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  1. Odipoyina vadu akade tirugutu panulu chestunte vache sympathy mamulaga undadu, hope all people who lost in these elections badly stay in public and keep doing things. Rest public sympathy will take care for next term.
  2. Jagga is a complete egoist, capital foundation and cbn swearing in rendu skip chesadu. Cbn velte chempa pettu la untadi but i am not sure if he is being invited or not!
  3. Good spirit, a positive trait about him for the first time.
  4. Do not worry CBN.... within 2-3 years people will realize your value. Just stay fit and focussed, 2024 main dekhlenge.
  5. Same family, father-son ye ga andulo emundi! Two different families ayte matter ayedi.
  6. Inni chese badulu aa qualities already una vere candidate ki ivochuga!
  7. Unaru, edo thread undali, no one is responding now after elections in db. Chandas uncle kyda I got land in crda Ani edo thread esadu 1 year back ipudemo he is not in it antunaru!!
  8. Sagam Mandi WC start ayte divert avtar imkonta Mandi inko 1 week. It will settle down.
  9. Kummav uncle ... TDP winning MLA's list chuste 80% C ye unar evaro 1/ 2 cops and yerram naidu family anthe, deeni batti ee sari BC's kuda partial ga hand ichar anedi clear.
  10. Practically not possible. Movie industry lo top 3 lo unodu with 36 yrs anni vadilesi oste without much support from CBN/ Lokesh, what is the point! Either CBN should retire handing over the party or Lokesh should voluntarily step out. Both are not happenning till 2024. Next time kuda results emana teda oste without much change in Lokesh image amongst public then there is a chance, Tarak kuda apatiki 40+ untadu and will be almost ready.
  11. Perfect... i hope both parties realize this and work a pact for 2024, also BJP ki neutral ga unte best, will help in long run. Ninna evaro post chesari some seats where jsp/ cpi/ bsp got votes which was more than the margin with which we lost to YCP in coastal belt. Chala mandi vadu movies lo manaki anti , chiru tammudu vaditoh enti manam kalisedi ani discard chestunaru but to counter jagga vote bank till some -ty build around him we need these alliances.