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  1. Now the same batch are crying about religion politics. How silly they are the once how benefitted from religious politics in churches of coastal andhra. Otherwise how will vote for ysrcp in coastal districts.
  2. Yes in chatisgarh, jharkhand and orissa.
  3. Special status, polavaram r and r, assets division and all other promises. It is better for TDP to create visual content with quotes from jagan in all kinds of media print, social media and tv about for lokesh to publicize and destroy credibility of jagan. Yes that takes lot of hardwork most importantly take neutral people into payroll and publicize it. It is golden opportunity for lokesh to become leader. That is how jagan fought while cbn is only focussed on development.
  4. Finally CBN got his groove back if the above is true. This is the best way to put check to BJP’s growth in AP. And TDP has nothing to loose as christians or muslims are not going to vote for TDP anytime soon.
  5. Sad Adani is going to have total monopoly over india’s logistics and related infrastructure. literally all important ports, airports are going to be in his hand.
  6. First GSDP growth rate 15% is a lie. Central govt is responaible by looking at manufqcturing and service sector productivity. Increase in jobs, economic activity. Reverse happened and since BJP has secret understanding they did not raise single question. That helped jagan to take 50000 cr debt. regarding debt they are supposed to take 25% of debt each quarter the great nirmala seetharaman is allowing jagan to take debt all at once shame on her. Same people harassed CBN like anything for small things. looks like BJP gameplan is to bankrupt AP and then benefit from it.
  7. Jagan is far worse and beyond anyone’s imagination worst administrator and a dictator. Future generations will curse today’s voters. I hope CBN turns to his 1990’s policy of little bit welfare and lot of deveLopment as he has nothing to loose now. .
  8. By 2024 june total debts will be atleast 5.5 lakh crores. Probably not worth getting into power. let jagan face it..
  9. He is always humble and gem of a person. No other hero can come close to the service he is doing in health care.
  10. Simple logic. AP has apprx one crore families. All his schemes are given to 30-35 lakh families. There will be resentment in the remaining 65 lakh families as they are not getting any benefits in the state. TDP needs to identify them and fight for them.
  11. Pretty soon AP state will be bankrupt. No two ways about it. Jagan is the most useless cm ap has ever seen.
  12. Jaffa govt is saying year On year Gsdp growth rate is 15%. How the ap gsdp is so high when the country itself is growing at a miserly 4-6 % god only knows.
  13. Last term cbn is focussed on Amaravati and development works. Main point is underestimated KCR . I believe governor did lot of damage to CBN more than any one else from 2014-2019.
  14. After taking a careful look at spending by jaffa govt it looks like it is really running on borrowed time. Right now it is running on 50000 cr debt taken every year and illegally spending all the grant in aid money given by central govt to his freebies. Those grant money is given for specfic programs like sc/st self help schemes, nrega etc. Right now modi is very liberal with allowing 50000 cr debt limit and not saying anything about illegal transfer of funds. more or less once the screws are tightened by central govt AP govt will be in bankruptcy.