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  1. TDP failed utterly in lobbying and maintaining underhand relations with BJP. TDP is a regional party and our number one enemy and opponent is YSRCP. You can see in this forum how much TDP wastes in countering BJP. No amount of modi hating is going to bring back TDP to power. Use your energy to focus on jagan and learn from ysrcp how they target only TDP and CBN.
  2. YSRCP has solid vote bank in christians and reddy who are 25% of the vote bank. No amount of appeasing will make them vote to tdp or bjp. The time is ripe for opposition parties to take advantage of hindu and christian rift in villages and semi urban areas. Development agenda is not going to work in andhra.
  3. xxxxxxxxxx he used to tease CBN’s english. He knows none of the languages telugu, hindi or english. Butler language fellow/. Only good thing is he is providing plenty of comedy.
  4. In long term land will be contaminated and toxic. It is good for the country but no use for the state