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  1. Hmmm. Party needs to attract youth. There is hardly any youth in the office.
  2. Both sides yendukante TDP made too many enemies. Mahabhartatam lo abhimanyudu laga bjp, janasena and ysrcp attacked us together and any small mistake got amplified 100 times. Last one year cbn focus got diverted towards bjp and in this time ysrcp planned well for tye elections.
  3. Let’s hope for the best. Anyway in AP TDP has to go alone as both the parties and cadre burnt the bridges. Especially BJP Local cadre cannot be trusted anymore. they used to do vicious campaign against cbn, now they are silent.
  4. Oneway it is good. BUP got chance to do course correction.
  5. No christians do not have any reservation. if tribal people convert they still can avail st status. if a SC convert they are supposed to get bc c sttaus rest of oc people religion does not matter they wont get any reservation. problem is for generation sc people convert to christianity but on record they still say have hindu names and continue sc benefits. AP govt dos not care asboth congress and tdp are after sc votes. Other states like north indian states are very strict in this matter.
  6. Amit shah looks aged but he is 55 years old.
  7. The government has promised sops to farmers of the state, but, none of those promises materialized in the state budget. In the manifesto, the party announced YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme Rs 12,500 to Rs one lakh to each farmer, annually. In the last five months, not a single decision for the upliftment of farmers has been taken. His party also promised for full reimbursement fee and an additional benefit of 20,000 rupees to each student. As per the manifesto, the total expenditure to per student will be 1-1.5 lakhs rupees. None of these benefits have been delivered to students so far. Instead of delivering on these promises, the Andhra government has decided to spend thousands of crores to convert government schools to English medium from Telugu- the mother tongue of the state. The promises made to other ‘sections’ of the community- like pension for poor elderly people, financial assistance to disabled, 1 lakh rupees to women from SC, ST, backward class, and minority community, who are aged above 45, have not found place in this years’ budget. On 12th July, the newly elected Andhra Pradesh government led by Jagan Reddy presented its annual budget. In the budget presented by Buggana Rajendranath, Minister for Finance, the Jagan Reddy government announced honorarium to Imams is to be enhanced to Rs 10,000 per month and of Mouzzans to Rs. 5,000 per month. Similarly, it is proposed to provide Pastors with an honorarium Rs. 5,000 per month. Later, a few weeks ago, Minorities Welfare Department Principal Secretary Mohd Ilyas Rizvi announced enhanced the financial assistance to Christians for undertaking the pilgrimage to Jerusalem and other Biblical places and it said that pilgrims with an annual income of up to Rs 3 lakh would be given Rs 60,000 for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jordan River, Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee and those with an income of over Rs 3 lakh would get Rs 30,000, up from Rs 20,000. Reddy again stroked controversy as he undertook an extravagant trip to Jerusalem with his family, which was of course on taxpayer’s money the Andhra Pradesh government for releasing funds to the tune of Rs 22.52 lakh on chief minister’s security on the four-day visit. A few months ago, the Andhra government issued tickets to travelers from Tirupati to the temple town of Tirumala with advertisements of Haj and Jerusalem pilgrimage on the back. Travelers seem to have been agitated by this development and they reportedly raised the issue before the regional manager who stated that a bundle with printed material about non-Hindu pilgrimage had wrongly come to Tirupati. The government is preparing to deliver on the few other manifesto promises to the Christian community- like plots and house construction for pastors, and financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh for wedding of Christian girls. It seems that the government is hell-bent to deliver on all promises to his religious fellows, but, at the cost of other community. The Reddy government is pushing the state into financial bankruptcy to appease the Christian community. Almost 33 per cent of Andhra’s total receipt comes from borrowings, and a substantial chunk of total collection goes in debt reserving. The Reddy has not taken a single for financial prudence, instead, the state is spending like there is no tomorrow. source. https://tfipost.com/2019/11/cm-jagan-reddy-delivers-big-on-his-poll-promises-only-the-ones-that-arent-about-christians-remain-to-be-fulfilled/
  8. Yes it is hard for AP to recover from jagan rule. You will see massive migration of middle class from Andhra. Unfortunately poor people have to suffer or go out to do manual labor.
  9. YSRCP is going all-out for Christian votebank consolidation. YCP estimate is their solid votebanks fetch 50-60 constituencies easily and all they need to work on some 20 extra seats to rule. YCP is selling Government, temple, Institutions' lands/assets to distribute as welfare programs but not investing in new money creation. Once you make people poor with less avenues, people become more dependent on doles and they can force to vote YCP. On recovering election spending and all the money YCP people spent on buying votes, they already created some artificial crises in money fetch-able areas such as Sand, liquor, etc. They already made a lot of money by round-tripping sand and liquor. There is news today that they even are cutting number of liquor shops presumably opponents' so they can control money and also can convert Mandhu Babulu (drunkards) as votebanks. They kicked out many development, infra, and startup investments and projects including ones done by foreign governments and investors so they'll have tough time to attract large investments and banks to give loans (SBI already refused I think for some loan). Within 6 months they brought entire development to halt. AP is officially in dogs with no prospects for development. As they say it takes long time to build but short time to destroy. Hopefully YCP enablers are understanding and watching developments. May be whole strategy is bring AP to dogs and bottom of states list, then they can ask for special status with legitimacy.
  10. There is no easy way out for TDP. Party needs to be rebuilt in rayalaseema and nellore districts. All these will create more sympathy for jagan.
  11. This is the problem with CBN. Publicity pichhi yekkuva ayyindi. I think he is still in the power hangover. Deeksha should be about workers.
  12. I dont think cbn will change at this age. However the level of minority appeasement he did this term is beyond any ones expectation. If i remember correctly from 1995 convertions have really picked up in andhra. I have seen people who are lifelong tdp sympathizers stopped voting tdp after convertions.
  13. Make sure to cover hands and legs and wear socks. Apply mosquito repellent cream to face and don't go outside after 4 PM and before 8 am.
  14. Baga chepparu. Health care, education improve chedthe comedy chesaru. Strange thing i observed is people bash cbn left and right and then matter of fact says govt schools have improved a lot giving no credit to cbn for the improvement.
  15. Officially state kosam unofficial cases kosam.