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  1. India head evado highly respected auditor . Visa menalludu anta
  2. ee meeting tarvatha Patnaik malli normal stage ki ravataniki 1 week leave kavalemo
  3. As per experts not worthy . i support to build projects for farmers but if maintenance cost and what people benefit out of it is same, it just doesn't make sense.
  4. editing avvaleda, leka editing ayyaka footage emi migalleda
  5. pakkane unna desaniki, motham tippi sarukulu pampatam endo. bordr issues settle cheseyochu ga
  6. Japan govt already proposed helping small companies to move their production out of china. but as you said i think actions will only come to place post recovery.
  7. india lo prayer rooms provide chestunnaru naa laddulodi, kontha mandi stair case lu occupy chestaru. washroom lo shoe ippu leg sink lo petti kadigi , malli soe esukuntaru. endo ella picha . aa socks kampu barincha leka sachevanni na previous company lo.
  8. Thanos vision is to balance , ikkada more then 90% old people eee dying