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  1. photo shoot baga set chestunnadu aayanevado ....just how Modi's peacock and books & laptop photoshoot
  2. Worst to the core in film industry is stealing story from someone
  3. What party is doing is neither sufficient nor effective. @TGR brother lanti vallu kasta hard work chestunnaru in whatever spare time they got besides their everyday livelihood jobs. Late ayyina parledu... brother lanti vallu video(s) cheyyali on pink diamond, etc big fake things meeda. Let the people watch it and decide what is fake and what is true.
  4. Didn't understand what she said. Yemannadi?
  5. inthaki Employees circle lo talk yenti aa president of employees letter rasaka?
  6. yevaru veyyaledu. Assalu eeroju yemaina jariginda from CBN and TDP?
  7. Unless BJP helps n supports farmers in Amaravathi ...Jaffa will continue doing what he likes. If BJP helps credit goes to BJP...if they don't support then blame goes to BJP.
  8. last 10 years kuda chudani rains paddayi ani chepparlo relatives in Ananthapur district
  9. Good initiative to promote Gandikota tourism. Kadapa district people should be proud of this and appreciate the efforts by CBN
  10. Somebody please take this up to Leadership and Lokesh. akkada yevaro nashta pariharam andaka pellillu aagipoyayi ani antunnaru yekamga
  11. @Ispate Raju IT saturated ani meeku telusu. So, creating a new industry hub altogether by CBN. IT lekapothe yenti...I can show many more opportunities in many other industries ani MedTech from scratch start chesadu CBN...and here it is right now with many companies
  12. Superb......These will reduce the further pollution. one more step towards Green Amaravathi....Green Andhra Pradesh