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  1. He built thousands of crores empire. Aadu pichodu anukunte manam pichollu Avtam
  2. Visited our village near machilipatnam yesterday, it has very good.roads till last year. Yesterday it took 30-40 mins to go 5 kms. 🙏 .
  3. Vallu entertainment kosam aaputaru anukunta minister ellu chese racha choosi enjoy cheyyataniki
  4. Which toll is it? Aa Kaja toll ithe pass lu unna vadalaru minister la tho Saha aaputaru 😃
  5. I have vote in AP, no vote here
  6. Patnaik devudu antaru, antha tussss ena
  7. Roads unte condition antunnaru ani asala road ee lekunda chestadu emo aadu
  8. manaki asala ee water achi ravatla , vadilesthe better
  9. nenu choosinppudu motham kalavalu concreate tho construct chesi unnai, wont it be too much effort to widen now?
  10. last time already started emo anukunna building choosi.
  11. idi highway pakanna LEPL township pakkadena? or different?
  12. TN lo brembo planning anta danni Kooda laagithe poddi . It’s small 100cr investment but good to have
  13. He just supplies tech right? doesn't involve in whole production. Main problem is current electric bike range is 100kms max which is not feasible for us. also full charge takes 4-6 hrs again. Hero sells e bikes from lonng time i hardly see 1 or 2 in hyd. Even big companies struggling to enter the space. so got doubt as its just start up.