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  1. Dhoola theerindhi edavalaki
  2. nakaithe drama artist feels
  3. power lo ki osthe thokkestham ane bhayam theesukuravali ittanti loafers ki. cbn methaka politics valla ikkadi daka ochindhi
  4. Bjp won’t let that happen until they get to 2nd spot in AP.
  5. Capital farmers antha TDP vallena nee lekkalo No wonder people bought ycp cheap tricks. I know a bunch of CRDA families and people who worked/ voted for ysrcp in 2019. They are clueless about what jagan did to them. He doesn’t give a fk about anyone. Edho velli aadi kallameedha padithe settle aipoye evvaram kadhu adhi
  6. Do you think farmers didn’t try to meet him? Only tdp valle unnaranukuntunnara Crda farmers lo endho sodhi.
  7. Will answer you after the next general elections in CRDA and you should know CRDA isn’t all Krishna & Guntur. Vizag lo unnodiki, seema lo unnodiki amaravathi entho, vijayawada lo unnodiki kooda anthe ane feeling lo ne unnaru mana public. Adhi public mindset daridram. The direct impacted ones are the farmers in CRDA.
  8. పరిశ్రమల్లో 75% ఉద్యోగాలు తమిళులకే! పెట్రోలు, డీజిల్‌ ధరల తగ్గింపు.. గ్యాస్‌ సిలిండర్‌పై రూ.100 రాయితీ వరి మద్దతు ధర రూ.2500కు పెంపు 505 హామీలతో డీఎంకే మేనిఫెస్టో btw amaravathi munigithe state muniginatto kaadho thelidu gaani, jaffa ruling lo matram muniginatte em chesado cheppu future ki panikochevi vintam. nuvvannattu aa capital kooda vizag move chesi akkada lands kooda theeskuni etu kakunda chesthe sammaga untadhi meeku kooda. Muddi kalithe gaani ardham kadu evadikaina. If you think farmers didn’t try to ask him what they want amen. Neetho discussion ye bokka.
  9. Move chesi development start cheyyandi mari. We don’t have to stop it because there won’t be any development
  10. Em settle cheskovali? Aadu cheppina 3 capitals ekkadidhaka ochayi madhyalo memelli settle cheskodaniki. He is capable of nothing but destruction. Immediate impact Amaravathi farmers meedha undhani sambarapaduthunnaru kaani State eppudo munigipoindhi
  11. Edhi move cheyyandi chooddham Year ayyindhi anna muhurtham petti.
  12. What do you mean by fake? Annam pette lands ichi mosapoyi nyayam cheyyamani adige farmers fake aa I know that the sentiment is low to nothing outside crda. But why to call it fake?
  13. Adhi kooda mandate ichinatte avasarledhani
  14. There are two types of pain: sort of pain that makes you strong and useless pain.sort of pain that gives only suffering. I have no time for useless things.

  15. Babai_Abbai fans!!!!

  16. waiting for kick2 :) 30cr anna collect seyyali :pray:

  17. weekend break #OKLeaveIt :P

  18. NKR production lo vasthunna movie release ayyedaka Db ki selavu :)

  19. #WelcomeAbhay <3