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  1. CBN may be outdated in way of dealing politics but not on governance of state.... Still his the best. But first party power loki ravali antae there should be big change in TDP. Thats my wish as party supporter. Else we have to be in opposition in next term also. 48 hrs deadline looks very silly,. I felt Raghuram krishna Raju is delaing much better. Jagan gurinchi nothing much to talk ,he just want get rid of all the things started by CBN that is no way good for state . Even YSR never stalled some thing which CBN started
  2. Could be never seen him attacking any nandamuri family ppl a part from CBN
  3. Tamilnadu lo father name will be the surname , same Mana kada implement cheyali , until we say to which caste we belong no one can identify our caste
  4. E vuru lo unaru uncle thoka avasaram ledu surname is enough
  5. Ya ,the way he is dealing jagan I liked it
  6. last election it was cbn vs kcr,jagan,modi ,pawala etccc. Coming out of BJP is fine next joining with Congress another blunder , Last one year before election the negativity created on TDP was never before never after , via social media, movies etc etc it was an all round attack..
  7. weak and democratic antae Inka CBN retirment tisko vachu uncle , he can't fight and win on jagan Currently in AP you can win only on caste poalirazation and free bebbies . Jagad ki solid support Sc st and reddy batch TDP ki BC and kaps solid ga support setae nae win else no no way... Personally I want some new face to lead party , there is lot of negative on CBN in current youth( this idiots will never understand or use their brain ) I want a leader from BC to lead party and I personally prefer rammohan naidu. If you observe carefully BJP are planning will they are polarising kaps towards them Veerraju as president and meeting siru today etc etc .. CBN churu bajanlalas ee unaru first get rid of those batch .. lokesh sir gurinchi enduku laee Last tenure lo 2 of worst decession 1) getting ycp mlas in to TDP and making them minister s 2 ) making lokesh mlc and minister , I don't understand why he is so hurry in doing this
  8. Ya last 5 years baga build chesar Ave Inka marisipolekunam
  9. Pdf will have all your details name ,aadhar no etc..
  10. It will have pdf link , on opening link u will receive otp and it is used to open it Name unadu sms message lo just result, lab name and pdf link
  11. Em maraledu janalu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. I have taken test ,I got msg to my phone no and that no is not linked to aadhar . Hope it is clear
  13. People while giving phone numbers for testing few are giving wrong phone numbers that could be reason for others getting messages .
  14. Ya money to account s. And ppL are happy no worries
  15. 2014 lo power loki vachi manam peekindi em undi.. aaa roju evadini ekada etalo ada peti untae eee roju ee paristhiti vachedi kadu...
  16. Idi kada kavalisina fire ... Missing from long time
  17. TDP is never going to win under nara's leader ship .. we want some young and dynamic leader I prefer rammohan naidu to lead the party ... Let CBN and loki work at backend ... Time to change ... Can't see demolition of TDP in AP also..
  18. yes training ichi project assign chestar... manager good feed back istae permanent employee chestar..... almost 3 to 4 years nunchi idi nadustundi...
  19. bhogapuram aiport status endi...