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  1. Papam cadre anipisthadi....mana cadre maname dash gudipinchukunnam....jagan poye daaka inkenni choodalo
  2. so called politicians including the likes of our leader , are responsibl for bifurcation stop using the words Andhra Drohi - ee word every politician of our state ki vartisthundi
  3. manaki vachina defat alantidi, anduke lendi ee bashing intentional bashing will always be there from both sides always, you are not new here ga Naren, Gunner uncles are here from long time and they are so pro TDP.....it happens
  4. they are the leaders of the party...need to take it and progress anthe
  5. eedii choosi ma college oka athanu rand novels anni chadivevadu Ramu valla influence ayina vallanu choosa konthamandini
  6. politics kada, will mudsling everyone
  7. andaridi annayi - sorry to say this but everyone has a part