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  1. Native people are against these conversions for a long time... ideally ltte was of more a c factory in the name of Tamil.....that is why Rajapaksa eliminated them....
  2. No party is anti Indian than the bloody communists in India...people under stood their bloody intentions and driving out from state to state....left with only Kerala and will also be kicked out soon
  3. Pamarru ycp confirm antaunnaru annai...ma nimmakuru pamarru loke ostundi kada ...
  4. Agree...g lo dammu unte Mana leaders ki idi sadyame
  5. Vadu kadu it's the church that made him...we are divided by caste....
  6. Ilanti joker lu Anni party laki unnaru us lo...TRS,tdp,ycp,now is....bita country Kochi kuda party jenda ante chudatanike chirakuga untundi....
  7. SCS ki enta ichina dandage ....aa batch enta ichina vote esedi jagan ke...
  8. Ila petregina valu andaru Ela chacharo Kalam manaki already lessons nerpindi.....
  9. I am always and will be an rss supporter and support hindutva .....but I don't see any qualities of that in modi other than deception....the way he tried to kill togadia woke me up saying he is not a saint and deceptive.....I still support Bjp with out gujju and I am anti congress by blood ... because you know my last name ....
  10. Ya I agree...he can criticize in a decent way instead of uttering unparliamentary words
  11. Nani ki town lo anti emi ledu... unless party param ga difference tappite....andarni kalupuku potadu...in that way he is good...
  12. Avinash win avtadu as per ground report...
  13. As of now tight ..but kottina no surprise...tdp win with gdv seat govt sUper avtundi