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  1. krishna_Bidda

    Jenda paxxxx

    North lo only one factor can bring Modi back....Ram Mandir or else he has to pack up and get lost ......people are not fools to buy his lies every time..
  2. krishna_Bidda

    Secular Pinarayi

    Miku avsaramina vatiki court Ni care cheyyaru....Ilanti political issues ki matrame court kavali...
  3. krishna_Bidda

    Secular Pinarayi

    Yup that is the biggest blunder of these gujju idiots....
  4. krishna_Bidda

    Secular Pinarayi

    Hindutva voters have realized modi and shah politics...unless they build mandir it is very difficult for them to get 2014 votes ....fcuk the supreme Court judgement and build temple to regain Hindu votes or else they will loose
  5. krishna_Bidda

    Thupuk courts

    Pettina kuda judges ekkuva converted bastards AA unnaru courts lo...this is a long term plan of Vatican using reservations and controlling the whole system in India by converting SC people..it might lead to civil war in India if we don't wake up.....only thing we can do is social boycott of so called communities in India to save our culture and tradition....
  6. krishna_Bidda

    Thupuk courts

    Then first ban using vehicles with fossil fuels.....how much pollution is it generation....ban electricity which is daily polluting air for our own convenience.... can't a man live with out vehicle and electricity??these are just for comforts...... Indian judiciary my foot ...fcuk it
  7. krishna_Bidda

    Missile test facility at Nagayalanka

    In one way it is absolutely fine as the agriculture land will be there for agriculture instead of having industries....
  8. krishna_Bidda

    Houseboats in Krishna soon

    Concpet bagundi...but why only to scheduled castes???elago manaki vote veyyani convert Ed batch ki enduku...
  9. krishna_Bidda

    Machilipatnam Port(Bandar Port) Industrial corridor

    eedi picha Bandar ani aj vadu vizag beach photo vesaduga .....
  10. krishna_Bidda

    Power Problem between AP and Telangana

    adikarula mida ottidi tetam kante pikedi emi ledule both opposition and Ruling parties ...evadi astulu vadiki kavali Hyderabad lo.....
  11. krishna_Bidda

    Assembly seats to increase in AP and Telangana

    Raavi ki ivvakapote eppudu strong ee ...vadsoka useless fellow..more over Yalavarthy coming to TDP has made TDP more strong .....re organise chesinappudu 2004 mandals unna gdv constituency unte chalu ...Nani done inka
  12. krishna_Bidda

    Assembly seats to increase in AP and Telangana

    Anni party lu ekabiprayam to ok ane ekika vishayam seat la penchudu ...lol.....political ga employment create cheyyali kada...
  13. krishna_Bidda

    Assembly seats to increase in AP and Telangana

    gdv ni reserve cheyyatam ante ika mana party valu nani ki pikaleru ane news veltundi....we should have it genral and win it in 2019.....Now we are strong in gdv
  14. krishna_Bidda

    Kidambi srikanth

    Shared it fb....share it as much as possible in fb and Twitter.....