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  1. sympathy kosam baaga try chesthunnadu gaa...
  2. ma hyd paristhithenti ... maaa vaata maggavleee....
  3. yem mataduthunnaru!! mammalni yenkoru padesedenti.... meme yeppudooo JUMP kottam painunchi.... SELF GOAL so parama veera... specialist yeskkada...
  4. Mana farmers antha deni side vasthe baguntadi.... losses tagguthai.. janala health ki manchidi.... vurlu vellinappudu tappakunda we should discuss this topic and share information on how to do. net lo lot of materiel available. lets pledge to do OUR PART. . My humble request request to all DB people.
  5. As per Subhash palekar no need of extra mulch just go through the videos once. just Desi Cow dung and urine is good enough instead of spending time on finding "wood chipper" spend time on exploring this videos. you will get solution near to your house. ALL THE BEST , if you can try and share info. to others with proof as your output it would be great. lets be part in building healthy NATION.. healthy CULTURE with healthy CULTIVATION
  6. posted/uploaded in channel "Anvesh Reddy Gurram", go to channel's "playlists" there you can find complete set of training videos
  7. here is the youtube playlist with Telugu translation, by 2nd guy.
  8. yela aina Zero budget forming forming chesevalla daaka velthe its good for them, in avoiding losses good for people that at least in some instances we can eat less chemical.. I wish this will happen sooner. I also downloaded subhash palekar videos from YOUTUBE will make CDs and send it my village. Request other DB members to take the info, to villages as much as possible from our end
  9. at last work started showing-up results, yenko 5yrs lo VIZAG will be in very good shape w.r.t number of jobs
  10. yendo anni BABU garu chudalside.. parthi ministry lo ye IAS lu yem chesthuntaru?
  11. i just saw morning article in EEnadu paper, they starting another camping for "Tree plantation", last time "Rainwater Harvesting" pits lo janalanu educate cheyyatam lo it did very good part. Government "Neeru Chettu" lo prajalu palgonatam lo it worked very well. Ye Tree Plantation kuda danila success avvalani Gov. help avvalani asiddam.. migatha ye vaina ye point meda ne EEnadu FAN aipoya, journalism VALUES yenka yemanna migilithe yen vokka papaer lone anukuntaa
  12. @Mahesh babu good news thanks for update. Evening or Night yeppudu padochu? tvaraga aithe ne yentiki start aipotha..
  13. @Mahesh babu, na kadantha telvad ma Hyd gitla rains yeppudo jara cheppundri....