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  1. Naren_EGDT


    Ycp with Prashant Kishore successful in creating negative propaganda on TDP where as TDP never took serious on countering it or establishing sm team.voluntarily many tdp karyakarthas doing their best. Hope all goes well in the end.
  2. Naren_EGDT


  3. Naren_EGDT


  4. Naren_EGDT

    Mandapeta Pilli bose

    Undi Kani easy win for jogi .. hattrick on d way uncle Wdwr
  5. Naren_EGDT

    My video byte for NRITDP

    Very neat, right on target .good one brother
  6. Naren_EGDT


    Karnataka lo janardhanreddy ni Andhra lo jagan Reddy lanti corruption Kings ni save chestunna corruption fighter 
  7. Naren_EGDT

    2009 cut chesthe 2019

    Rendo pellam tho issue valla murder la undi, that's why they tried to project as heart attack ankunta. Truth will come out soon. Viveka ki kuda sentiment work avtada comedy gani. Who cares him .. Max his area/constituency will have impact.
  8. Naren_EGDT


    Bro TDP Wave is already there, Never before welfare activities chesadu CBN. I predict huge win. Wave vunte candidates tho pani undadu. Maha mahule matash avtaru
  9. Naren_EGDT


    Bank looters andarni abroad pampinchina corruption fighter
  10. Naren_EGDT


    2000 note release chesi fighting against corruption ante G tho navvutaru.
  11. Naren_EGDT


    EE tokkalo predictions assumptions Anni lite manollu. Evadunpoina seat gone Ani gola. Evariki ground report telidu. TDP wave nadustundi. Ladies, aged ,farmers antha tdp ki one side eyabotunaru. Huge win this time
  12. Naren_EGDT

    JD met PK

  13. Naren_EGDT


    Candidates chusi votes veste state xxxxx nakuddi, only CBN ni chusi vestaru.pracharam kuda tdp karyakarthas alage cheyandi