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  1. There is something going on with health across the world, it's not just covid It seems, many are having flu like symptoms. I had sore throat, cured with antibiotics Now eyes sticked when woke up yesterday n today. Took 10 mg anty histamine tabs and eye drops. Got better. Seeing many around having similar symptoms. Aa per astrology naku Jan nunchi Anni super anaru, Revathi star meena rasi.no such evidence yet. Astrology is pure myth
  2. Kavitha video sudaledemo, Other side kcr is doing good our jaffa is using paracetamol n bleaching thinking its started in korea
  3. Leader said politics ki idi samayam kaadu. But cader should remember we are not doing politics but exposing daddamma cm and his avivekam to more public reach. Make as many videos as u can
  4. Malli China ki Italy ki help chesindi india Ani news for medical equipment. Manaki leva karma
  5. 😅Andhra Janam antha manala sensible kadu bro, trolling kummadame chances are given by Jaffa. Ycp trying to use panic mode n victims card. Taggakunda eskovali trolls
  6. take away is even if you stay in home, dont sit in ac rooms and dark rooms. enjoy sun rays in morning and may be evening as well. spend time in light that helps you psychologically too
  7. they hidden numbers, its bigger than Italy. i think they are still hiding it