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  1. Yekkadiki vellina paid batch tho leni samasyalu cheppinchadam alavatu ayyindi veediki. Veedu malli malli bafoon avutunnadu
  2. NTR Amaravati International Airport

    So, central government is yet to give notification anta. 2 days lo istam annaru. Let's see how long will BJP government take to do this
  3. Amaravati to Anantapur Expressway

    Worst ga behave chestunnaru Modi and Amit Shah. Prati chinna vishayanni lagadame...permissons ivvaru. isthe next yekkadekka delay cheyyalo akkada chestaru.
  4. AP Govt Serious On Nandi Awards Issue

    eactly ilage condition pettali so that AP can get revenue from cinema and tourism
  5. papam...chinna pillaki milk feed cheyyalsina ladies kuda vunnanta jail lo vesina vallalo
  6. sivaji

  7. beralu avasaram ledu anukunta BJP ku. regional parties will compete to ally with BJP and that's what Modi and Amit Shah are working and creating a competition between rival parties related to every state. Ante...TN lo AIADMK and DMK will be inclined to ally with BJP with the condition that cases need to be lifted. BJP will have zero problem in doing that as they have been supporting and saving biggest corruptionists so far. TG lo TRS will be ready to give support. AP lo both TDP and YCP are ready to ally. Bihar lo Nitish. Lalu yekkuva geliste...avasaram anukunte, vadi cases mafee chestham ani vaditho support teeskuntaru. THAT IS BJP.
  8. AP ki HONDA?

    Modi Japan pm tho matladi GJ or MH ku shift chestadu. Ilaa news leaks aapandi ra babu (to ABN)
  9. Modi is stronger than ever

    People in South India don't like and don't want to vote for Modi and Amit Shah anymore. But, all the regional parties are ready to go in alliance with Modi & Shah.
  10. This is one of the good things is being done to Farmers by TDP Government. Criticize chese negative threads lo andaru vastharu. Ilanti positive news vunna thread lo ...DB mates neither appreciate the Government nor publicize it.
  11. Paina inko brother info ichadu ga. Balakrishan is only in the jury committee for Raghupathi Venkayya Award and the award was given to Chiranjeevi. So, discussion over and u can withdraw ur concerns n comments
  12. State nu ibbandi pettakunda funds release cheyyandi, projects approvals ivvandi...on overall help the people of AP to get developed. Then automatically you will get strengthened
  13. AP fibre Grid project

    815 Cr istara BJP Govt manaku.............Loll....10 Cr iste yekkuva