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  1. Bro zero budget farming antey money spent avvavu ani kavu.. We shouldn't depend on single crop ani.. For example oka 1 acre lo motham vari veyyakunda oka half acre vari vesi oka 10 cents lo aavalu inko 40 cents lo vegetables vesukuntey... Year motham manaku dabbulu vasthay alaney oka panta kosam 4 to 6 months wait cheyyalsina avadaram ledu Nuvvu spent cheyyalsindi aavu muthram aavu peda senaga pindi bellam ila chinna items for preparing jevamrutham.. Ghana amrutham so on.. neeku zero budget yela vasthadi antey inter crops anthara pantalu veyyadam valla main crop karchulu remaining crops tho saripothay.. Nee money spent become zero Govt subsidy for encouraging in natural way Desi aavu konataniki.. Around 10k Natural farming cheyyataniki..around 15- 17k per acre Ps :1 acre size kabatti.. Labalu thakkuvaga anipisthay.. 3 to 5 min aithey will be good
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    Giving low job
  3. TDP888

    Target Telangana

    Thats quite different to Ap, lot farmers were not happy before elections
  4. Now jds n congi forming govt.. Kumarasamy cm
  5. Chandrababu's Conspiracy in Karnataka Failed - Ram Madhav Even before the final results of Karnataka are out, BJP is very eager to blame Chandrababu Naidu for the loss of JD(S) and Congress. BJP general secretary Ram Madhav, who is the in-charge of AP, has taken on TDP chief and accused him of putting in a lot of efforts to defeat BJP in Karnataka but failed to attain desired results. Advertisement Further more, Ram Madhav claimed BJP increased its tally from six to 20-plus seats in Hyderabad Karnataka where Telugu voters are more. He further stated that BJP ended its long southern drought. "In Karnataka, TDP and Chandrababu Naidu have used all tactics to dissuade Telugu voters from supporting BJP. But in Hyderabad Karnataka where most Telugus live, BJP has increased its tally from 6 to 20+. People have rejected CBN's politics. Our Southward March has begun," said Ram Madhav. Meanwhile, BJP leaders from AP are also taking full advantage of BJP's victory in Karnataka polls and leaving no leaf un turned to put Chandrababu in spot. The moot question is how TDP would counter the attack of BJP leaders. Needless to say that BJP mayhem may give more boost to the loud talking of BJP leaders in AP.
  6. 1500 crores capital construction lo 1000k ayaney ichadu.. He alotted max houses under housing schme to AP
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    Vote ki note case

    Picha lite case
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    Mangalagiri lanti centre lo 5,acres yenduku jaaga bokka.. Amaravati side oo moolana padeyyandi.. Aada untey thelavada vathavaranam
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    Vizag Smart city

    Excellent bro
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    Walls lekuntey asangeeka karyakramalu yekkuva avuthay .. Mana jananiki set kadhu yemo
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    Vizag Smart city

    Compare to other places vizag people most discipline and eco friendly ... Creating community parks along with GVMC proves their dedication.
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    AP Police

    Sambad lanti techies n hardworker ni hurt cheyyatam not Good
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    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Music starts in bang