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  1. Stop worrying about state... Worry about yourself my 2 cents
  2. Stop disco with mindless and senseless ppl u will have peace ..
  3. Anne


    Simple ga 2 lines lo chepu yes or no
  4. Anne


    I don't even own a single penny in and out capital region but feeling very sad ,lot worried about farmers and investors..
  5. We are just talking about farmers but ppl who invested in and around amaravathi. I feel very bad for them ,lots of money at stake.. mental tension sleep less nights.. I don't know what courts will do on this.. technically amravati will still be capital for name sake to avoid hurdles ..but he will move all govt to vizag. God only should save AP and Amravati
  6. TDP vallu strong counter ivvali pressmeet petii vallu chesina allegations ki with proofs .
  7. If capital moves out ycp vollu sucessful ga win ayinate ani angles lo...
  8. Edo video release chesar ga any updates on that https://m.eenadu.net/latestnews/YSRCP-Displayed-Videos-on-TDP-Insider-Trading/1600/120000917
  9. yes training ichi project assign chestar... manager good feed back istae permanent employee chestar..... almost 3 to 4 years nunchi idi nadustundi...
  10. bhogapuram aiport status endi...
  11. Inka chukka niru rademo kindaki... Lanka gramalaki effect.. Water baga salty aipotayemo...