinna chupu .. dabbu lenodu aithe batike arhata lenattu .. nyayam aithe adige pani ledu ..
  10. Drugs yena diniki kuda link .. as usual if ppl outrage police can kill rapists, no outrage from ppl .. rapists n murderers can roam freely with bail .. Mera Bharat Mahaan
  11. Loans rakunda addukovali TDP , find ways.ycp chala chesaru writing letters etc
  12. Orey devudu sadist kaadura inko devunni pujiste champeytaniki 🙋‍♂️
  13. Mp TDP vadega past lo, same family nundi TDP ticket ichi poti chepiste sari.
  14. I will keep posting how IPAC working n continuously maligning CBN,TDP. YCP voice and agenda is forced to everyone in media. TDP is literally dead in this space
  15. Check comments of any PRO digital media, you will see 10s of ycp paid workers posting nonstop negative comments. Maligning CBN, TDP
  16. We have seen it in last term, lost badly but still not learnt. Nothing improved in media space