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  1. 6 hours ago, Rajakeeyam said:

    Appatike CAA tho Muslims ni thokkesthunnaru ani shaheenbagh lo crying chesthunte, religious events ni kelakatam enthuku ani overlook chesi intaru, yes agree it’s failure of Amitam dude. Even after identifying it took Ajit Doval to clear them. Ika before pandemic aithe entha racha chesevallo cheppakkarla

    Tablighi event time ki it was not declared as pandemic. We were having restrictions only to China. They were hiding info. regarding delegates and attendees from foreign countries participating in religious activities.

    bjp leaders kooda ee range packed script prepare cheyaledhu... asla screenplay lo lopam raakunda baaga manage chesaaru gaa

  2. 2 hours ago, kalyan babu said:

    He is an utter failure.

    Just he used religion and utilized Facebook and other SM's and painted himself as a strong leader.

    Baffas international coloring emo kani, pakana vunna Nepal kuda duramaindhi danike velu chepe saku akada communists.


  3. 21 hours ago, sskmaestro said:

    Mottam bhakts antaaaa ah mood lo undevaru le..... 

    1. Balooch will liberate

    2. 1 USD = 1 INR

    3. India will become super power

    4. Jobs and manufacturing lo China ni beat chestundi 

    5. Pak will be fought befitting lesson

    6. All financial terrorists will be in jail through fast track courts 


    bla bla blaaaaa

    reality is ——>!!!!!!pakoda!!!!!

    aa jumlaalu maamulu jumlaalu kaadhu lee... black money etc oke okkadu lo arjun laaga coloring ichaadu

  4. 43 minutes ago, Chandasasanudu said:

    Whatever shiva Sena reacted too much emo..we are accusing modi and jagan for such activities and supporting shiva Sena is senseless..but kangana too cheap fellow..Sri reddy of tfi 

    exactlyyy.... shiva sena went too far

  5. 14 hours ago, Gunner said:

    Mr Fadnavis, however, said the BJP did not support Ms Ranaut's comments, in which the actress had likened Mumbai to Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

    "It is the responsibility of the government to protect the life of an individual. Hence, though we are not supporting what Kangana Ranaut said, and nobody will support it, still it is the responsibility of the government (to protect her). Because we are not living in Banana republic," the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly told reporters outside Vidhan Bhavan.

    deepika padukone mukku karni sena kosthaa annapudu... appudu kooda banana republic lo lemu gaa..

  6. nenu vinna example aithee idhi...


    oka farmer ki 10 units (i dont remember if its 'n' number of yards/Acres/etc) unnaayi.. Each unit costs 5 lakhs, before capital announcement....

    he sold 7 units for 4x profit i.e 20 lakhs per unit and kept himself other 3 as his future investment on amaravathi. aa 20 lakhs per unti kaasthaa, 80 lakhs(16X) ki kooda vellindhi, oka time lo....now it should be around 15-20 per unit anukunta...


  7. generally asking, oka 1-2 years nundi MoU lu sign chesthunnaru, ilaa industries peru vintunnamu. How long it will take to materialize? Heard some news about VIT etc eductional instituions at amaravathi & establishing it as educational hub which is the best option to develop. But rough ga enni years pattudhi oka university or industry padi konchem economy boost manaki kanapadataanki?