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  1. Hello26

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    Mee prediction yento voka sari cheppandi repeat ayina parledu. Miss ayina malanti vallu will feel happy
  2. Hello26

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    Exactly...I am afraid of this kind of complacency. Anduke mana vallaku positive ga surveys chepte ila over confident ga thayaravutaru. Plz do vote every vote is important for TDP and state
  3. Hello26

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    Same thing I have been telling but none really thinks so. :HeadBang: there shouldn't be any complacency and over confidence
  4. TDP leaders, cader and entire media must conduct debates and highlight these. People must be educated
  5. Om Namo Venkatesaya ....God should team these fellows a lesson
  6. Hello26

    Boss is Back

    Ante CBN is not working hard and corrupt anduke employees kuda anthe ani meaning aa meedi?
  7. VM nu scams and lanchala tho pogottaru Botsa, Jagan and YSR. Or else so many thousands of jobs, infra and commercial activity would have got created. Loosing VW was BIG loss to us...but none of the people are realizing this because they don't know how good it woudl have done had the VW established in AP.
  8. Hello26


    Wish this happens for sure. :BrahmiGantaKotteGif:
  9. Don't EXPECT the EXPECTED from BJP Government.
  10. I don't know how Ramana Diskhitulu garu chose such an ugly path of maligning our own Lord Vekateswara Swami image. It's true that garu. uhe should talk to TTD in the Tirumala rather than conducting press meets in Delhi, Chennai and Hyd. This is very bad on you Ramana Dikshitulu garu
  11. inka 2 days aagutaru anta for the response from Jagan. In that time...everything will be fixed by IYR and Undavalli. Oka convert JAgan meppu kosam veellu pakuladadam is really pathetic. Tirumala lo Lord vekateswara Swami meeda nammakam vundi sign cheyyamante cheyyaledu ee Jagan...alaanti converted manishi meppu kosam pondadam Hinduvula dourbhagyam
  12. BJP has done that in KA...then they will definitely do in Andhra Pradesh also