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  1. Hi friends,am from banglore huge fan of ntr and nbk .my mother is admitted to a hospital at kolar and underwent surgery for cyst in the brain.Cost for the treatment is around 12 lakhs and we have already paid about 4 lakhs. I request you to contribute as much as possible. The contributed amount will be repaid to you in the following months. A/c number:64106084271 IFSC code: SBMY0040018 Holder: Santosh SV Bank: SBM vishak,don & few others have already contributed. Please send your A/c deta...

    1. Peter Griffin

      Peter Griffin

      Masteru konchem aa account details avvi evvi ani teseyi lekha pothe vunna money kuda dobestharu janalu


    2. balusanthu


      if I remove that,then how the donors I'll donate sir..really am in dread full situation,kindly guide me what should I do now sir.