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    Vinaya Vidheya Kathanayakudu @TheMB · 1h Must watch and recommended. Krish blended emotions,elevations perfectly and presented beautifully. Buraa Madhav mata Balayya nota adharahoo... #NTRKathaNayaKudu
  3. eNterTaineR

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    Krishna @ImKr1shna Second half need special mention. Rolling titles start aina okaru kadaledu. Sai Madhav Burra dialogues Second part lo enni elevations scenes padathayo me vuhake vadilesthuna #NTRBiopic
  4. eNterTaineR

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    MB @Keshav4005 · 1h Super bommaaaa!! Second half #Balayya as #NTR kummesadu. @DirKrish taking Emotional Journey! 2nd half #NTR - #ANR scenes Lab prints scene, Diviseema episode and climax Telugu Desam Party announcement scene Go watch Legend’s (Hi)story #NTRKathanayakudu
  5. eNterTaineR

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    Sushanth Nallapareddy @sushanthreddy Mana party... mana party... TELUGU DESAM !!... terrific final moment that was. Good first half but 2nd half got little tedious. Terrific performance all around l. All characters shine... especially ANR !! #NTRKathanayakudu glorifies it’s hero and it does quite well !!
  6. eNterTaineR

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    Sushanth Nallapareddy @sushanthreddy There so many nice moments from so many classics of NTR... Gundamma katha, Ravanasudu episode and Mayabazar were my personal favorites. Personally I fee this Krish’s best work since Vedham. #NTRKathanayakudu
  7. eNterTaineR

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    puri sukumar @saishashank4u Outstanding work from the writing department and the background score is top notch #NTRkathanayakudu
  8. eNterTaineR

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    Well weaven story with many amazing and heart touching moments.Apt performances from the actors.Thank you @DirKrish for bringing the LEGEND back to life #NTRkathanayakudu
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    Good to Blockbuster Talk undhi.... Will Post all In this thread..Jai NTR
  10. eNterTaineR

    2.30 pm show done; 6 pm show now

  11. eNterTaineR

    NTR Kathanayakudu review

    Show just done!!! Acting, music, direction everything is great!! This movie will be another classic!!! Thank you balayya and Krish....asala Ennis expectations Anna petukoni velandi it will not disappoint....It will live as a classic
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    My Take

    Idi chalu
  13. eNterTaineR

    My Take

    Just hitta expected more from you.
  14. eNterTaineR

    Kathanayakudu Review ** 4/5 **

    Cheppumama na
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    Gunner uncle come fast...nuvvo stamp esthe