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  1. Hyderabad ippudu intl IT hub kadha
  2. Don’t even call volunteers as tdp social media ani cheppedhi. We need a dedicated strategic team to run the show.
  3. On any given day volunteers will not match with strategic team like pkishore. Tdp volunteers are more like headless chickens. They even differ with each other. But ycp propaganda batch will run on single agenda that’s how they have trained them and for every move there’s much more thought process in the background. Manaki emundhi bochu. Someone should do this planning in the background and run the show using the volunteers. Appude emain use.
  4. I stick to my old comment on this issue. State lo liquor thaage evadaina sare siggu anedhi unte ycp ki vote eyyadu
  5. all north belt and blue tick pr batch uploading teaser without link
  6. when I see celebrities praising rct voice for the sake of it
  7. It might involve multiple teams. software laga work from home allow cheyyaleru ga 450cr movie. asale ssr strict mastaru.
  8. 3 days aa aadidhi 700k ne. eeroje kottestham
  9. almost every shot has vfx only last shot recent dhi la undhi and that bike one.
  10. aa dual role edho NTR tho eyinchi unte BB ni maripinchevallam