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  1. as far as i know, he is the one who worked on infrastructure of narsaraopet (roads, trees, etcc) and guntur-pet state road.
  2. surveyors will make list to remove, if they cant even remove name from list (or) add it later there is no use of party forming government
  3. 1 very good experience for me. The houses government constructed and distributed to eligible. Government might have done it legitimately by choosing applications according to rules/lottery. but who cares? cadre should be given preference for roaming around party. instead in guntur so many ycp batch got houses. When they were asked "illu kooda ichadu ga, chandra babu ki vote vestara" , reply is idemi vallu dabbu tho kattina illu kadu ga maa dabbe. They removed white ration for so many tdp people as well. cases and stuff are secondary, at least cadre should have hope that party will look after me if something happens.
  4. Anna, Amma aipoyi ippudu original charecter 'Ne Mummy' ki ochada
  5. venturesss ani malli plural okata, edo maa 1BHK ki pettina money ki appreciation osthe chalu
  6. big brands meeda offerlu emi pettadu, aadi self brands meeda ekkuva untai
  7. Guntur lo kooda SVN colony ni core capital chese avakasalu emina unnaya
  8. aadi ayya piece piece reddy ayyadu , eedu no piece reddy avutademo
  9. North batch viral chesaru full ga , good.
  10. odilesi desrve anakoodadu, same time no need to risk it. just stay home run fake propaganda, create fire between castes . thats what YCP do anyway
  11. nijam anukoni vacha . malli aa rowing ki kooda iddaru lagatam
  12. wait and watch ledu em ledu. existing contracts ithe eediki money raavu kabatti, he is trying max to scrap old contracts and renew them so he can eat money. probably centre not accepting it and he is delaying by saying we are analyzing and shitting
  13. keep question mark at end