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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to gnk@vja in CBN on SVBC   
    Cbn venkkana bakthud kabbate CBN ni venkanna alipiri lo save chesadu ysr gadini  kondallo kalipesadu 
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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to dusukochadu in Emi paadam ra babu   
    Mana janalaki buddi leka pothe, Modi em chestadu. 
    They elected their own gov. Even in the capital area. 
    So, why complain on Modi  
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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to TDP_Abhimani in TDP should take up Amaravati Issue more seriously!!   
    This is good chance for TDP to revive politically and bring some heat on jagan govt
    1. First Vishaka people ke facts tho explain cheyaali,Wat TDP did in its term to make it global city.
    2. Secondly Kurnool and seema people ke facts and figures  mundu pettaru Wat TDP did with respect to industrial and Irrigation projects.
    ippudu mana weapon actual facts and figures...Virtual Platforms lo baaga tippali...enni moggalesina facts and figures ne deny cheyaleeru....Ippudu YCP Antha political rhetoric and Oka caste ne villain ga chupinche prayatnam tappa vallu pekedi emi leedu...wat do you guys think??
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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to sskmaestro in Calling baffas   
    Pattiseema neeellu taaagi, Jagan uchhhaaa kosam egabadda ebraaasi Krishna district mandha ekkada ? ( I am also from Krishna district)
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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to BalayyaTarak in breaking news @ capital   
    Investment kadu gani, feel sorry for thise farmers
    How political parties can ruin and ela mosam chesthayi anedaaniki clear example, and mana janala athi telivi thetalaki koda
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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to KING007 in Sonu Sood...Rocks   
    Ila entha mandiki ani isthadu?  Permanent solution undali...  
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    Mahen_Nfan reacted to Kumbk in Niece died of corona   
    My niece (around 25 years of age) from a village near Tenali died yesterday due to Corona. She was pregnant and diagnosed with covid few days before delivery. A nurse (came in contact during pregnancy related visits) passed it to her and she was tested and found positive after the nurse was identified positive. After delivery she had issues with her breath and her body couldn't fight the virus. I used to play with her when she was a kid.