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  1. Loans rakunda addukovali TDP , find ways.ycp chala chesaru writing letters etc
  2. Orey devudu sadist kaadura inko devunni pujiste champeytaniki 🙋‍♂️
  3. Mp TDP vadega past lo, same family nundi TDP ticket ichi poti chepiste sari.
  4. I will keep posting how IPAC working n continuously maligning CBN,TDP. YCP voice and agenda is forced to everyone in media. TDP is literally dead in this space
  5. Check comments of any PRO digital media, you will see 10s of ycp paid workers posting nonstop negative comments. Maligning CBN, TDP
  6. We have seen it in last term, lost badly but still not learnt. Nothing improved in media space
  7. If it continues not investing in paid social media workers, print media, digital media.
  8. Jagan already got full mandate ... he have everything to lose .. nothing new to gain .. - Encourage/make Young leaders - Keep exposing Govt failures, - Keep exposing reddy kula picha, attacks on dalits, lower castes, common ppl etc - STOP appeasing MEGA batch and kapu caste - Give more seats to BC castes and women - Buy news channels/news dailies/web portals/market content online = SPEND money - CBN to reduce media facing, work on Party politics, caste equations, money etc - Lokesh to go around the state and keep exposing Govt failures, extablish himself as future TDP CM - Release white papers on state economic situations .. cancel all useless freebies .. announce only what poor ppl really need .. Honesty works tell ppl clearly - Electioneering - All low lever cader, booth level responsibilities, etc .. appoint committees for each segment ,. and talk to them regular support all ways - Political equation - Attack only YCP - If BJP, Janasena attacks TDP retort on high pitch with good orators .. face election alone and keep gate open for both BJP and INC - Spend money for canvassing .. give money to all local leaders, caste leaders, distribute money .. the main reason TDP lost last time is they gave up no one spent money no canvassing. - -