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  1. baga cheppadu...ilaa cadre tho and people tho local ga chinna chinna meetings petti educate cheyyali janalanu...
  2. Good or bad...worst or fair...hook or crook ...KCR is not just ruling 1 state but 2 states ...Hats-Off KCR.
  3. PM ayina avutadu....not a big deal. Nothing is impossible
  4. Ilanti vari moschieves valle hindu saints and religion meeda world lo respect n value thaggutondi.
  5. Happy to hear. Other leaders and also the young & aspirant leaders should start doing the same
  6. But givet teachers peddaga school ku raru ga ippudu...ee pillala chaduvu n future spoil avuddi. Think from long term perspective...ilanti vallu (most of them) will remain uneducated though they go to schools
  7. Worst ee officers antha. Planned ga BJP ne appoint chesindi vidini
  8. I like the idea and I see value in doing so
  9. christian ku ivvademento...appattlo Bhumana Karunakar Reddy the christian...now YV Subbareddy another christian as TTD Chairman
  10. yela istaru anukunnaru swami meeru :HeadBang:
  11. Isn't this like Sevamithras?
  12. People never cared and do not care about losing natural resources. They dont care about getting natural resources looted. Sand scam n sand mafia ...none cares. Its all about how well we educate people, make them understand, realize n revolt on this kind of things anedi important. Still none cares
  13. Valla media, social media and cadre n fans vocal power adi. So alage pracharam avutundi
  14. Penukonda where KIA is there...it has been strong for TDP even before KIA. But now lost with 15K...