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  1. according to this http://www.adivasiresurgence.com/komaram-bheem-a-forgotten-adivasi-leader-who-gave-the-slogan-jal-jangal-jameen/ komaram bheem is gond adivasi and not hindu anta, but the article does not mention anything about him being a practicing muslim , so idhi edo pure fictional angle by jakkanna emo
  2. have to disagree bro, Jr teaser ee baagundhi ga, more impactful and stunning performance/looks of Jr
  3. Jr total worth the wait for fans serry ga ..endhi ra adhi... simply outstanding amma hero body and performance in the teaser
  4. enjoy uncle , edo flow lo unnaru meeru continue, unna issue ni recognise kuda cheyakapothey inka no point of discussion.
  5. abbo, hrithik roshan suzzane khan (now divorced) nenu istha examples, hate kaadu uncle mundhu problem undhi ani accept cheyandi...politics will always mix with realities. I am not a bjp supporter per se but love jihad india lo ledu anukuntey adhi mee moorkhatvnam
  6. I am confused a bit ee taadu discussion choosi, love jihad always existed in india ga. You will find hindu girls marrying muslim and christian boys but never the other way around. Problem is this tanishq ad sucks, fully reeks of love jihad. End of story.