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  1. Modi will also remembered for his deeds in crores of people heart for 370 and Ram mandir.....and more reforms expecting to come...
  2. They have their plans what they want to do or else they would have become like pv,vajpayee and cbn
  3. Ok niku teliste cheppochuga wealth Ela create cheyyaloo vintaru
  4. He is better qualified than you and is applauded by many people globally the same would crores of his followers call you.....
  5. Then do it in your personal property and set an example instead of giving advice to others...
  6. Sone times steps taken will take time to yield results .....wait for time and see ...no one even knew about the great reforms pv bought in his term and eventually lost election.... How many steps you take if population is not controlled no progress takes place irrespective of how much you do...I am also expecting population control bill from Bjp in this aspect...no reservations and govt benefits to those who have more than 1-2 kids ....or else we will always be in square one
  7. There is no point in arguing with a fool...just answer them into their own language....
  8. There are some things which have to be done irrespective of personal gain...sentiment is the one which bounds many people together or else there is no difference between an animal and a human...ofcourse even animals have a bit sentiment to their child....Indians have suffered a lot due to invasions.....and after independence we gave land to people who wanted to separate based on religion and still gave them more rights than the majority and seperate civil laws....now coming to the point the temple is an issue of sentiment whom I pray considering the perfect human being born in my country and whom I pray every day ...it gives me immense satisfaction ...this is the view of majority voters in India and that is why they voted bjp...now if you say that the majority are sentimental and fools I don't care and I personally believe in my view that the person whom I worship is the cause of my knowledge and memory through which I am getting a job and getting my food today....coming to cow I had cows I. My home which gave me milk and consider my mother and I consider as a great tribute to worship it giving the place equal to my mother ....last thing if you are not tolerant to my views why should I give a damn about views ...so if you respect majority have questions about their reasons but not blind hatred .....if you come with blind hate I even don't give a fcuk about your views ...this has happened for generations and now majority talking about their rights made them extremists
  9. Extremism is always a word used by people considering them selves intellectuals sitting in an air conditioning room if things going around don't match their personal interests...a common man is always worried about earning his bread and butter every day...
  10. Adi jarige Pani kadule bhayya ....vadu 2-3 seats ki padi poyina maradu.....tdp is history....
  11. Hey you know adi manchitanam...Dani miru sariga Ardam cheskolekapotunnaru
  12. Ilanti bajana batch valane 23 ki padipoyaru ....tdp is gone ika trolling apeyi
  13. Some thing should happen whether an yes or a no