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  1. China has already shown its control on the American tech giant GOOGLE.... The 'Remove China Apps' - developed by Indian company which was in trending, is now suspended from PLAYSTORE siting violation of rules (which is silly)...vallaki or valla companies reputation ki anti ga yea move jarigina , china will show its might. Very disappointed with google... Comedy enti ante, almost all google services are blocked in china , ayena, ji huzur ani bending valla mundhu. Its high time for INDIA to take some aggressive steps towards the Hardware sector and developing its infrastructure, revisit the "Make in India" policy.. it needs some serious rethinking with respect to implementation in some sectors... Cash-in this opportunity... India totally has the potential to be a responsible alternative, which the world is desperately looking for.
  2. Realization aa leka BJP oolu vedichina baanama ee raghu ankul...!! Topic tesukoni, national media lo sitting esadu.
  3. Just can't contemplate the agony of people who actually go though this... at every stage, the vultures are waiting for u to fall, so that they can quench their thirst..!!!
  4. Responsible News agencies OR a concerned person/organization OR different political parties , should collect all these liquor bottle samples and conduct and independent enquiry . If they found any high doses of harmful chemicals ... They should file a PIL and go to court and make this government responsible.
  5. Political allegations ki Diversion tactics ki papam A2 break tesukunada enti, epudu ee co-accused in dimparu...!!!
  6. Yes I guess... around 2002-03 ne SARS vachindhi..! some additional details: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1283304/