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  1. Hello26

    Actor Nikhil @srikakulam

    good work...very noble
  2. Hello26

    Jalaganna Berasaralu

    Hehehe....good one
  3. Hello26

    Medical Equipment park in Vizag

    This Medical Equipment Park was started by CBN from scratch in Vizag after coming to power in 2014. Great job by TDP and CBN!
  4. Hello26

    cbn in srikakulam dst

    All Ministers nu ravali ani cheppadu CBN.
  5. Hello26

    Pk jagan

    Antha ventane manam ragging vadu plan change chestadu. 1 week ayyaka we should start ragging this guy.
  6. Hello26

    cbn in srikakulam dst

    Too much hardwork and peaks of commitment towards the people. Tiredness and sleeplessness kanipistondi aa face lo.......Remember that he is at 68 years of age
  7. Hello26

    Pk jagan

    Ippudu meeru andaru ila andaam start chesaru ga....now they will come out to give away statements. But, people must also notice that they never talked about this cyclone to alert the people and government even before the cyclone. OF course they are not talking about this post the Cyclone too
  8. it appears to be very massive. CBN the expert in Disaster Recovery will get the people out of this
  9. YCP leader Ambati laga...veedu kuda anthe. voke gooti pakshulu voke laga behave chjesthay andaniki ide nidarshanam