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  1. kaneesam beer kooda ivvakunda, beer bottle lo kallu posi istunnara
  2. He was successful in electric cars, successful in SpaceX project. So hype aithe kadu. he probably got some best engineers with him .
  3. i think its from 2017 or 16, wont applt for any transactions before that. scheme name PMAY . there will be sqft limit for eligibility
  4. ya adi loan application tho patu submit cheyyali through banks, approve ithe overall loan tenure ayye lopu 2l intrest meeda save avudddi. self apply ithe 99% reject anta . Frankly its not big deal of scheme, but free 2L kabatti application okati padeyyatame approve ithe avuddi. inko twist enti ante 2nd home, 3rd home konna vallaki approve aindi, 1st flat candidate ni naaku approve avvatla
  5. wait and see, kontha mandi friends ki apply aindi hyd lo chesinollaki. ee guntur, vja side apply cheinollaki evariki approve kaledu. I last checked with bank 1 month back. malli kanukkotaniki try chestha
  6. this is bakwaas scheme. i didnt get anything approved till now, i applied 1 year back. bank lo adigithe all we can do is apply its their wish to accept or not annaru. they also said they didnt see anyone got approval till now everyones applcation is just in pending status
  7. so anyone who is self employed can buy one journalism degree and send their to school for free now
  8. what are u talking. aadiki shy endi
  9. Modi gadi meeda case lu ettina IPS Sajiv bhutt ki life sentence esaranta. Bita countries evi visaluu kooda ivvatla, ee chandalam choodakunda etanna podam ante
  10. eedivi chala unnai videos. funny fellow
  11. mee vadu anthaka mundu bayapade ettukunnada ithe
  12. Sounds like scam to me. If they reduce 1k wine shops targeting villages and small towns etccc then their leaders only open belt shops and sell in black
  13. i am really curious to know what are they analyzing/discussing without any data. if you see any article on that please post so i get enlightened
  14. biometric pedithene evadu vote eyyala, ika akasmika taniki lu koodana
  15. antha rubber stamp gallega, evadunte emi upayogam antha B0di istham ega