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  1. Anne

    Lokesh Davos Tour

    villani india lone kalavachu ga why in davoos..
  2. Anne

    EBC quota

    EBC lo mala castes aaa arehooooo.... ani kulala ki 1 % ivandi andulo :lol2:
  3. Anne

    PK ni munchesina Baffas

    After tg elections hype give by our ppl in db. stoped believeing this kind of posts.... Runnnnn
  4. Anne


    This is what i expected from cbn aggressiveness.. Super..
  5. Paka drama artist idu..
  6. Stop cyclone.... Just kidding. Many things u cant answer.. Every thing is big mafia.. Right from fertilizers to... Selling of end product. Give chance to framers to let them decide rate of their products..
  7. Inka leave tg... Think about ap😂
  8. Govt ollu full support trs kee
  9. Anne

    Final Count

    Mk 65 Rest others will share
  10. Anne

    Final Count

    Trs odite tg odinate... Itlu kcr.. 😕
  11. Anne

    Bhogapuram Airport

    bhogapuram aiport status endi...
  12. Anne

    krishna politics

    lokesh ni set seyandi ikada
  13. Anne


    Malla na