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  1. SSK bro, chanti bhai... chilipi allari on heros in chat section , and on cbn in political section in well known... frequency mis-match ... mana foint manam cheptham. rest is upto him.
  2. Yes shame ferson, rallied for institutional reforms in telecom sector, because he could foresee the leap India could take... The shame ferson firmly believed that INDIA should be ready to ride the wave of Telecom & IT in coming years. {Telecommunications Reform and the Emerging ‘New-Economy’: In order to achieve this the BJP-led coalition government immediately formed a high powered committee to develop the Internet Services Development Policy headed by the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. The commitment of this committee and the major interest of the Prime Minister towards transforming the telecommunications sector gave birth the NTP99 for the Indian telecommunications sector .} And when governments where mishandling the sector, he was again in forefront to warn them of ramifications ... Because, you see " It takes years to build up, and takes moments to destroy " => https://www.dnaindia.com/business/report-cdma-gets-call-of-support-from-chandrababu-1137528 Be it then or be it now...Politics might fail him... but the shame ferson, have not hesitated to dream big... for his people , for his countrymen.
  3. @ 1:55 to 2:30 ... eve jagga batch Yavaralu.