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  1. Prathyusha case

    aaa Ayesha Meera case kooda undi evaro IPS di choosa, meeru ee court lo ina veyyandi eeee officer ni ina pettandi final ga satyam babu ee champadu ani cheptaru its clear annadu.
  2. Thogadia ki modi ki padadu ani choosa long back. May be Guj elections lo anti ga work chesadani try chesina asharyam ledu
  3. CBN met Modi

    Shake hand 🤚 😴
  4. Caste clashes in Maharashtra

    DB lo kooda coversion batch entering gaaa enjoying fruits of civilization aaaa
  5. NTR housing scheme

    1.5 or 2 lakhs government istundi. deniki qualify kooda emi ledu anukunta house lekapothe registeer ayyi foundation lay chesaka check chesi money release chestunnaru. ongole daggara maa relatives kattaru
  6. NTR housing scheme

    I heard that government is allowing to sell these properties after 2 years of handover. is that true?
  7. One more attachment by ED

    anni attach chesi okesari anni teeseyyataniki map emo
  8. AP lo kuda 24 hours power?

    why 24 hrs? i am not agriculture expert but 3-4 hrs chaladi fields tadavataniki? roju same time ki isthe saripoddi ga.
  9. Caste clashes over Bhima Koregaon battle: All you need to know Highlights The event to mark the 200th anniversary of the Bhima Koregaon battle in Pune was hit by incidents of violence. Following this, protesters in Mumbai and Pune took to the streets to display their outrage. Here is all you need to know about what happened and the current situation: *The Bhima Koregaon battle saw the forces of the East India Company defeat Peshwa Bajirao II's army, on January 1, 1818 *An obelisk, that the British erected in remembrance of the battle, has become an important symbol of Dalit assertion. Thousands of Dalits pay respects to the memorial every year *Some Dalit leaders commemorate the British victory, as it is believed that soldiers from the Mahar community - then considered untouchable - were part of the winning force. However, some right-wing groups in Pune had expressed opposition to the celebration * Violence erupted in Pune+ after an argument between locals and those on their way to the war memorial *Atleast one died and three others were left injured in the ensuing clashes between villagers from Koregaon Bhima, Pabal and Shikrapur and a large group commemorating the battle *25 vehicles were torched and over 50 were damaged in stone pelting *The police stopped traffic on the Pune-Ahmednagar highway for some time following the incident. Presently, all bus services from Pune to Ahmednagar have resumed, reported ANI *The Mumbai Police clarified that Section 144 had not been imposed in Chembur or other parts of the eastern suburbs *More than 100 people were detained over different locations, Mumbai Police said