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  1. uravis

    72000 per yr 5 cr poor families

    why all baffas pull defense into all aspects
  2. uravis

    Reply To Kona Venkat

    aaaa pulka ki kooda reply endi naa thadika
  3. uravis

    exactgaaa 2 Months

    Opposition lo undi kasi kadu athyavasara sthiti, Rakapothe jail ki povali kabatti entha kina tegistaru jagarthaga undali
  4. uravis

    ck babu

    i heard he is one of worst people in chitoor region , better dont take these kind people.
  5. uravis

    TDP Winning MLA Candidates - 2019

    expecting 70-75 in worst case scenario
  6. uravis

    West Tiger - Chintamaneni

    last time cast equations valla ivvaledu, edo minister protocol unde post icharu
  7. uravis

    KA Paul is contesting from

    gajuwaka emo
  8. uravis

    Who is corruption king in AP

    Siri also giving same result, just checked!
  9. uravis

    mangalagiri nundi lokesh

    2009 lo 10 pettaru elections ki , tough seats ithe 50 anna pettali its 2019 now
  10. opon their own ithe appudu zero ne vachevi or maybe 1 incase they have some following in hyd
  11. uravis

    List of MPs abd their chances

    YCP ki siggu endi
  12. when telangana elections happened, many votes appeared on website etcc... but when went to polling booth not there. I doubt they are applying same strategy, election comission emi teyyaledu anni sitelo unnai antadu kani vote eyyataniki elthe no vote for u here antadu. final ga election tarvatha tappu jarigindi sorry antadu
  13. uravis

    eem kaledu ane batch

    they called my friend as well and asked whom will u vote. when he said TDP, they are saying give 1 chance to jagan and see he will do better than TDP.
  14. uravis

    toll free number for missing votes

    apply chesaru , status inka teliadu. Also its showing in electrol.on site but when checked in enquiry counter established in guntur to check or enroll votes its missing. for safety applied again
  15. uravis

    toll free number for missing votes

    Maa intlo 3 votes lepesaru