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  1. Teacher beheaded by islamists in paris suburbs for showing charlie hebdo on muhammad....this is the peacefulness
  2. Along as the opposition are in minority appeasement mode no issue for bjp at all....modi kakapote inkokadu evadu ochina bjp karyakartas will work for party .....there is only way the karyakartas can split ..if some day takes hindutva card only then ....until then cake walk for bjp ....
  3. Asalu tdp ki kavaldindi bajana batch ele ...paritala lanti leaders ni pogottukunnapude the aggression has gone in party ...unna aggressive candidates ki minister iste ekkada koduku kanye highlight avtaro ani inko insecure feeling ...asala bharath lanti candidate unna re patiki situation verega undedi..,....state vidipoyonappudu rally cheskotaki oka constituency chuste front end lo nilabadina yerapathineni ki no ministry.....dhulipalla ki no ministry ... But it will not be a cake walk for ktr after kcr....there will be lots of internal quarrels in party due to ktr attitude... .
  4. Journalists like these garner solid backing for bjp....until the bjp karyakarthas are happy no issue for modi and shah....vajpayee thought of satisfying people who didnt vote him as part of coalition he lost trust in own bjp cadre ....
  5. Lol re urban naxal channel lo chustunnara brother miru...nothing will happen to Naveen for sure ......
  6. Ee highly respected chillara batch ento anukuntunnaru state datite guddaludatisi tantaru papam...vila frustration tagaleyya
  7. 23 party ni 23anaka emantaro .....ni bada edite undo pagodiki kudaa oddu....get some inner peace or else you might die of hyper tension seeing the condition of your party....mi leader ma appointment kodak cheyyani prayatnam undadu...mundu one seat kuda rani pk no ane dammu ledu edo pikutaranta kotimeera katta ...enjoy urban naxal I don't want to disturb your inner peace because you lost your mental balance seeing the condition of your ideology going to garbage none of the party that you support is in power and you have every reason to be frustrated .....
  8. Lol no frustration editor undo pagodiki kuda oddura nayana.....naku ardam Indi ma party miss frustration ikkada chubistunnavu ani.....get some inner peace ledu ante bp ocho poyela unnav...
  9. Bala tatane pulivedula lo kukka ni champinattu champaru ....but waiting for right time is important .....