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  1. Andhra Pradesh State KapuNadu

    eyanni edo bonus anukotame nijam ithe. nammi kurchunte dust kotti potaru
  2. A2 dandalu to Rajnath singh

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  3. ee admin meeda no confidence motion pass chese options unnaya
  4. The answer is a big Yes, Most of the people who answered here are either not residing in Andhra Pradesh or they aren’t aware of things happening in AP. This time CBN became CM for a state that doesn’t have a capital and with a government deficit of about 17k Crores. He has been converting crisis into an opportunity from Day 1 let me make you to go through the things happened in the state after he taking charge as CM in 2014. HUDHUD in 2014 After he took charge in 2014 HUDHUD was an uninvited guest it was the biggest cyclone in Vizag’s history as a Viziagite i knew it personally, my parents witnessed it. When HudHud hit Vizag i’m in Hyderabad, When things restored i called my mother and she said how harsh mother nature was. AP under the leadership of CBN is completely prepared and CBN brought normalcy in a week. He brought most of the government employees to Vizag and made them work to get things under control. In our area power was restored in 3 days, in Villages it took 5–6 days. He is the first one to reach Vizag after HUDHUD hit Vizag, he worked in a bus and brought things under control. He gave stern warnings to telecom operators and made them to restore their networks ASAP. After 3 years recently this happened, Kudos to GVMC and AP Government. Vizag He is trying hard to make Vizag an IT Hub. There is a huge tower construction going on Similar to Cyber Towers in Hyderabad named Millennium Tower. Once it’s done we can see things moving in a faster pace. There is even a lot of Pitching going on for promoting Vizag as a Fintech Valley. TU-142 is brought to Vizag and that is being made as a museum, there are even plans of bringing INS Viraat to Vizag the talks are still happening. New Glass domed train to Araku GVMC will be the first Municipal Corporation in India to deploy a 100 mass electric two-wheeler mobility system. GVMC sanitary supervisors will be using these for their daily patrol and supervision. Rise of Amaravati According to me Amaravati is the right place to be chosen as a capital it has got both the historical significance and the needed resources to be the futuristic capital of AP. Amaravati, a place with great heritage running back over 2000 years. No where in Independent India 30,000 acres of land is pooled voluntarily, it’s CBN’s innovative idea of land pooling that’s a win-win for both the government and farmers. Many states today are adopting CBN’s land pooling scheme for developmental activities in their states. Made Singapore Government to prepare master plan for Amaravati for free of cost. Appointed Fosters + Partners as the architects for the government complex. Here is the master plan that was recently submitted to Government of Andhra Pradesh by Foster + Partners. By looking at it I am sure and confident that Amaravati will be India's and one of world's best city. Brace yourself Chandigarh we are going to steal best city tag from you in two decades. This is the final design of our assembly building that is going to come up at our World class Amaravati. For closely working with people of AP he wanted to shift from Hyderabad, With in 197 days he is able to do this in Amaravati Temporary Secretariat and Assembly are up and now functioning, Seed Axis roadworks are happening in full Swing. VIT, SRM started constructing their campuses in Amaravati. AIIMS construction started in Amaravati. Guntur to have it’s first five star hostel from ITC that is soon going to be inaugurated. Singapore Government and AP Government signed an MOU recently. Singapore Government Consortium will develop a 6.58 Km of start up area which will be almost 16 times bigger and better than the Raheja Mind space in Hyderabad which was built when he was the erstwhile CM of AP. Vijayawada got it’s brand new Airport terminal in less than an year Very soon The capital region of AP is going to get it's first Bus cum Boat service which is first of it's Kind in India. Trail run has been done recently Current status of Amaravati Check this Video for the status of Amaravati Nara Chandrababu Naidu Uplifting Rayalaseema Rayalaseema getting most of the investments is a sign that CBN want to lift people of Seema from factionism. Chitoor in rayalaseema gets MI, Hero Honda, Apollo tyres here is a video of Chitoor MI plant, the MI phone in your hand is Made in Andhra Pradesh. There is a huge lobbying going on for Apple manufacturing unit hopefully he will get that one too. India’s biggest FDI after Modi announcing #MakeInIndia Kia Motors India entry to Anathapuram, AP. A Huge sum of 2 billion USD investment. World’s largest Solar Plant in Kurnool of 1000MW is soon going to be inaugurated by Modi and CBN Most important thing is People of Seema got water through Pattiseema. Power Reforms and Renewable Energy AP started it’s account as a power deficit state, CBN mobilized and managed to enter Centers power for all scheme and today AP is power surplus state. AP added almost 4000mw of renewable power capacity to it’s grid after CBN taking charge. Today AP is 100% electrified state after TN and Gujarat. AP distribution losses are the lowest in the country. AP is the top 3 in distribution of LED bulbs you can check that here[1] You can track power cuts, Power supply to your city and towns in AP here[2] World’s largest Solar Park in AP in Kurnool 1000mw, This is bigger than the one in TN built by Adani. 