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  1. Pakka state picha lite batchey

    very sad but proudly saying these type of cadre you will see only in TDP Jai TDP
  2. One more attachment by ED

    asalu intha varaku entha attach chesaru...
  3. PK met KCR and praised 24hr

    monnati daaka veediki edo vundemo ani anukunna... December lo AP tour chesina tarvatha veedu politics lo waste ani confirm ninna KCR ni pogadatam choosina tarvatha veedu Chiru kanna vedava ani confirmed....
  4. AP new DGP ga Malakondaiah ?

    Mannava Malakondaiah from Prakasam district. He is Kamma not SC/ST. Malakonda is goddess in Prakasam district. People believe her and parents put her name to their children.
  5. A2 and B1...shake it...shake it.

    CPI Narayana got B1 Appointment.. A2 got B1 Appointment... BUT CBN can't able to get.....

    i don't think so. If Raja and Kazlimony found guilty in 2G verdict it will affect Congress severely not DMK. Prosecution fails to prove them guilty.
  7. Tweets on 2G Scam Verdict

    Last one is very humorous. The following are few tweets after 2G Scam verdict... Arushi Talwar’s killer did the 2G scam. A Raja to Indian Judiciary#2GScamVerdict #2GScamVerdict or #2GVerdictScam Judge : Give one good reason to free you from all the charges? Kanimozhi & A Raja : Sir duniya 4G pe paunch gayi, aap abhi 2G pe hi atke ho. Judge : Point hai, jao free... #2GScamVerdict A Tech Savvy PM Showing how to disable #2G network in order to get better connectivity with Karunanidhi. Vijay Mallya on his way to India after hearing #2GScam is like your salary money. You have no idea where it's gone. #2GScamVerdict pronounced at the speed of 4G I thought it was the amount of 2G scam, sorry today i know that its Raja's mobile no. (Nawaj Shariff)
  8. CBN Greets Jaganmohan Reddy.

    2019 lo YSRCP & TDP alliance emo....
  9. Sarai

    AP lo CBN mundastu elections in 2004 velladam valana Vajpayee manchana paddaru anta.. Kakinadalo solo ga poti cheste anni wards gelichevallam.. I think former Congress batch tempted Sarai to make comments against CBN.. Go Ahead Sarai...
  10. AP BJP

    Ninna Mahaa News Channelo IVR and Narasinha Rao discussion on TDP and BJP ties in AP.. IVR told BJP is not in position to demand more seats in AP because of not fulfilling promises as per AP Reorganisarion Act. Narasimha Rao said BJP not even get deposits in AP if they didn't fulfill promises from now onwards...
  11. CBN lesson to Jaffa

    literal ga jaffa ni vp chesadu babu gaaru...
  12. Missing point

    Go ahead PK and Jaffa... TDP sure to retain power again in AP
  13. Gundu katha

    veedu kooda self goal specialist!
  14. release chestari munde telusu Roja ki... anduke padayatra chesindi...