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  1. uravis

    Castewise Population??

    cops used to be 8% but currently 17% ani vinna. that too there are somany different casts combined called as cops
  2. uravis

    No Tax on Autos, Tractors

    Ya, they create too much pollution. ilanti offers CNG, electric vatiki pedithe avi kontaru . Also, MH laga current auto scrap ki teesukoni subsity ichi electric/cng isthe unna vallu kooda switch avutaniki scope untadi
  3. uravis

    No Tax on Autos, Tractors

    autos ban cheyyakunda tax kooda eteyyatam endi , They cause too much pollution. Better to exclude diesel vehicles from this scheme.
  4. uravis

    Sandra ..

    rally chesadu ga cadre tho. But, gelichina 4 times opposition lone unnadu cant blame his decision as well
  5. uravis

    10 % Quota for Upper Caste

    allaki oka 10 taginchi idi 20% cheyochu ga
  6. swatch bharath oka 1 week edo use chestannam ani hadavidi chesaru , tarvatha motham swaha ne. Anduke only 2 products aithe aa money more than enough to build shelters and buy feed. anniti meeda esthe laalu gadi grass scam ni minchipoddi
  7. only liquor and Tobacco products meeda ithe , anniti meeda vasool chesthe kankara rod
  8. babu garu maa Guntur West waiting.... comeeee
  9. guntur west ki candidate ledu, akkada nunchi cheyochu
  10. uravis

    Prajakutami success in Khammam

    andhra roots ithe reason kadu. Medhak, Adilabad districts lo only andhra people unna areas chala unnai. TRS clean sweep chesindi akkada, All TDP voters shifted to TRS. Khamman border effect avochu, also INC, TDP and Lets are strong in khammam if i am correct. big leaders evaru TRS ki migrate kooda avvaledu
  11. day and night , holidays anni teesesi 7 years ee anukunta. adi kooda malli parole istaru 2 years ki. thats why whole system became joke
  12. they need to help farmers in other ways. This scheme is benefiting already rich people. Piga so many members next year elections ki clear chestarani loan teesukuntunnaru
  13. chinnaga idi kooda reservation lekka country ki drawback avuddi emo