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  1. ila cheppali....vitini malli malli cheppali with different spokesmen from diff fields...otherwise yeppudu lenanthaga ee kula pichi chala yekkuvayindi
  2. This is a drama ...some of our guys are also falling for this ..hmmm
  3. baffas ku kallu teruchukuntunnayaa? did u really see / talk to any baffa who is repenting or opening their eyes Bro?
  4. Strategy wise ga aa video ippudu padachu.......ABN meeda yegaradam kadu.
  5. Still you guys did not understand. Strategy point of view it would have been better to wait for it, let it happen and then go on full fire. This is my view. Keep in mind that I did not criticize the support is being extended by ABN to us.
  6. What did you understand from my above response? Did you understand what I exactly wanted to convey? Or just making a few guesses and assumptions? Traffic yento...irukkovadam yento...
  7. Amabani anucharudiki Rajyasabha seat ivvadaniki dadapuga nirnayinchukunnadu .....vorey ABN....iche varaku vucha aapukoleva? chi vidu vidi bonda ...let him do that then go on full fire. chi deenemman. wait ra babu wait
  8. Just watched....super ga matladadu. logics with funny presentation. Good job