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  1. Hehe...never into that kind of stuff brother
  2. Assalu kadu. Seema ikkada.
  3. TDP = 104. Lokesh wins with a majority in 300+ only. Minister Pullarao lost. Kadapa MP YCP wins with huge majority. BJP/NDA 300+ MP seats DMK wins MPs in single numbers only Ee numbers yenti ila vunnayi...ani anukovaddu. Early morning around 5ish vachina kala idi. So, this is just a kala
  4. Modi is damaging India for sure and he is doing every illegal and unethical ting to win the elections. So, Modi Elections lo gelichinantha mathrana ...Modi India ku voka danger annadi cheragadu
  5. State level lo and Hyd lo cheyyakapoyina....valla biddalu and people kosam they should at least do some protesting activities at district level or mandal level. It's for their people and TDP leaders/activists should stand by their people
  6. https://www.quora.com/Why-there-is-no-unity-among-Telugu-people-like-Tamilians Time vunte read it
  7. I feel sad for the students and their parents. They have elected TRS Government to rule them hence let them deal with that. Elections mundu voka scheme vadilithe chalu......andaru set ayyi vote vestaru.
  8. Hmmm...must appreciate their creativity for sure
  9. Happy Birthday God Father of Sunrising State Andhra Pradesh