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  1. People are more worried about their comfort ... good thing the rational thinkers of white community started acknowledging the evil deeds done by their ancestors than people who suffered.... intellectual terrorism is ruling the world ....
  2. Valu edi anukunna we db lo ila post petti sunakanandam padatam tappite ilu pikedi emi ledu....elago 2019 debba nundi kolukoleka pichi elkinattundi.....already vala leader ilage egiri emi iyyado chusam....kanisam re db lo kuda vala frustration tirchukopote pichi valu ipotaru....valaki dorike manasanti ee db post let Dani nucci chanti iddaru lekunda chestunnaruga....alani ala vadilyekandi evarkina chupinchandi uncle
  3. Mottaniki organize chesina vallani Ani anchor vidini karepaku la tisipadesaduga...that is the moment I enjoyed a lot in this video
  4. Things will change in the future slowly....no body excepted the same thing in North India...it did happen and will happen in ap as well it is just matter of time ....
  5. Minorities appeasement will lead to unity in majority like what happened in north India...cbn knows this very well and supporting modi as he has no choice left....real minorities are jains ,Sikhs and parsis....the minorities you are referring to have never contributed to India other than creating mayhem expect 2 in a crore ....
  6. Christians and Muslims will never vote for tdp...valaki cheyyatam ante snake ki milk poyyatame .....bc,Brahmin,kapu ,vsyhya kaliste chalu ...so indirectly Hindu unity can only bring tdp to power or else forget about coming back to power.....if you keep on appeasing minorities majority people will ditch you one day period...
  7. In one way it is absolutely fine as the agriculture land will be there for agriculture instead of having industries....
  8. Concpet bagundi...but why only to scheduled castes???elago manaki vote veyyani convert Ed batch ki enduku...
  9. adikarula mida ottidi tetam kante pikedi emi ledule both opposition and Ruling parties ...evadi astulu vadiki kavali Hyderabad lo.....
  10. Raavi ki ivvakapote eppudu strong ee ...vadsoka useless fellow..more over Yalavarthy coming to TDP has made TDP more strong .....re organise chesinappudu 2004 mandals unna gdv constituency unte chalu ...Nani done inka
  11. Anni party lu ekabiprayam to ok ane ekika vishayam seat la penchudu ...lol.....political ga employment create cheyyali kada...