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  1. CBN CM ga unnapudu Prashant kishore online jaffas cbn emanna sonth apocket lo istunada ni dabbe ani TDP vallake istunaru ani propoganda chesaru .. ipudu emo jagan indrudu chandrdu .. ayya CBN konni koka pothe nastam ledu .. online propoganda and media management very imp .. recruit PK kind of firms
  2. Step esina tisina cases esarru ycp batch modi supported jaffas, process delayed
  3. KTR said it right, bhajanasena
  4. Vizag back to it's beauty in very quick time after devastating cycle hudhud, thanks to commendable efforts from all the teams worked on war foot lead by CBN himself from vizag. He was the first person to reach there to set everything right. People of vizag are great, they have seen what CBN did to their loving city, to the poor ppl and they elected TDP MLAs with pure ❤️ not bothered about prashant kishore and blue media fake propaganda
  5. AP started getting worse now.for.covid, it was all looks better as there was no pressure in front warrior with less cases. Now cases increased suddenly, front warrior also infected, people are dying but not accountable in corona list. Prashant kishore is back to ycp n working on removing every negative thing of ycp from social media. They can't do this long for corona, it is getting worst. Worst is yet to come. Hope jagan succceds in handling corona
  6. Yellow media yellow media Ani okate nasa ycp n even neutrals, how about blue media ycp mp himself revealed few ycp run media like great Andhra,tupaki,praja chaitanyam. Idream aithe chepakarledu tdp valani pilichi troll Interviews chesadu . Jalil Khan etc