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  1. Nenaithe morning nunde choosthune unna..
  2. 4tarak

    #RRR - Bheem

    Move overwater can be used as property better than fire Ssr used it to perfection RCT bcos of corona emo no visual shots Fire is stubborn and water can take any shape..ide lines lo untayi emo shades movie lo...manaki multiple getups ala
  3. 4tarak

    #RRR - Bheem

    My fav shot.. emanna na Ma lappy wallpaper
  4. Jhenda scene and hero posture too good All visuals stunning le
  5. Lite we need such comparison...all good for us
  6. 2 to go...feel the excitement Enjoy your fanism
  7. 😃🙃😃😃 Vidi vaipareetyam
  8. Ee gif from adurs veyyalsindi buddodu
  9. 3 mins to go...ento ee kickuu
  10. Waiting tiger babu ready unnava.. thread esi pettu