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  1. Pakka thread lo Jagga sheeeyam annar and ikkada PK na
  2. Rural places lo many people will have multiple votes. They vote just for money.
  3. Losing Rapthadu will be a bitter pill to digest if true.
  4. 60% TDP Pros - Last minute free money schemes to women, old age, farmers Anti Jagan & hooliganism fear 40% YCP Pros - 1 time chance PK factor
  5. North lo Gujjars, West lo Patels and ikada velu... count paramga & society lo edo minorities la feel ayi reservations adugutar, asalu ardam kadu.
  6. Hmm chaala troll stuff istunaru, power Loki rakpote aadukovachu. Waiting for 23rd
  7. Yup 2024 they have a chance , I hope Priyanka is at the helm by then.
  8. Anti kadu no one takes him seriously. He's like a bozo.
  9. Democracy lo lesser of two evils chustar people so as long as Rahul is there congi can't win. 3rd front won't work out, anywhere anytime only 2 parties compete for power mugata valu epudu minor players ga untar. 90's lo jarigina musical chairs with Pm seat, I hope never gets repeated in India.
  10. Akada epudu gelichedi Congress/ Communists yega... so BJP count ki difference em undadu aa state toh.
  11. Anthega.... mostly India wide kuda BJP ye vastadi ee sariki, except Andhra, Tamil no one has anti feeling towards Modi yet... thanks to Rahul
  12. Ycp gelustar aa place, no need of any bets. Nlr, Kadapa, Prakasam, Kurnool YCP will get more seats than us. Manam Krishna/ Guntur/ UA/ Atp lo cover cheyali...
  13. Oo 4 ostay emo but votes split chesadu baga TDP vi
  14. Vote ki rani vala votes ani doors close chesi eskunte alane highest ostadi