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  1. Lite, this was said before elections not after.
  2. Tanuku gone aithey 40 seats guda ravu state lo.
  3. Overall detail report kosam waiting...
  4. what is your expectation for Chittor Dist....???
  5. Strong MLA candidate vundhi guda tight anthey (30k Majority last time).......East trend ento ardam kavatledhu....And also ila aithey Amalapuram MP guda kastam emo gaa.
  6. Brother waiting on your Mummidivaram report.....???
  7. Bro your take West Polling and feedback test of the district. West seems difficult to predict this time. Some saying Janasena eate away anti-incumbency vote others say it split core TDP vote bank. Conflicting reports.
  8. West highest Majority will be Tanuku expecting more than 20K, followed by Undi....these both should help in winning Narsapur MP seat. Eluru segment lo Denduluru will get good majority.
  9. brother except certain pockets antha anti ledhu anukuntunaa Chalaa tight vundhi situation in most constituencies One thing is sure Jagan still has decent vote base .....But still hopeful we win maximum seats at least by narrow margins
  10. Gudiwada full tight position. TDP 2000 already distributed. YCP will distribute tonight. One side ninchi full tight ayyindi. All depends on ladies votes, who ever they are inclined to will win. Pammaru aithey gone case ......too much anti on candidate. Masses one sided vunnaru for YCP.
  11. chilakaluripet Full tight.....Just with 5k votes tho bayata padachuu......Due to Pulla Rao poll management. Above video seems biased.
  12. TDP party almost total Hand's up regarding funds....Only sending to important seats. Now distribution all depends on local candidate.
  13. Vishyam lekapothey stanford lo seat raadhu & Most importantly Vizag lo All TDP MLA's ni convinince chesi unanimous choice ani CM ki report ichelaa chesadu....
  14. How come it changed....1 Month back we were in comfortable position.
  15. Atleast vijaya sai reddy dirty plans got boomeranged, Due to courts interference.