3Gw of Renewable Energy Projects are in Pipeline Agriculture There is myth that CBN never cares about Agriculture, but he is going shut all of their mouths with his work. He waived off about 24,000 Crores of loans for farmers, UP is going to study our loan waiver scheme. Almost 13,000 crores are done till now and the remaining will be done in the next couple of years. For the first time in the country a special Budget for Agriculture was introduced. In the last 3 years there are about 3.11 lakhs of Farm Ponds are being digged in AP. Data shows that Centre has built only 5,78,589 farm ponds. Andhra Pradesh has built 3,11,361 farm ponds, which is the highest by any State. He is planning to build 20,000 check dams in an year. AP government, along with ISRO, has prepared an action plan to meet drinking water and irrigation needs in drought-prone areas, programme will be launched in Rayalaseema region soon. Rain Guns and innovative way of saving crop in drought is being brought in place. Special care for Polavaram the life line of AP, Made Every first day of Week Monday as Polavaram Day and inspecting it on weekly basics, after many years works are moving at faster pace, i’m sure polavaram will be completed under his leadership. When states like TN and Karanataka are fighting for Cauvery water he built a Lift Irrigation project called Patissema Lift and sent 100+ TMC of water to Drought hit Rayalaseema. AP is the first state in India to launch Plantix App for the farmers it can provide the information about the disease for the crop if any just with a photograph. Picture from training sessions to farmers Started an amazing program called Manam-Vanam for planting trees and recently in recent ISFR 2017 rankings where India forest cover Increased by 1% and AP stood first with an increase of 2,141 sq km. Healthcare: AP, first state in India to achieve Universal Health Security- Aarogya Raksha. It offers healthcare insurance to it’s citizens.[3] AP is the only state in the country to provide CT and MRI scanning free of cost at all district hospitals. Talli Bidda Express, A special Ambulance service for pregnant women Reforms in Education: A special organization named AP Janmabhomi was formed to connect NRI to it's villages with 70% Government and 30% NRIS fund they are planning to convert 5000 government schools in AP to digital schools. For stopping girl child dropouts Government has introduced a special scheme to girl child's living in rural villages. Every girl child will get a new cycle for going to school Technology in Administration: Our Chief is a big time believer of Technology here are some of the innovative things that make him so special. AP is the first state to have innovative dashboard[4] where we can track rainfall, street lights, groundwater levels and many more. It uses IOT first state in India to do so, many CMs don't even understand what IOT is. Many other states in India want to copy the same. CBN is using Kaizala App to take feedback from it’s citizens. After giving feedback many of my friends got phone calls regarding the feedback provided in the App and how can they improve. We are going to take all departments online a project called e-pragati is floated and Microsoft is working with us. AP is the first state to have Skype Bot in Skype where you will be provided information about the AP Transport Department[5] A citizen centric hotline has been started, dial in for 1100 and tell your problem, concerned team will look into it. AP Fibregrid the cheapest internet in India by a state government, Central government asked other states to follow AP Model. I have recently checked this in my hometown pretty impressed with the speed. AP disaster management is the first state in India to use technology that can locate the fall of a thunderbolt 30 minutes in advance. We have technology for tracking the live rain fall, weather etc. we developed that in association with ISRO.