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  1. Siddhugwotham

    Tummala gone case kada inka

    Yes! I missed really!
  2. Siddhugwotham

    Tummala gone case kada inka

    Jana, Tummala & Kishan Reddy are star performers today.
  3. Siddhugwotham


    Pension scheme limit should extend to couple. Now it is only to one person.
  4. They are enjoying like that. Let them enjoy.. I asked my watch man about the situation in TG. Andaru kalisi okkadi (KCR) meeda paduthunnarandi adi chala baadhaga vundi. The same will apply in AP too.
  5. Siddhugwotham


    you mean, CBN did canvass only on basis of Lagga Survey report?
  6. Siddhugwotham

    Live: Telangana Assembly election results 2018

    Veediki Ministry istaru...
  7. Siddhugwotham

    TDP Greater than BJP in Telangana?

    Telangana - Amberpet Counting In Progress Candidate Party Votes KALERU VENKATESHAM Telangana Rashtra Samithi 56312 G.KISHAN REDDY Bharatiya Janata Party 51375 NIJJANA RAMESH Telangana Jana Samithi 3751 GADAPA SREEHARI GANGAPUTRA Bahujana Left Party 1276 BATHULA RAVI Independent 990 KUSURU RAJPAL YADAV Bahujan Samaj Party 518 RAMYA Jatiya Mahila Party 492 KATTELA SUBHASH Prajaa Swaraaj Party 405 A. MUJAHED India Praja Bandhu Party 335 K. RAJA GOPAL NAIDU Telangana Prajala Party 214 SHYAM RAO MERU Independent 159 V.K. UPENDRA Pyramid Party of India 152 S. NARSIMHA REDDY Independent 133 M. DAYANAND SWAMY Aam Aadmi Party 127 IMRAN MOHAMMED New India Party 125 SAI VINAY SINGH Republican Party of India (A) 119 A.SUDARSHAN GANGAPUTRA Shiv Sena 115 K. NAVEEN Telangana Labour Party 102 GUNDRATHI SHARADA GOUD Independent 86 MD. ISMAIL Independent 84 AASHISH PRAKASH Independent 80 TEEGA SATYANARAYANA MUDIRAJ Bharatiya Republican Paksha 76 KESHAPAGA BALMUKUND All India Forward Bloc 74 KAPISTHALAM DEVANATH Nava Samaj Party 74 CHANDU BETLA Yuva Party 74 VARIKUPPALA SAHADEV Independent 66 PONNAPATI CHINNA LINGANNA Independent 65 KOMIRI SATYAM Independent 54 BOIE RAMANA Independent 52 K. SHYAM Independent 41 DEEPAK KUMAR B Peoples Republican Party 40 None of the Above None of the Above 1259 Last Updated at 13:26 On 11/12/2018
  8. Siddhugwotham

    Live: Telangana Assembly election results 2018

    Patnam Mahender Reddy lost!
  9. Siddhugwotham


    something suspect in backend.
  10. Siddhugwotham

    Jr NTR

    ippudenduku brother ivi anni....
  11. Siddhugwotham

    Khammam and Kukatpally

    is this the reason for her defeat? It's wave....
  12. Siddhugwotham

    New Hit List!

    Now there is no control for TRS atrocities. They can do what ever they want without fear. People gave green signal. Forget about double bed rooms and other new promises. They won't do anything. If my guess is not wrong, TRS would face severe discontent in LS elections (within 6 months). We will see Father and Son arrogant attitude in coming months. Some of the leaders will be targeted. 1. Revanth 2. Onteru 3. RK 4. CBN
  13. Siddhugwotham

    Live: Telangana Assembly election results 2018

    Believe it or not! They credited Raitu Bandhu amount on First week of December. This might be huge impact.
  14. Jawadekar made sudden visit at Chittor. He went to CBN child hood school and trying to found mistakes like lack of infrastructure to expose CBN. He surprised school has running with digital classes and asked questions to boys. They answered all his questions and surprised the attendance. Finally! he left out.
  15. edo cheyyalani vacchi edo aindannamata... orey baffas....