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  1. expect JSP ladies everyone is sitting on roads.
  2. Bro.... every Indian will be proud by seeing our growth.. Please support BJP at national level brother
  3. Bjp is doing good and their polices are development of the nation. People who are opposing BJP are in frustration. They don’t realize the positives of bjp. BJP should rule the nation for next 50 years. Modi could have been elected atleast 25 years early. People did mistake by electing Congress. Let’s us not do the mistake again. BJP rocks others not rocks
  4. As usual fake propaganda by haters...... this happened in Kodali Nani case..Vamsi ki kuda same formula appying.. in reality both are good people.. liked by local and supporters... they will rock in coming elections...
  5. Fake news about Kodali Nani in this matter...Both are happy in ysrcp. Vere parties enta try chesina Gannavaram Vamsi de
  6. JSP ladies ala roads medaki Raru brother
  7. Demolish chestaru ani Evaru chepparu??? edit the graphics
  8. jagan and kcr kabatti pavala ina vachindi... ade cbn and Lokesh ni nammukunate phone ki Manchi graphic image send chesevallu