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  1. Pdf will have all your details name ,aadhar no etc..
  2. It will have pdf link , on opening link u will receive otp and it is used to open it Name unadu sms message lo just result, lab name and pdf link
  3. Em maraledu janalu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. I have taken test ,I got msg to my phone no and that no is not linked to aadhar . Hope it is clear
  5. People while giving phone numbers for testing few are giving wrong phone numbers that could be reason for others getting messages .
  6. Ya money to account s. And ppL are happy no worries
  7. 2014 lo power loki vachi manam peekindi em undi.. aaa roju evadini ekada etalo ada peti untae eee roju ee paristhiti vachedi kadu...
  8. Idi kada kavalisina fire ... Missing from long time
  9. TDP is never going to win under nara's leader ship .. we want some young and dynamic leader I prefer rammohan naidu to lead the party ... Let CBN and loki work at backend ... Time to change ... Can't see demolition of TDP in AP also..
  10. yes training ichi project assign chestar... manager good feed back istae permanent employee chestar..... almost 3 to 4 years nunchi idi nadustundi...
  11. bhogapuram aiport status endi...