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  1. Andaru converted ega YCP lo, kothaga ipoudu teesukelledi emundi
  2. Not to an extent , he is doing it right. What ever he speaks infront of Mike is different than his acts. He instigates regional feeling to provoke people. But opens doors for all buisness personal from all areas
  3. TDP power lo unna valla dandha nadustundi , vally power lo unte TDP candidate business motham matash chestaru leka laakuntaru .
  4. Had discussion earlier with a lawyer on this. Their saying is unless ramana is against them why will they even have problem.
  5. It's there everywhere in AP and tamilnadu too . Other religions need to take permission and make entry in register. That too they will be stopped beyond certain point
  6. He will own it for sure, asala plan ade aiuntadi
  7. Naakem telusu , call chesi slip undi please come annaru 1 week before. Velli vesi ocha . Maa ward no labour , so no money spending
  8. u mean pic on our currency note will be officially changed
  9. idanna real 2.0 ithe ade 10k , malli back to pavallion laga ithe antha busss eee