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  1. Jagan pattu batti kavalsina daggare capital pettinchadu anukondi. Do you think he will be able to do any development there in current scenario? How much time we wasting on this? Leaving the 4 years old capital behind for his political agenda _/\_ People are joke. During cbn ruling everyone used to talk/mock about capital development. Now nobody cares since the expectations are clear on this dumba.ss To the rajakaja people in and around crda _|_ you just f*ucked up your future. In other thread someone said we lost tadikonda because of mla candidate. It doesn't make any sense when their 10lks land became 2.5cr and they still give such stupid reasons? Did they think about the future of capital before voting? Maa family friends lo ne 4 families voted jagan saying that he will do better than CBN. Each has 5-10 acres land in capital. Ammukunnaru chakkaga...duplex lu kattukunnaru. Wish I can slap them with their own costly slippers These morons deserve nothing. They will take whatever they get from government. Then vote for caste, money & sentiment. The voting in Tadikonda constituency indicates the same.
  2. Opposition lekapothe aadindhe aata. Ap aina TG aina India Aina. All are going down. Tough times ahead for public
  3. Crda janalaki sigguledu.akkade TDP ni gelipinchukoledu. Inkenduku capital aallaki. Raavali jagan gudavali janam
  4. Odhileyyandi seat. Contest chesi gelichima Em chestharu bokka
  5. There are two types of pain: sort of pain that makes you strong and useless pain.sort of pain that gives only suffering. I have no time for useless things.

  6. Babai_Abbai fans!!!!

  7. waiting for kick2 :) 30cr anna collect seyyali :pray:

  8. weekend break #OKLeaveIt :P

  9. NKR production lo vasthunna movie release ayyedaka Db ki selavu :)

  10. #WelcomeAbhay <3

  11. Temper Lo Hero Daya gaade NTR kaadu <3 <3

  12. next Friday ante 23rd (Pataas) ki vastha malli Db ki _/\_ #JoharNTR #Legend