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  1. Prasadr

    Amit Shah Took It Very Personally!

    @krish2015 Mundu UP chusukomanu. Sp and BSP united ga poti cheste BJP will get no more than 10 seats. Bihar is much worst. So easily BJP will get 80 seats less compared to last time in UP and Bihar states.
  2. Many north indians is doing cult fanism to modi just like jaffas do it to ysr/ jagan. It might have to do with excessive pampering of minorities in north by congress. Anyway once bjp goes out of power this project will be scrapped.
  3. Prasadr

    Subramanian swamy

    Yes in all the south states temples are controlled by state govt.
  4. Prasadr

    KCR Vs Rachana Reddy (Lawyer)

    There is one more issue. By showing fradulent increase in GSDP they are able to get much bigger loans. Central govt is complacent in allowing this nonsense. For ex in june 2014 gsdp is around 4.5 lakh cr now they say it is 9.0 lakh cr .
  5. This may be the reason kcr is going for early election
  6. That is true no where in india any state govt is giving this much pay raise. For example karnataka state gave 30 percent fitment that too the next fitment increase will be done after 10 years. Previously ap state used to give 10-15 percent pay raise. This nonsense of 40 percent fitment is started by ysr and cbn is following it.
  7. Last two times they asked for 60% and got 43% within 10 years state will certainly go bankrupt. The total salaries and pension outlay now is 45000 cr. And also state employees also get DA increase of about 8% every year beyond fitment increase. State Bankrupty may occur within next 5 years. As of now ap state capital expenditure is around 14500 cr and loan is 33000 cr. What that means is as of now state is taking loans for day to day running expenses.
  8. Vadi bonda. This is fake propogonda propogated by opposition and as usual no befittinf response from TDP. Realty is by june 2014 AP inherited a total debt of 135000 cr which can be verified by looking at Rbi state finances i.e Total direct debt of 120000 cr and indirect debt (apseb debt) of 15000 cr.
  9. Prasadr

    Zonal system change in Telangana

    I have a question. How come telangana a separate state has access to andhra pradesh state jobs.
  10. Prasadr

    Rip Haranna

    Om Shanti. God give strength to Hari krishna garu family.
  11. Prasadr

    Missile test facility at Nagayalanka

    In long term land will be contaminated and toxic. It is good for the country but no use for the state
  12. Prasadr


    As far as i read this is a interest free loan given by hefa. This loan has nothing to do with state govt. Loan will be repaid by fees from student fees and hostel fees
  13. Prasadr


    This Amarjith Singh is gujarat cadre ias officer. It is confirmed modi is indirectly fighting with CBN through his confident proxies.
  14. Prasadr


    That's true harsha. CBN gariki narakam chupinchi vandasarlu thippinchukini 3500 cr release chesaru. MH state cm yemathram kasta padakunda anthakante yekkuva accelerated irrigation kinda yecharu. So far center govt has not given any special relief compared to any other state in the country.
  15. Prasadr


    I just hope central govt will give that much money. They are giving lot of trouble to CBN.