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  1. Eppudu Bazar lo under Bazaar gade Mari Bazaar valani watch chesedi.....
  2. Pujari ga evadu ina undochu but that has to be a dedication from child hood....because there are certain practices to be followed from child hood to perform Vedic rituals .....example you can become a Brahmin if you convert to iskcon dessksha for life and Brahmin hood is awarded to all who take this irrespective of caste and race.....
  3. You quoted one example which I am not aware of and don't see around the world...see about their corporate success in private sector....do you think that is even possible???
  4. The so called community which you are talking against have come in to other fields..the result is a Ceo of Google and Microsoft.....
  5. That shows you are no less than a bazar fellow when you compared ntr with ysr family...and you say that you are pro modi....how could you support a converted bastard family ??
  6. Bochule pakkanodi boot lu nake jagan ki ntr to polika enti...vadi babu congress boot nakadu vidu modi boot nakadu asalu aa second grade kutumbam ki ntr ki polika enti.....cbn lanti adangi useless fellow valane ee ysr family ki ee range ochindi ....Ade ntr undi unte scene different
  7. Most of them are rich and black mailed to go to ycp by hook or crook....I agree cbn in efficiency in not controlling ycp while he was in power...
  8. Enti Nani gadi bratuku...emi telusura vadi gurinchi...vala nana kashtapadi cleaner nunchi edigadu tapite evadni champala....Devineni and vamgaveeti families used caste for their personal gain .....
  9. Music will start for kcr from now ....Harish Rao kanuka bitaki oste kcr ki ittade Inka...
  10. Nani wouldn't have been able to get ministry if he is in our party...it's better for him...