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  1. bob9

    Big Doubt

    Brother like most of the people here in DB I am shell shocked with this result after all the expectations in recent two weeks. But really disappointing to see such a credible Lagada going horribly wrong and taking all of us for ride.
  2. bob9

    Big Doubt

    Big Doubt after the results.....CBN ni Lagadapati vadukunrra ledha Lagadapati ni CBN vadukunada.
  3. bob9


    After this result probably this might have been true.
  4. bob9

    TRS rockssss

    Putting aside everything ......Congratulations to TRS. They won on almost all counts.
  5. bob9

    TG overall poll %

    76% as of now with chances to go uptil 78%.
  6. bob9

    Lagadapati - more details

    From No Hope situation to Almost there varaku vacham. Poker game lo "ALL IN" annattu vundhi CBN situation. IF this works out he will call the shots in coming 2019 elections Nation wide. If unexpected turn of events if it backfires he should face huge consequences Especially in Andhra. So very nervous situation for many TDP fans.
  7. bob9

    TG Elections Servey

    I don't know about other constituency but Kukatpally there is huge silent wave among ladies for Suhasini. Can except decent victory margin even at worst case scenario.
  8. bob9

    Revanth Reddy Arrest

    Just saw KCR sabha....he is becoming restless/impatience each passing hour.....He was shouting at TRS Supporters from the Stage saying "Meere kompa munchutunraru mannani" . He is feeling the pressure now.
  9. bob9

    Cool gaa vundandi....It is over.

    Welcome back Bro, That is the reason I always look forward for your analysis in our DB.
  10. bob9


    if Cong candidate Rajender Reddy baga help chesthey then tight fight ivvachu Warangal west.
  11. bob9

    Calling NV Krishna Unlce

    Bro I Frequently come to this DB political section, only to see your take and analysis. Request you to please come back.
  12. bob9

    Lagadam Gone uncles

    TDP 9 vasthey .....how will Sandra loose??
  13. bob9


    Brother If those two kutami candidates, where Independent's are winning has no change of winning. Then what's wrong in telling this.
  14. bob9

    East Godavari Politics

    BIG BULL SHIT!!!!!!!