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  1. akada antha bomma ledu lae talked with local ppl ... even jsp performed well.. full negativity undi tdp candiate pina ...
  2. Razayya 23 daka nuvu hiding Loki po
  3. ade kada comedy ga undi report..
  4. Avunu petrol stability kuda Modi ee controlling ... Super bumper
  5. asla avarivi eee forecast ,looks like ani sureveys mix chesi predictions istunatu unar...
  6. Random antar ellu select sesukuntar aa 5
  7. Endi ee lxxx lo mega gola...
  8. Intha head weight and reckless ppl should not come to power ... AP ppl are really assholes they never think just vote based on caste and freebies ...
  9. Can he really change is it so easy...lot of stake holders involved ... Worst scenario could be he would black mail and grab money..
  10. Jagan ga amayakudu anta ...