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  1. Balayya_Dada

    TDP .... Next yenti

    It is clear TG people won't accept any outside party either national or state..if Andhra it is more bad..leave TG for now, don't even think abt it, TRS ni kottali ante akkada oka kotta party puttuku ravali..appati varuku tirugu ledu... Come to reality, focus on AP, go to ground and play not in Room, asalu manam em chestunam annade cheppukoleni parisditi manadi...eppudu CBN ki CBN cheppukovatame tappa eppudina oka outsider cheppada..e cinema vallaki TRS ante baga ruchi..it is already late, lets make TDP come in to power next time, cinema vallaki matram chukkalu chupali mainly so called celebrities ki...
  2. Frankly speaking chala darunam ga matladindi..appa cheppindi batti pattina speech..hope she learns fast..
  3. Balayya_Dada

    NTR Anna canteens

    Excellent scheme...if maintained correctly this going to be Arogyasri for TDP. I think CBN will do. Mutual benefit for People and Party. I don't atleast remember what Jagan said while election converse, CBN said CBN atleast trying to do. I don't understand what Jagan now saying also. He don't say anything he just say CBN promised and not delivered. Way to GO CBN.
  4. Balayya_Dada

    PWD Grounds to Become "Vijayawada Square

    intaki city square purpose endi...it it a park with running trials or shopping complexes or what ?
  5. Balayya_Dada

    PWD Grounds to Become "Vijayawada Square

    cheppi cheste better kada..
  6. Balayya_Dada

    PWD Grounds to Become "Vijayawada Square

    rythu bazar and miagatavi tiyyatam good decision, but local kurrolu ekkada adukuntaru mari alternative chuputara sports and walker ki...poni indira gandhi stadium public ki ichestara cricket and other sports ki ready chesi...