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  1. Baga clearga, manchi Telugu n sentence formationtho matladadu.
  2. Was thinking exactly the same...India lo kuda chustam I guess
  3. This is the kind of support any cadre needs
  4. faction politics are back...courtesy Jaganmohan Reddy
  5. racha racha chesela YCP made them and pushed them or led them from behind. This is exactly what TDP should do. Alaa jaragattledu ante its the fault and failure of Opposition party (TDP) in educating and instigating people. Yemaina jarigithe naku kadu pakkodiki kada ani lite teeskone mindset yekkuvayindi. So vallaku valle racha cheyyaru.
  6. Covid bill nunchi immigration provisions related language has been stripped ani chusanu hope its not true. @sr.yarlagadda how are things Brother?
  7. Vadini kinda chestunnada or addiction and admiration ?