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  1. Vijayawada Outer Ring Road

    pacha jenda na thokka...next 2 years kuda avvadu idi. No hopes on BJP Government

    BJP vedhavalu money sanction chesthe ....only then we can complete. Or else no hopes
  3. AP e-Pragati

    Excellent. Brother, meeku twitter id vunte andulo tweet cheyyandi please
  4. Gali

    BJP sucks. Just now tweeted this to all channels
  5. Gali

    Gali meeda cases back teeskoni....BJP aaduthuna dramas hopefully KA people are noticing
  6. YSRCP to Merge into BJP?

    Muslim brothers lo vunna high profile leaders, matha peddala tho charchalu jaripi vallanu educate chesthe on the understanding between YCP and BJP...then automatic ga kastha improvement vuntundi. Hope TDP does this at the right time
  7. YSRCP to Merge into BJP?

    But preo-poll merge ante Msulim brothers vote veyyaru YCP ku...so, Post-poll merge ayye deal kudurchukoni vuntaru
  8. AP govt Brahmin welfare schemes

    Very happy to hear that poor people are getting benefited from this scheme. Good job CBN, Brahmin Corporation Chairman and Govt officers
  9. ade ga yenti inka chiranjeevi campaign start cheyyaledu in Karnataka anu anukunnanu
  10. pattiseema

    Just now retweeted this one. Good see