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  1. uber cool guy

    MP Ram mohan naidu about NTR & NKR

    Chesadu check his twitter
  2. uber cool guy

    Nizam day5.. ASVR

    Ya very very good
  3. uber cool guy

    Nizam day5.. ASVR

    1.21crs share ... Superbbbb
  4. uber cool guy

    Spanish couple about ASVR

  5. uber cool guy

    Jaggubhai Variations

    super entertainment he is giving to audience in his second innings
  6. uber cool guy

    #AravindhaSametha Day 5 AP/TG 3.56 cr

    ela unnattu noon shows good or bad ? deenekkaa OS entho ala rod ettindi thupuk
  7. uber cool guy

    Titly donation announcements..NTR, NKR

    NTR has announced ₹ 15 lakhs and Kalyan Ram has announced ₹ 5 lakhs towards the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, for the rehabilitation of Cyclone Titli victims in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh.
  8. uber cool guy

    kummindi cinema

    Jaiiiii NTR