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  1. Jaffanomics& Jaffatronics

    Hehe, good thread ...lets keep updating on this thread
  2. Nagarjuna Sagar

    Hmmm. In case next year inka yekkuva (more than this year's diverted water from Pattiseema) water Pattiseema dwara Krishna delta ku iste...then sufficient water from Nagarjuna Sagar can go to Prakasam farmers, right????? I am just thinking about the solutions, that's all
  3. Nagarjuna Sagar

    Just curious, water availablity sufficient ga vunte yem cheddam aa water tho ani CBN plan? Assalu last year/season NS lo yenni water vunnay? Appudu farming situation yenti?
  4. Honestly court lo vesina ...SC cheppina kuda use vundadu. Because implement cheyyalsindi Central Govt ye kada. ee System lo ide probelm
  5. Trend Setter

    Appreciate it. Other leaders especially Jagan should follow this
  6. Already CBN file chesaru....but, Central Govt (BJP) immediately changed the bill/rules/policy and voided the AP's plea. So, no chance for us....because they say all these natural resources belong to Country and hence Central Govt not State
  7. pattiseema

    unnecessary. YSR thought was to continue constructing Polavaram and the idea of Polavaram started 2-3 decades ago. But, Polavaram late avuthundi ...ventane water ivvali ani Pattiseema idea vachindi CBN administration lo. So, court cases clear chesi, land compensation farmers ku release chesi, bridges, lining, aquadects complete chesi, canals complete chesi...PATTISEEMA construction start chesi complete chesindi CBN. So, Though Polavaram is not completed still we are seeing water and result ante....the reason is Pattiseema. Anduke credit goes to CBN. You can continue with your opinion. Nice chatting with you Brother
  8. Amaravati

    vache yedadi Jan aakharikalla ante.......So, by end of Jan-2018 complete avuthaya ayithe mari 8 different roads?
  9. AP badly needed one strong party

    Na point yenti ante......What AP needs is not 1 more party which will end up splitting votes and ruin the Govt stability. Because of which Development will take back seat. So, we need people to award all the MP seats meaning 25 MP seats to 1 single party who favors development. So, people mindset and attitude change avvali. This is what we need not 1 more party.
  10. Agriculture

    @sonykongara As usual you are super good. Doing commendable work. Please keep it up
  11. Missing point

    This is exactly in line with what PK said in the last week's speeches. He said ...party grow avvadaniki alliances pettukunta..alaa grow ayyi tharvatha own ga vunta annadu. So, CBN PK nu use cheskovadam pakkana pedithe......PK used TDP very well and will continue doing that also
  12. True. Antha technical skill naku assalu ledu Brother. Mana vallu yevaraina chethe better ga vuntundi. Good idea. By the way, below thread lo vunnadi kuda add cheste better,