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  1. enti bjp+jsp anni unnai online poll aa
  2. bet lo incase tdp or nonycp ollu gelichina ycp ruling lo dabbulu techukune dhammundha
  3. Capital chestham ani announce chesaka unna companies ellipotam endhayya
  4. Hyderabad ippudu intl IT hub kadha
  5. Don’t even call volunteers as tdp social media ani cheppedhi. We need a dedicated strategic team to run the show.
  6. On any given day volunteers will not match with strategic team like pkishore. Tdp volunteers are more like headless chickens. They even differ with each other. But ycp propaganda batch will run on single agenda that’s how they have trained them and for every move there’s much more thought process in the background. Manaki emundhi bochu. Someone should do this planning in the background and run the show using the volunteers. Appude emain use.
  7. There are two types of pain: sort of pain that makes you strong and useless pain.sort of pain that gives only suffering. I have no time for useless things.

  8. Babai_Abbai fans!!!!

  9. waiting for kick2 :) 30cr anna collect seyyali :pray:

  10. weekend break #OKLeaveIt :P

  11. NKR production lo vasthunna movie release ayyedaka Db ki selavu :)

  12. #WelcomeAbhay <3

  13. Temper Lo Hero Daya gaade NTR kaadu <3 <3

  14. next Friday ante 23rd (Pataas) ki vastha malli Db ki _/\_ #JoharNTR #Legend

  15. Waiting For Pataas!

  16. Festival ayyedaka no db _/\_ pk fans....pakkodi fruit lovers enjoy :)