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  1. Good that people are realising the hidden agenda of desert cult...these things existed from long back but no one knows because media has no freedom in the past...it is time for people to boycott the comments economically and show them what can happen if majority boycott them
  2. First of all that is a horrible thing to do prayers in work place irrespective of religion...ma office lo ilage room adigaru us lo prayers ki hr asked them to get out who wants such thing and told that anything of that sort should be kept out of work place...
  3. If you want to know their Network allow them to meet for a laying a trap get the required information ..that is what they did...ika taata tistaru okkokaladi....these sickulars have a pain ....mindu Vila kante mana country lo unde sickulars ee danger country ki
  4. 21 million cell phones banned in China ...what does that mean???
  5. Siggu gurinche 23 party matladite comedy ga untadu...23 members no cherchukunnaru final ga Mika 23 me migilindi.....
  6. Emi labam party jump iyyi oste kani ministry radu....
  7. Janalaki 2004-2009 ee telusu jagan and ys gurinche...tg people sagam yrs ki support xhesinde ee reason valana ....14-19 is a good chance .....he missed it and now no one would even be interested in doing anything to party after these....
  8. Vilaki vila route lone samadanam cheppali...already they proved what they are from 2994-2009....ala cheyyala anduke comedy ayyam....
  9. People are against the way evangelism is taking place in state ...but no one has guts to speak against it....if they have the right leader who can support their views ... polarising votes is pretty easy.....there is no issue with the so called people in AP as their presence is less...aa unity janallo tested caste evadu pattinchukodu...
  10. Vote veyyani vadi gurinchi alochinchi party no state no munchatam kante polarising votes is much better....nuvvu enni ochina converted batch tdp ki vote veyyaru..vala gurinche alochinchadam sudda waste .....he has done a lot to then in last 5 years at the expense of state exchequer but their loyalty is always with Jagga ....valaki lenidi tdp ki enduku vala mida ....Inks memu vala gurinche alochistamante party close cheyyatame ...Telugu pride ane slogan is history no one cares about it anymore... Polarize your vote bank or close party.....
  11. Tdp gelavali ante pro Hindu stand tiskuni munduki vellatame Inka secular Ani kurchunte close party and also should answer jaffas in a way that they understand.....ippudu unnatu secular ante ika TANA elections lo kuda gelvadu....
  12. I speak the same words even in the outside world in a polished way.....ma leaders matladedu adi why weren't you able to make them behind bars ....threre is a way to speak words which you want to express and hit the opponents hard and no one can complain about ....I chose that way when speaking outside simple...
  13. Memu poti cheste 303 ochiniyyi...miru poti cheste 3 ochiniyi adi difference ... people have shown u your place..poyi pakkana adukommma