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  1. Neither Jagan cares nor the 50% who voted him. So, this will continue for years
  2. So, everybody forgets the mistakes done by Police ...now with encounter everyone is praising them to the skies. people and society ala vundi
  3. oorake vundadamena leda police station and courts lo cases veyyadamemaina vunda? poni vallanu pattukoni malli ila cheyyakunda kottadam vunda? poni fake propaganda cheyyadamemaina vunda YCP CM n leaders meeda? leda ilage kurchoni yedvadamena?
  4. Ippudu govt employees will start asking for higher amount of bribes from common people
  5. Kill TDP. Let BJP and Janasena be alternatives. This his plan. Is there any party which is to be weaken is TDP ye.
  6. it's a drama ...when will our people understand this :HeadBang:
  7. ilane cheyyali ....inka konni different places lo...variety ga
  8. Malli inko sari debbalu thintadu in the hands of TRS
  9. yendoley....ee voohalu korikalu .......time waste kaburlu. IMHO.
  10. Very good job, much appreciated
  11. Veddenti intha frequent ga use chese telugu words pronounce cheyyalekapotunnadu. Aa speech rasina officer nu kinda padesi kodtaru sure ga.
  12. 2014-19 lo manaku and AP ku help cheyyakunda YCP tho secret ga dosti chesi TDP nu sagam nakincharu. This time BJP n TDP kalisina...BJP complete ga nakinchestundi TDP nu.
  13. Just wondering is this Andhrajyothi article brother?
  14. 😊 CBN will not change as it's not in his nature to oppress others and trouble people
  15. Haha. Agreed. It eally doesn't matter even if he doesn't do any development at non-Amaravati capital. It doesn't really even if he doesn't do any kind of development at all. It all depends on how effectively YCP can contiue maligning CBN/TDP Government, how effectively YCP can continue spreading the news through Sakshi, tv9, Hyd media, PK team, paytm team and etc into people n neutrals that all these budget n capital issues are due to past government, how well they can continue their campaign that only kammas benefited due to CBN/TDP Government by using same media n social media tactics. It all depends on how well they can buy Government employees n police support nayano or bayano, how well they can manipulate voter cards n registration using village volunteers, how well they can blackmail n threaten beneficiaries using village volunteer system and finally how well they can spend money to buy voters, low-level, mid-level leaders and opposite booth agents. There are many ways to win elections.
  16. makes sense.....and the current days leaders are simply taking us back again to those stone age