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  1. Okka Issue vaste gattiga one month kuda Govt employees ki salaries kuda ivvaleranamata... TG lanti rich states ila aipote inka migata states em chestayo
  2. Without symptoms they won’t do any tests..just quarantine anthe
  3. Veellu matram sadism chesi mari champaru...ilanti vallanu asalu vadalakudadu
  4. Take care Hyderabad guys...need to wait another week to know whom got infected...
  5. Amazon own building already there in Hyd
  6. These data centres are due to data localisation policies of Indian Govt
  7. True, but I guess not majorly impact for other districts except Krishna, Godavari belt
  8. Highlet comedy ante Matram tax taggimchadam...bale comedy ga chesaru...
  9. TN lo already epputnuncho 4 (Chennai, Tiruchi,Coimbatore, Madurai)international Airports run avtunnay..Budda Kerala lo kuda 4 international Airports...manam chala venakabadi unnam inka