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  1. You guys are partially true. But the huge mistake gvk did is to buy coal mines in australia for apprx 20000 cr which is a total loss. One bad business decision spiraled gvk into debt trap
  2. As long as they get freebies labor wont talk negative. Once tye freebies stop then tge tone will be changed by labor. Anyway main reason for cbn downfall is he and party is not able to clearly articulate all the good things done in his rule. If you observe last two years he is fully focussed on modi and not taking any counter measures t jagan’s and pk’s strategies.
  3. Airport and ring road all permissions and most of the hard work is done by cbn.
  4. I never understand why cbn swings from extreme hatred to extreme love. I hope he acts like naveen Patnaik maintain neutral stance with BJP.
  5. Congress team between 2004 and 2014 is horrible. They never created any infrastructure in this 10 years. AP is best example no four lane roads, no railway constructions.
  6. If we ban china products it will help indian small entrepreneur and create more jobs at the low end of spectrum. Right now traders are profiting at the cost of jobs.
  7. Vice Minister Zou Zhiwu of General Administration of Customs of China told Prasar Bharati Special Correspondent that China's exports to India was 515.63 billion yuan (about USD 74.72 billion) in 2019, an increase of 2.1 % and China's import from India was 123.89 billion yuan (about USD 17.95 billion).
  8. It is better for party”s future CM candidate lokesh to buy a house and settle in Andhra permanently as he has no base in andhra and start interacting with different sections of people.who are disappointed with jagan.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Hard realty and hope people realize false facade of modi.
  10. It is not that easy as younger generation have gone far away from tdp. Lets hope lokesh brings them closer.
  11. US government charged 2000 dollars just bring them to one destination and then passenger has to bear within the country to go home. Compared to that it is fair provided govt keep them in quality 3 or 5 star hotel. It is the gulf returnees govt has to support as they are mostly poor workers.
  12. In long term land will be contaminated and toxic. It is good for the country but no use for the state