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  1. Vadikemaithe makem...we are getting enough of freebies. ila vunnaru prajalu...caste fanatics religion fanatics
  2. Alaa sensational attractive titles pedthene janalu chusedi...yedo rakamga ppl chudalo that's imp. This is my opinion
  3. last 10 years kuda chudani rains paddayi ani chepparlo relatives in Ananthapur district
  4. Good initiative to promote Gandikota tourism. Kadapa district people should be proud of this and appreciate the efforts by CBN
  5. Somebody please take this up to Leadership and Lokesh. akkada yevaro nashta pariharam andaka pellillu aagipoyayi ani antunnaru yekamga
  6. @Ispate Raju IT saturated ani meeku telusu. So, creating a new industry hub altogether by CBN. IT lekapothe yenti...I can show many more opportunities in many other industries ani MedTech from scratch start chesadu CBN...and here it is right now with many companies
  7. Superb......These will reduce the further pollution. one more step towards Green Amaravathi....Green Andhra Pradesh
  8. Good to hear Brother. Again kudos to CBN & NRT
  9. Wow!!! very very impressive. Clearing so much trash and recycling is really wonderful for the Environment and hence the people. 8 acres of land was given back to VMC where the trash used to be dumped in. Mind blowing I think this is the BEST thread of all the threads. Good initiatives by TDP government....much appreciated
  10. One more project in the pathetic situation due to the negligence of BJP in the Central Govt
  11. Central Govt tenders pilichi, money release chesi and work start & complete avvali ante......we can forget about this as long as BJP is in the Central Government
  12. Fantastic. CBN is always #1 in promoting education and skill development. Hyderabad ku ISB techina ghanatha CBN de. IIITs start chesindi kuda CBN ye. Ippudu, Vizag lo SIEMENS lab is already runnung. Now Google Code Lab. Awesome job
  13. This Medical Equipment Park was started by CBN from scratch in Vizag after coming to power in 2014. Great job by TDP and CBN!
  14. But...dabbuley ivvaru. Central Govt is supposed to pay their share of money per each house constructed...but, they are not giving