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  1. Polavaram ku yemi ayithe makenduku? Yevaraina emotional ga rechagodithe votes vestaru people ...vallaku yevaina freebies istamantene vote vestaru ...caste n religion ku mathrame vote vestaru. Polavaram kosamo, development kosamo, Amaravathi kosamo veyyaru.
  2. +1 this is what they should start focusing at least now. Don't know what the solutions are...but they should fix this issue in the remaining time
  3. ee thread yenti...induloki vachi unnecessary and topic thevadam yenti. Restrain from posting such things
  4. Veella planning super assalu. ilanti worst people nu cunning ideas tho kottali
  5. Amit Shah tho meeting ayyaka..PK gave these statements ante...some other crooked plot is being executed by Amit Shah annamata
  6. There is no C and D brother...its upto people to decide whom they want everytime they get opportunity to vote. Basically people need to know how to visualize long term benefits and understand that hardworking nature will give them better life than what they are leading. In fact, they should get into the culture of aiming for higher standards of life. Otherwise these kind of caste politics, freebies and etc will continue.
  7. ilanti video ni thippali baga ..especially this one. Too sad
  8. I dont see anyone with motivational and easily attractive speeches
  9. AP police antha kante yekkuva Media di vundi thappu...too much biased