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  1. Dream machine digite aa 23 Ina ostai..ledante assam kuda doubt ee...that is all I can say
  2. Ade bada kashtapadi chestadu vere vadu ochi m gudipestsdu ...badnam chestadu cbn Ni...he should have learnt from his previous mistakes during 2014-2019 while he was in power ...he drastically went low on appeasing voters and lost his identity completely....repu vere vadu ochi nasanam chese development makoddu... development Ni nilabettu kotam kuda important ...
  3. Cbn 2004- Bjp No alliance with Bjp again 2009 -maha kutami with trs and communists 2014- janasena and Bjp 2018-alliance with Congress for Telangana 2019- no takers for alliance Cbn kante u turn fellow evvadu ledu. Finally 23 ...cbn alliance is for loka kalyanam Pakkanodu cheste adi selfishness... Marandra babu lekapote 23 kuda ravu ...
  4. Emundi just normal intlo unde specials ee...ma oorlo ninna get together Indi anta ....800 members attended which is a great event ...hoping to attend it from next year if possible for every sankranthi
  5. Mimmalni evadu adigadu uncle ...ma opinion menu cheppukunnam ishtam ite vinu lekapote ignore cheyandi..poni ee roju Anna conversions gurinchi matlade dammu unda mi party ki votes veyyaru Ani telisina ...Ila unda batte 23 ki ocharu ... speak boldy about situation that will boost you as an individual....I have an idelogy and will work for any party which supports it .....mi party no ma idelogy tiskomanu mi jenda mostam...
  6. Bro a time do or die for party ...Edo okati cheyyali I think he did the right thing ....but Telugu vadi atmagouravam Ani tg lo trs to kalisi poti chesi malli Danni public ga matladakunda undatam tho trs corner chesindi....poni 2014 tarvata tg tdp Ni odilesina bagundedi ...appudu kuda tg tdp Ni pattukuni AP tdp Ni nakinchadu....point is his days are gone with his insecurity there is no chance he is going to win again ....future of AP will be on Hindu votes consolidation....
  7. This is true pfi is the one that ran this ...pfi is now banned by govt of India.. Caa protests main back bone Valle....I think they have clear details of main perpetrators doing this ....
  8. Ee goondaism Inka ekkuva iyyi janalu suffer ite Kani teliyadu ....inkem labam state is gone case ...unless jagan and his family are completely wiped out from political arena no Investor will ever look at AP....let jagan remove all freebies and corporations in state before getting fcuked up by his own deeds ..
  9. A converted batch voting unna chota kashtam...a batch no social boycott cheste tappite malli tdp gelavadu..horrible thing is this bapana batch majority people voting to ycp
  10. Aa sangam hadavidi valane we roju we paristiti....poni chesedi cheppukune dammi unda adi ledu just hadavidi tappite ....danilo tirige batch kuda ekkuva hadavidi tappite time ichinappudu jump iyye batch ee
  11. So what are you trying to stay with this the same percent would be any where in the world