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  1. 4tarak

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    annayi mee show eppudu 😆
  2. 4tarak

    My Take

    ASVR kummindi ani first cheppindi gunner uncle - waiting for his review
  3. 4tarak

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    @baggie bro delete your post
  4. 4tarak

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    whose dialogue
  5. 4tarak

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    inka nayam NTR intro ki LEgend bgm adagaledu
  6. 4tarak

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    vaarni ivi appatlo kooda unnaya
  7. 4tarak

    NTR Kathanayakudu my take

    that charm is irreplacable
  8. 4tarak

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    arachakam ga
  9. 4tarak

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    poyina sarila pakkodu compliant istha annadu anakunda - atleast 30 mins update anna ivvu epicu
  10. 4tarak

    Nellore Fans

    NBNB ga
  11. 4tarak

    10 % Quota for Upper Caste

    definitely if it happens IMO
  12. 4tarak

    10 % Quota for Upper Caste

    allu BC kada one fine day, all reservations should be gone which are based on caste
  13. 4tarak

    10 % Quota for Upper Caste

    they/we have every right - but economic status ela chootharu
  14. choosa - blunder that he openly stated this - no one might give now lol he will become another politician who uses religion for the benifit - lost my respect