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  1. Museyyandi .. we want sharmilamma to rule both Telugu states in future 🙈
  2. Lokesh interacting with every small business ppl with affection. Doing great work lately. Good going but covid care kuda tiskivali. Vaccine veyinchukuni vuntadu but mask vadali, sanitizer etc .. mask vadatledu 😷
  3. Animal keeper ga work chestademo .. one of my school friend does same work in African zoo parks
  4. Ippatikaina they are concentrating on imp things .. welcome sign .. keep outcome aside. Worst batch will be little cautious going further. Monna jairam youtube channel mida complaint cheste content deleted
  5. I believe CBN knows all this afterall he is veteran chankaya. Wantedly he skipped all this storing it for big fight. That's how it works
  6. Take the recent elections where TDP should have concentrated telling ppl why they have to vote TDP. Explain the thousands of km roads laid, done all the clean n dev work, street lighting etc how they used paniki ahara padakam to develop state and same time feeding labor, how they cultivated crops with pattiseema and other itlrrigation projects. Etc etc Instead spent all efforts on Jagan telling he will increase this tax that tax. Jagan wasn't there in canvassing in first place. Should have highlighted what he promised and didn't deliver. The pention hike cut. The raithu bandhu cut etc should have highlighted how he cheated public promising skies in front of public and chopped in manifesto. Should have remembered kodi katthi, babai murder and asked who is culprits should have highlighted where is pink diamond should have highlighted where is shekar Reddy. What NOT
  7. TDP failure.. not people failure .. - no plan to attract all groups, takes ppl granted once given the power. - Entha sepu development development ide gola that's already there in other top cities where ppl can migrate and live there happily. When your state youth and labour working happily in other states and have no pain or emotional connect with ur state what is your priority. Why to build something for them who are already happy outside. Andhrodu di sanchara jathi he can live anywhere and gives no xxxx to the local sentiments Leader must understand and do what is needed for the ppl. Not what he wanted to achieve and his big dreams, he went in that path with bankruptcy state he became easy target as he can't do much with available resources. CBN should have worked to decrease the expectations, publicize peaks whatever done like roads, irrigation, free schemes etc instead he went for his big dreams having useless team published skies and created false hype TDP failure is always on not telling ppl what all they achieved, spent all energies on modi instead of Yrus
  8. Welcome this, many students died in Telangana due to inter board negligence. We want Sharu to capture Telangana and Jaffa Andhra again .. both can unite Andhrapradesh again. Jai samaikyandra. What an opportunity