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  1. That is true. CBN is doing great job with such a horrible financial situation. As usual both party and Ap people are taking his help for granted.
  2. Vadi bonda. This is fake propogonda propogated by opposition and as usual no befittinf response from TDP. Realty is by june 2014 AP inherited a total debt of 135000 cr which can be verified by looking at Rbi state finances i.e Total direct debt of 120000 cr and indirect debt (apseb debt) of 15000 cr.
  3. In long term land will be contaminated and toxic. It is good for the country but no use for the state
  4. This Amarjith Singh is gujarat cadre ias officer. It is confirmed modi is indirectly fighting with CBN through his confident proxies.
  5. That's true harsha. CBN gariki narakam chupinchi vandasarlu thippinchukini 3500 cr release chesaru. MH state cm yemathram kasta padakunda anthakante yekkuva accelerated irrigation kinda yecharu. So far center govt has not given any special relief compared to any other state in the country.
  6. I just hope central govt will give that much money. They are giving lot of trouble to CBN.
  7. Dabbula chinthakayala if they spend same amount on vizag chennai industrial corridor it will be much more beneficial in the long run.
  8. Beyond this debt there is still rs.35000 cr undivided debt between both states.
  9. Hats off to Ashok Gajapathi Raju Garu for taking steps to modernize Andhra Airports. A real gem of a person.