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  1. akuna matata

    JSP Vizag MP

    Anything can happen Bhongir MP kindha unna dhantlo okkati kuda Congress gelavaledhu but komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy post by only 15k votes, Candidate manchivadu aythe heavy cross voting ki chance untadhi so MLA’S explicitly cheppali rendu TDP ee veyyandi ani some MLA candidates MLA naaku veyyandi MP Mee ishtam ani kuda pracharam chestharu
  2. akuna matata

    JSP Vizag MP

    Ala em undadhu boss 2014 Khammam parliament kindha unna 7 lo YSRCP 2 ee Gelichindhi but MP YCP vachindhi heavy cross voting because of candidate
  3. akuna matata


    A lot of amount is Involved in this because of Neck to Neck situation
  4. akuna matata


    Nagari evariki ekkuva chances unnay please let me know
  5. akuna matata

    Chittor District

    I’m betting on Nagari TDP is that safe !? Please let me know genuine report there
  6. akuna matata

    Telugu States - 42 BJP MP Candidates

    0 BJP 0-1 Congress in Telangana
  7. akuna matata

    Calling Telangana brothers

    Yeah very healthy discussion kachara anta