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  1. Lot of cross voting to JD in Vizag...from my know frnd familes it self they voted mp to JD and mla to tdp
  2. what he will get will be less than 5 but he will dent our votes .....
  3. yes training ichi project assign chestar... manager good feed back istae permanent employee chestar..... almost 3 to 4 years nunchi idi nadustundi...
  4. bhogapuram aiport status endi...
  5. Inka chukka niru rademo kindaki... Lanka gramalaki effect.. Water baga salty aipotayemo...
  6. Dont bother uncle db lo 70% keyboard batch eee... Ground realty telisi edisi savad
  7. Oka 5% ysr ki kuda istae potadi Dabbul venakeyachu ano edoka reason tho first canal works started.. It helped us.
  8. Inka padaledu full pledged ga... Polavaram aitae gani.. Each and every polanaki nillu vastay.. More yielding ki godavari water oka reason aitae... Inko reason aruthadulu...... Working super anatu..
  9. Only for ration holders aaa.. Inka sleep..