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  1. what is the use of saving money in middle?
  2. +1 Adding to that, lost in 2019 for TDP is good, otherwise Jaffa remains as hero among the people .....
  3. I booked Train ticket to go for VIJ on Sunday Golkonda..... I want to know any forced quarantine there at Vja railway station.... Please let me know brothers....
  4. Till December no public appearance of KCR.... As per Andhra Prabha... It seems he affected with Coronavirus....
  5. NTR have known for Statues in Tank Bund and Buddha Statue... CBN known for Hi-Tech city and other things He tries to build up own mark in Hyderabad with secretariat... It is his priority than Corona now....
  6. KCR's speech in Assembly on Coronavirus in March...