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  1. Sakshi is the main reason for it. CBN chesinavi yeppudu cheppaledu n cheppavu. Secondly, CBN yemi cheyyaledo avi mathrame chupisthay...chesinavi scams ani cheptay. Media is powerful positively n negatively
  2. 100% ilaane vuntay General (MLA and MP) elections in 2024 also with the help of EVMs, volunteers, police and employees . TRS MLAs ku yela ayithe huge majorities vachayo TG lo in 2018 and yela ayithe RR nu vodincharo...alanti tactics ye in multiple folds use chestaru.
  3. Power lo vunnappude yem peekaledu aa website nu. Ippudu valla govt ke complaint chesi yem expect chestunnaru?
  4. Wow, very good diction. Media and social media should popularize this kind of oath ceremonies to encourage people to speak Telugu with good diction.
  5. Lolll! Pizza Reddy ...good one
  6. Villages lo chala pantalu, pattimpulu n pagalu vuntay
  7. Jagan reddy ane donganu yekamga CM seat icharu...that's how public is
  8. janalaku kulam ane voka emotion vundi ga which feeds them food
  9. last 10 years kuda chudani rains paddayi ani chepparlo relatives in Ananthapur district
  10. Good initiative to promote Gandikota tourism. Kadapa district people should be proud of this and appreciate the efforts by CBN