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  1. Too early... In the same way as CBN mentioned 1 year also too long period....
  2. What is the necessity for BJP to entertain YSRCP when NDA has more than 2/3rd majority?
  3. Agreed. Fighting with contemporary leaders gave satisfaction. Here CBN is fighting with most corrupted politician that too 30 years less immature politician... that is very pity and sad...
  4. Thanks for your suggestions... Yes! i've decided not to sell the land....
  5. Sorry for delay.. i am busy since two days... Between Nunna and Kandrika. Just beside St. Joseph School....
  6. I've 200 sq.yards plot near Nunna. Plan 2 dispose if price is reasonable. I went before election results out and asked market rate. They said 14k-15k per sq.yard. suggested me not to sell the land, rates might increase if tdp back. Again I went yesterday, they said market rate is 10k now and people not ready to buy.
  7. abhimani anta... Maa office lo ATP batch expected 30K majority for hero and they also said that people seen brisk development in Hindupur. They said that because of fielding Minority candidate majority is less. Exact reason telikonda kontha mandi Jaffa gaadu weak candidate ni pettadu anduke hero gelachadu antunnaru.. It is very sad....
  8. mari ikkada kontha mandi Hero won because of mercy of Jaffa antunnaru...
  9. buchaiah would get PAC chairman i think...
  10. not exactly. Case in HC. Everything is monitered by HC. TDP Govt do it's level best to compensate to the victims. But YSRCP made an election promise that we settle issue within 3 months after coming to power. Let's wait and see who Jaffa settled this....
  11. Chilakaluripet YSRCP candidate ki kooda funding... Tappadu kada cherina tarvatha.. here the question is what is the necessity to join in YSRCP?