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  1. idhi bigg boss 4 look ayithey entha baagundedhi
  2. Video chudaledu, eemey great singer abbo unforgettable songs le avi, chettha kundi candidate
  3. adhurs, baadshah dolls
  4. + infinity, okka season pls buddoda
  5. ee chuthey gaadini mooseyali...covid medicine anukunta naatakalu den**thunnadu...aa patanjali lo all medicines should be banned
  6. There is no repeat value for suspense genre movies, andukey all movies of this genre will have low collections. If there are great suspense movies in sambarland, coconutland or bisibelabathland please watch them, no need to vent here. Antha kashtanga untey become a tfi producer and make such movies.
  7. evaru hunger lo unnaru..evariki ee country government free ga panchali? when you make these arguments, don't forget you live in a capitalistic society uncle... same sense lo petrol, new cars and such stuff are in excess now..nobody is buying now due to coronavirus..so manufactured excess new cars and petrol free ga panchala? russia lo mee argument workout avuthademo koncham socialism/communism paatinchey country anukunta adhi