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  1. Atta piki kanipinchakunda chesina emi upayogam
  2. 1l crores package annadu, isthe karchu pettestaru ani dachunchadu
  3. Lol, 3 months aindi antaga 🙂. Monna andaru salaries arugutunte valla sangam president ni bedirinchi we go by govt , ippudu antha urgent emi ledu we can wait ani letter rayincharu anta 😬
  4. Lol, July daka lockdown pedithe sep sales attane untai. Also kia launched new model sonet which got 30k bookings. Ika every year 3 months motham moosesi aaa next 2 months full growth ani chooinchukotame 😂
  5. Harley doesn't have much exports from there. They only manufacture street750 and rest all r assembled. Recently Harley tried to partnership with companies , indian companies didn't show much interest because of steep decline in its sales. It Coloborated with Benelli (chineese owned it) . They r going to manufacture everything there .
  6. probably afraid that their cheap liquor danda is getting too much attention , but they will still make sure that no brands will be available so people will still buy their pets cheap liquor. aa maha metha unappudu kooda narsaraopet region motham inthe chesaru , edo cheap beer ammi anni bars lo ade ammali lekapothe mooinchestham ani bedirinchu 5 years dandukunnaru.
  7. Andaru aadedi mobile game ee PC lo kooda. Very few will play PC version. That is completely different and developed by Korea company
  8. manaki asala ee water achi ravatla , vadilesthe better
  9. nenu choosinppudu motham kalavalu concreate tho construct chesi unnai, wont it be too much effort to widen now?
  10. last time already started emo anukunna building choosi.
  11. idi highway pakanna LEPL township pakkadena? or different?
  12. TN lo brembo planning anta danni Kooda laagithe poddi . It’s small 100cr investment but good to have