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  1. Ee loki babu ni aaa tg vaipu veyachu ga... Kontha josh ana vastadi tdp batch ki tg lo
  2. I mean to say 2004 time lo mopidevi loni few areas asalu lev avanigadda kinda... Nagayalanka epudu unade.... After mopidevi loni kotha places add avatam valla advantage ayindi tdp ki 2009 lo
  3. Party nundi povachu ga... Deniki ee comedy..
  4. Sidhu uncle eee permission vision antava endi
  5. AP DeBTS

    Waste emundi bro Irrigation midae ga petindi max...... Max ani income generate sesae vati midae appu techar.. No issues Next time runamafi gatra promises seyakunda untae chalu..
  6. Janmabhoomi Maa Ooru

  7. Eee pillaltho speeches not good... Valla speeches chustae... Ani rasichinavae... Ani clear ga ardham avtundi... Hope they wont repeat in next meeting
  8. AP lo kuda 24 hours power?

    Ikada farmers evaru 24/7 power adagaledu not required also... Dont look every thing in votes perspective. Mana degara kontha mandini marchalem they are fixed to a party valla varuku nopi vastae gani mararu till then blind ga gudeyatamae... Recently i had a chat with few ppl in IT sec.. reddy batch... Simply crying 2lakh crores apudae ap appu ani... Only agendna vallani marchalem.. Same in villages kuda krishna side after knowing the pattiseema uses still they are carrying ycp flags.....
  9. PK met KCR and praised 24hr

    Ayyo nijama they why so many susides by farmers.. avaro kontha mandi untaru farmers lo land lords andariki em undav. Most of the farmers will come under middle class. Fyi property, water etc taxes are paid all including farmers. it depends on the place you stay and luxury you enjoy. Only income tax undadu. adi 5 lacks pina antha income eda untadi farming lo... Unless you have more land. Kcr telusukovalisindi endin antae that wont save farming... Countinous 8 hrs power is more than enough.. Daily
  10. AP DeBTS

    Manaki official ga ee details telvad kada.. Only paper source antena..