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  1. uravis

    Chintamaneni prabhakar

    his kid is studying there from 2 years i guess, oka sari valla intiki velthe enti daddy vallu anni variety ga matladataru aa teachers sariga nerpinchatla ani complaint chestunnadu :)
  2. uravis


  3. Govt will sponsor hidden cameras emo 🎥
  4. uravis


    deni badulu seawater ni distill cheyyatam easy emo ga
  5. uravis

    Waiting for 2019 May

    its all balaram's gift to YCP antaru ga. sir emi pani cheyyakunda andaaritho godava pettukoni party ni munchesadu ani vinna nenithe.
  6. uravis

    AP lo development ledu vatti matale - kcr

    mundhu Hyd lo drainages clean chesi road lu esi chavamanandi eee batch ni. all main roads drainage leaks and road meeda road esi esi enduku paniki raakunda chesaru
  7. uravis

    what are your wants..

    we want to expell B0di and Gujju co
  8. Germans are highly inspired by our scripts to build weapons and advanced machinery ani vinna. and all this tech invented by germans from vedas then took away by US and UK during WWII antaru.
  9. uravis


    Madhurai,TN lo sanction antaga Inkoti is the one in mangalagiri completed?
  10. uravis

    Indo-Pak laser fence

    laser wall pilot project terrorists ni kakunda tourists ni aapataniki vadaremo
  11. uravis

    Boss is Back

    I watched few government employees closely. they just want to work in office for 2 hrs that too to make few signs. As per my observation for every office take it RTO, TAX etc... there will be max 5 people who knows what work needs to be done (other than IAS and Groups people) and they literally run whole office.
  12. uravis

    Chandrababu Alipiri rare video

    people like that are threat to society and should be eliminated, Sadly CBN doesnt think in that senses which sending signals for them to do/plan more