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  1. TDP wants discussion on raising Onion Prices YSRCP wants to discuss on Women attrocities... Lojja said if YSRCP raised women issue CBN has fear to talk about NBK comments on ladies.. CBN wants that Lokesh don't have Onion in lokesh pappu......
  2. I don't think CBN would join them... if they join alternate power centre will automatically happened in TDP which creates many issues. Party is suffering with Jr. every dissendent leader throws mud on CBN in the name of Jr.... It is not good for TDP if Daggupati family joins... But YSRCP made a campaign to join Eluri Sambasiva Rao into YSRCP saying that Next General Elections Daggupati Ritesh contest from Parchur as TDP nominee ... TDP wouldn't give ticket to Eluri... These rumouros they spread in the segment...
  3. that's what i am saying... just it is in news it is very difficult to make it realty to suspend Anam... Senior like Anam should wait for chance to damage the party even Jaffa warn him....
  4. It is nothing but inviting troubles himself by Jaffa...
  5. How any MLA come to opposition when their party in power until Jaffa suspends ... I don't think that Jagan will do such risk...
  6. Amit Shah gave appointment Narsapuram MP today...
  7. Jaffa return to AP without any meeting with Amit Shah. Jaffas said that his close associate to YSR family dead, that's the reason Jagna he came back to AP... He went to Delhi at 10.30 pm and return back early in the morning....
  8. If any one talk Telugu Pride and Telugu Ganga - NTR will be remembered If any one talk Hi-Tech City and KIA - CBN will be remembered.... The more YSRCP talk on KIA the more advantage to CBN & TDP....
  9. u mean to say... talking filthy language and criticizing CBN in public is the reason for getting craze... As u mentioned, If two useless fellows in TDP, CBN wasn't allowed them to talk like that... They are following jaffa and talking like that.. some people are saying that it is craze.... very pity and sad....