[6] Just go through the link you will love it. Check this out, Chandra Babu Naidu: Father of E-Governance a Video From Davos Smart Streets - A Pilot Project by Cisco and Govt of AP, First time in India. Don't Miss it, Have a look here: http://players.brightcove.net/13... AP is trying integrate a Virtual Assistant with which people can interact and know the information about the state. Here is the Demo of it from the recent Partnership Summit. Great Push to Tourism in Sunrise State CBN always wanted Tourism industry in AP to develop right from his previous stint he is man who had vision to develop AP as most sought out tourist destination in India. 2000 hotel rooms will be added in AP in the next 2–3 years. Check out some amazing snaps of various places in AP here[7] . Recent Punnami Orvakal Festival, Festivals in Cities like Kakinada, Vizag and other places shows their effort in promoting tourism in AP Orvakal Festival[8] Checkout our Most beautiful Konaseema(AP’s Mini Kerala)[9] First of it’s Kind Nallamala Jungle Safari[10] Experience the Ooty of East Coast and Pristine beaches of Vizag[11] Indian Idol Revanth at recent Orvakal Festival. Building Smart Villages Modi gave a call for building smart cities but CBN has different vision he wants to make villages smart. A Pilot Project has been started and successfully implemented in a Village called Mori in East Godavari District. It’s one of India’s most hi tech village. It’s 100% cashless, every house is connected with AP Fibre(Government Internet and Cable Connection), Water conservation, 100% ODF, Village is completely WiFi enabled, every citizen has a bank account and a solid waste management system. University of California Berkeley & Government of Andhra Pradesh has been working on it, Solomon Darwin (who is the director of Garwood Center[12]) a professor from UCB who hails from Andhra Pradesh is leading this project, Thanks to him and his team. Phase 2 works are going to start very soon now they are going to make 456 villages smart, I’m very impressed with this project and CBN’s vision of making villages smart. Some of the Investments that Came to AP after CBN taking charge: KIA Motors(India’s Biggest FDI) Hero Motocorp MI, Gionee, Celkon Mondelez International(Parent of Cadbury) ISuzu Motors Asian Paints(India's largest plant in Vizag) Apollo Tyres CEAT Tyres Mega Food Park in Kurnool 500 Crores HCL Centre in Amaravati XLr8 Andhra Pradesh[13] Several other Small IT & ITES in Vizag, Tirupati and Vijayawada. Gamesa (Spanish Wind Turbine Company) Vijayanagara Food & Nutraceuticals Limited (India's first coconut processing unit in Vijayanagaram) Aparna Group is going to start a 320 Crore Tiles plant near Kakinada. Bharat Forge. GMR - Kakinada Special Investment Region: This could change the face of Kakinada in the coming days. Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone Limited: India's first medical devices manufacturing unit in Vizag. Zoho in Renigunta Franklin Templeton Vizag[14] Conduent Vizag Pi Data Center (One of Asia’s largest Data Center) BR Shetty’s Medicity Project in Amaravati (Est Investment $1.8 bn) I have mentioned a few of them, You can track the investments the number of employment it generated here. Some unkown Schemes in AP: There is a special ambulance service for AP pregnant women i.e 102 Ambulance Service Ammaku Vandanam[15] is a new scheme where in mothers would be invited to the schools on a specific day every year for the special function. This is aimed to paying tributes to mothers and respect motherhood. Anna Canteens (Similar to Amma Canteens in TN) Presently in Capital Region soon they are going to open these across AP. Pensions for Handloom Waivers. Divya Darshan A special scheme for Poor Hindus were in Poor Hindus are taken on a free trip to Temples in AP, Currently for Tirumala[16]. Awards and Achievements in the last three years: No: 1 in World Bank Ease of Doing Business No: 1 in Private investments in India for year 2015–16 No: 1 in India in energy efficiency by World Bank. Best state in India by CNBC Several Awards in Power Sector USIBC transformative CM for CBN Best CM Award from Bharatiya Chatra Sansad AP is No: 3 in tourism in India Sector Wise Awards for AP from the past 3 years I can say no other state in India has achieved so much as AP did in the past 3 years. A small video on what AP has achieved in the past three years. Story of state that is trying hard after a painful division by Congis. I have no doubt under the leadership of Modi world will be talking about India and in India our state will be leading the reforms from front under the leadership of CBN.
  5. all people need is hate speeches, freebies and caste politics . Whatever development/ foundation done for future generations no one cares. thats big advantage of AH leaders who are desperate for power to do more corruption. CBN should comeup with some of those aggresive speeches shouting on opposition which goes viral into masses.
  6. Special Status Doesn't Matter, Funds Do

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  7. Special Status Doesn't Matter, Funds Do

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  8. attack on BJP offices , not on peoples livelihood.

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