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  1. State govt supreme nunchi Stay techhukokunda, keviat petition vesadu oka lawyer..
  2. 2024 lo TDP gelichi, lokesh ni CM chesthe, appudu emi antaru janalu ???
  3. Natural water pravahaniki addu vesthe ikkatlu tappavu.... Charitra chebutunna satyam idhe....
  4. Mandu babulu matram baaga tidutunnaru, ycp valle tidutunnaru ee vishayam lo....
  5. Bay of bengal ni koda ammesthadu twaralo 😂😂
  6. The Indian Army has proposed to allow common citizens to join its ranks as officers and soldiers for a three-year short service billed as 'Tour of Duty'. DB bhakths, interested to join ???
  7. Kapus chiru and pawan tho ne rally avutharu ekkuva saatham, vallani odileyadam manchidi....