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  1. Hello26

    Uae donation to kerala

    It was only around 400 cr.
  2. Good to know. But, Long way to go.......we can't win unless we work hard like 2014 until the last, remote and every vote is polled. Dont be overconfident
  3. Hello26

    BJP fake propoganda started again

    Valla own Government lekunte arm twist, blackmail, zero-cooperstion zero-approvals, zero-help ... over that fake propaganda.......this is how BJP wants to win over South India. Peaks of sadism and dictatorship is being demonstrated by India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.
  4. +100 Shameless, arrogant and manner less fellow interrupted while Vajpayee was speaking and smiling in a ridiculing way
  5. Hello26

    water leak again

    Blacklist lo pettatam kadu and might not be a good idea. But this could be done ...at times this may work. But, yenduku ila quality issues ...what can be done to avoid this kind of situations in the future anedi important. Other thought and the fact is: now a days politics have been very very cruel at the expense of loss to people, state and country. So, to stop CBN and TDP ...there is EVERY possibility that BJP or some other party trying to influence contracting companies in an immoral way. Plus as everybody knows some Govt officials, people working in those contracting companies favor one or other political party just like a comman man...so, who knows they may have wrong thoughts or a breach or negligence in their commitment.......all these are scaring me of quality in Polavaram and Capital works.
  6. Hello26

    water leak again

    Let's not do the works of Polavaram and Capital permanent buildings this way. People close to High Command should pass on this concern to CBN and Lokesh. Let's not hurry up construction which may create us quality issues
  7. Hello26

    ap secretariat water leakage

    Very embarrassing for sure
  8. Hello26

    Bollapalli reservoir (Palnadu sagar)

    We need to include 2 more rows (Approvals and Land Acquisition issues) per each of 3 main works (RMC, LMC and Head Works). The status by the end of YSR rule was zero in those parameters.
  9. Hello26

    Vijayawada city Beautification

    How many people/voters aware of the issue that Central Government is not giving approvals? Are TDP Leaders and karyakarthas bringing the awareness in the people? Polavaram vishayam lo kuda konnintiki still NO approvals. Benz Circle Fly Over and Vijayawada Bypass also same troubles from Central Government. How long will this kind of non-cooperation continue?
  10. Hello26

    PM against Kerala

    Yeah...because everybody is criticizing the Central Govt for helping the state Kerala ...so, now he will go and do drama there. chusthu vundu yem chestadi akkadiki velli vadu
  11. Hello26

    PM against Kerala

    Till now he didn't visit to check the damages
  12. Hello26

    Srisailam Project

    @ravindras @mahesh1987 Pothireddypadu nunchi which areas are going to get water? any ideA?