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  1. First read the topic. Now where i blamed cbn. I am talking about how ysr created solid vote bank with christian converts.
  2. It is mostly bc’s now as almost all sc/st population are converted.
  3. As i see the only way for TDP is to somehow make people aware of this demographic changes and consolidate hindu votes. CBN’s christian appeasing has taken him no where.
  4. If CBN and TDP does not wake up to this fact then the future of TDP is in jeopardy.
  5. There is nothing wrong in finding causes for TDP debacle. Don't be naive conversions and church are big part of raise of YSR family in AP.
  6. Matalu podupu. What is the need of abuse. That is the what the article is saying. Don't lookup it from political prism. Ultimately TDP is the loser as the converts are becoming fanatic ysrcp supporters due to religion. BJP has no stakes in the region. TDP has everything to loose from this non sense conversions.
  7. The moral bankruptcy of people in AP have reached to such a stage that everything is seen through political lens. They see it as a "BJP political issue" and not as a Hindu issue which effects them personally. Hindu TDP folks are like "We condemn this. But we dont want BJP to take advantage of this and get foothold in the state by exploiting this". while other TDP folks are like " what is BJP doing about this ? Why dont they arrest Jagan and send him to jail. then everything will be alright. (which is horseshit because many of these conversions and demographic changes also took place even in CBN era and he closed his eyes to it and even gave them reservations and increased their benefits) . On the other hand, Hindu YSRCP folks are like " This is all TDP and BJP propaganda to malign YSRCP". For them everything is political only. Its as if they are numb to these religious demographic changes taking place beyond their narrow political equations.
  8. Scary statistics and root cause of ysrcp dominance.
  9. People are not that stupid nowadays. Jagan needs lot of help from modi to fulfill poll promises. Otherwise sooner or later state will be bankrupt. Revenue is down by 40% is really alarming. TDP needs to play the same game YSRCP played in opposition.
  10. One more thing aa chalasani srinivas lanti varini control cheyaka povadum.
  11. CBN also got favorable climate for two years. Farmers and dwacra ladies became anti after he dragged runa mafi and dwacra loan mafi forever. This is true in my native place nandigama a tdp bastion which tdp has never lost any elections. They are frustrated by the five installments as they are not able to get further loans. So wait for two years there is no way jagan can satisfy people with navarathnalu. Remember next year jagan has to give next prc for employees. With the promised 40% salary hike just employees salary and pensions and 1.25 lakh new employee expenditure comes to 90000 cr per year. There will be hardly any money for other activities. So have patience and start reminding people of 900 promises jagan made to people by showing the videos of the promises after 3 years of jagan rule.
  12. I am glad CBN responded and highlighted the problem. Social media attack by ysrcp on tdp is the single most reason for the change of perception in the people.
  13. That is the main problembro. Thing is everything need not be done by cbn.