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  1. can't control my laugh. right from the start... Pichi Kukkkka
  2. Janasena party adhinetha anna Chiranjeevi aattt mental na mogga
  3. companies bailout ki donations money ichedhendhi bochu. bochu lo pm cares. ee bochu fund ki ichekante tochinantha lo direct help cheyadam best
  4. Terrible... Aa videos choosthunte Friend unnadu 1.5km distance lo. Entra ante memu bhayataki ochesam theliyagane car eskuni annadu. Road meedha tapa tapa raalipothunnaru pittallaga anta.
  5. Congress tho kooda ooyinchukunnaka podusukochina rosham. Btw it's not bjp. It's govt. Disgusting from govt to ask money in first place. WTF are they doing with PM cares?
  6. Asalu liquor shops ye ban anna edava...inni restrictions madhyalo liquor kaavalsochindhentra?
  7. Spam everywhere. Stop these trends