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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to kartheeks in కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్యోద్యోగుల పదవీవిరమణ వయోపరిమితి తగ్గింపు ?   
    2004 tarvata recruits evvariki pension ledu except NPS. in case 2004 lo recruit ayyunte 30 years service anukunte..2034 ki pensioner avutadu..maximum 2050 varaku pension teeskuntadu.but as i observe daily after crossing 50 years and you are in govt service, your salary will be around 1.5 lakh per month and that figure seduces these near retiree people to work and they just act like show masters but not as task masters except in all india services cadre.so 55 is right time for retirement if there is any performance depreciation and if above said employee is not part of critical departments or projects .this is my opinion and presently i am going through it.my superior is 58 years old and he always suspects us if we sit before computer for long time.his opinion is we are time passing with resources and we are worthless people .this is their attitude.thats why more than 5 people in my department resigned and appeared for CAT and they are earning minimum 20LPA and when i ask them reasons in their exit interview they said i will earn what i need in a span of 15 years in private sector.i don't want to be a tool in some ones hand.this is what todays generation is thinking. mean while i am an officer and my worst nightmare is transfer for every 2 years and lot of disturbance in personal life and children education.govt jobs are not lucrative and rewarding today as they were in the past .this is reality.
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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to ravindras in Army alerts on possible terror attack in South India   
    how many attacks happened in indian cities after modi become pm . zero
    pathankot, uri , pulwama are only notable attacks happened against military during nda. do you know lifespan of terrorist decreased during modi rule. in kashmir whoever takes weapon get killed by military within short span of time.
    nia prevented many attacks by arresting misguided youth before carrying attacks. even telangana police did tremendous job by trapping sleeper cells and assisting nia. we care about  only missed stuff. we don't recognize good work done by intelligence that prevented many attacks.
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    Mahen_Nfan got a reaction from MSDTarak in BJP's distraction tactics   
    Nijamga remove cheste Super ye...
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    Mahen_Nfan got a reaction from minion in Kapu Hatred ni   
    Anni casts ni equal ya chudali...5 years oka cast ni avasaramaina danikante duvvi duvvi last ki panganamam pettinchukunte ilane kalutundi
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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to minion in KAPU 5% Reservation CUT   
    Manchidi. I'm glad someone had the guts to correct it.
    One of the worst ever decisions by CBN ... ever.