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  1. One thing is for sure. Center is not going to give any additional money. Even if they want to give MOdi is not a fool to fund jagan’s freebies. It is just a matter of six months people will be anti to jagan.
  2. UsingWhatsApp, caste hatred and facebook ysrcp brainwashed people for the last 5 years. I saw lot of educated idiots in the garb of being neutral poisoned people’s mind about each and everything CBN did to the state. Looks like jagan took just two months o take AP 30 years back in development.
  3. Govt employee salaries and pensions as of now is 60000cr. Jagan promised 40% hike in salaries and pensions which he promised before elections that he will do it immediately after coming to power. He has not implemented it so far.
  4. AP state deficit estimated at 78000 cr. by officials.
  5. Main reason for anger on CBN from my part is every tom, dick and harry has abused him in this last five years and there is absolutely no counter action. In todays politics that don't work at all. Second one is party failed in attracting youth. one thing is sure development wise CBN did his best this term. all party has to do is somehow attract youth.
  6. As some one said in this thread govt has no option but freeze salaries for atleast 15 years otherwise state will go for bankruptcy in 3/4 years.
  7. There is no need to show any sympathy. State govt max teacher salary is 12 lakh rupees and central govt kendriya vidyalaya principal salry is 8 lakh re. You can imagine how much successive govts have increased the salaries to unsustainable level. The number one reason for all the money problems of ap state and debts is employee salaries and pensions.
  8. This is nothing compared to what they are going to face in future.
  9. It is time for TDP to spend time and money to hire professional social media and build support from all sections of the society. In the last five years what i observed is ysrcp hired people from different castes and regions. What they did is slowly they injected hatred on tdp and built support for ysrcp.
  10. To bring godavari water total 150 tmc ap share 50 tmc through 400 kms canal which flows through the drought regions of telangana to srisailam.
  11. Praja vedika is constructed using pre fabricated steel structure which has 75 years design life. Useless ysrcp is saying it is rekula shed. Hopeless bumbling idiots.
  12. Simple bro look at how arun jaitley defended modi in rafale scam. Subject/ presentation skills matter a lot to minister. That is what is lacking in previous cbn govt.
  13. Anyway my point is ministers are supposed to publicize the good things govt has done. For ex akhila priya i have never seen her defending tdp or talking good about cbn. What is the use of such ministers.
  14. 10 years opposition tho fight chesinavadiki brand new politicianki polika.