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  1. krishna_Bidda

    Happy birthday to Darling of Masses : KCR

    Ntr no chusi opposition inti mundu kocharu to form national front..but kcr gadu adukkunna evadu vadi front lobby cheratla ...adi difference oka Bazar na koduku cm inanata matrana TG gorrellu laga bita evadu dekadu....
  2. krishna_Bidda

    Naa Kenduku ee CM Post ... thappadu ...

    Paul was clearly targeted by Jaffa Reddy in fear of losing his core vote bank....but seems that he is good in debates.....
  3. krishna_Bidda

    BJP trying to lure JD(S) MLA

    Drama artists to tapes cheyiste evadu nammutadu????
  4. krishna_Bidda

    That is Didi

    These idiots don't want to do that.... they definitely don't have any rss core principles.... when one of my friends from Karnataka told that they killed Rajiv dixit I didn't believe...but making sense for me now...even they tried to kill Togadia...they don't have principles just another kind of Mafia like Congress....
  5. krishna_Bidda

    That is Didi

    Ask your party to implement article 365 if they have guts...
  6. I don't think Mandir will be done...he would have done it long ago if he wanted.....better to ignore this idiot....the day he tried to murder Togadia his supporters must have realised he is a wolf in sheep's skin....but still Bjp Is better than Congress with out shah and modi instead of this buffoon Gandhi dynasty who were implementing Roman orders in india
  7. Avvadu and atanu Radu...only yalavarthi might win Gudivada inka evvadu ina kashtame.....
  8. krishna_Bidda

    Petetion filed by kavitha to stop polavaram

    Spread this max to make people aware of the pink chaddies ....elections varaku ide hot topic kavali..... atleast vizag to prakasam lo manaki manchi oopu ostundi ide ganaka janalloki baga pote ...
  9. krishna_Bidda

    10 % Quota for Upper Caste

    It has to be passed in atleast half of the state assemblies which is easy for Bjp....worst case change chief justice and they will pass it ...
  10. krishna_Bidda

    10 % Quota for Upper Caste

    No court can over ride if passed with 2/3 majority.....
  11. krishna_Bidda

    10 % Quota for Upper Caste

    Court cannot over ride constitutional amendment as per my knowledge
  12. krishna_Bidda

    Nirmala Sitharaman

    They have their own agenda ..vilaki enni cheppina anavsaram....PV ni nammara vilu evrina ledu kada idi ante...nijam telsina tarvata kani ayana goppatanam manam nammala...so time should answer everything....
  13. krishna_Bidda


    Me too in the same boat bro....I still support bjp with out Modi...
  14. krishna_Bidda


    Ya we want lokesh to contest in Gudivada to bring back party glory in Gudivada