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  1. Nijamga Hyd UT aite kcr patistiti chudali...hyd anda chusukoni rechipotunnadu..
  2. Idi baga vintunna recent ga...is it really viable? TS ki vache profit enti deenivalla? Will TS ppl will agree that? Other southern states will agree if really TS state gets profit out of it
  3. South ahh batch Attack cheyagalige one only city Hyd ye kada
  4. Andhra lo population growth takkuvundannaruga...money/ health unnollu inka kanandi
  5. Good decision but should handle very carefully
  6. But that’s the starting point for bifurcation
  7. Bye Bye To old governor, bifurcation lo baga munchadu
  8. Andhra bank name ni padukobettaruga
  9. central Govt approval required if they want to change?