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  1. 1 hour ago, ramntr said:

    Bjp వాళ్లే chesaremo, they have plan already so implementing la vundi, Pichodu thodayyadu ga జనాన్ని pogeyyataniki, ila polarize cheddam ani plan chesaremo.. But how ppl react to these religious divide in andhra anedi చూడాలి.. 

    exactly...they want to kill tdp and stand as two parties(bjp and ycp polarizing)

  2. 2 hours ago, Kiran Edara said:

    ఒక ముస్లిం అయిన షరీఫ్ గారు, ఈ రోజు రాజ్యాంగాన్ని గెలిపించారు, ముస్లింలకి దేశభక్తి లేదు అనే లఫూట్ గాళ్ళు సిగ్గుపడండి


  3. 28 minutes ago, Hemadri Raju said:

    Jandhyala Ravi Shankar talked about Ap24*7 with Venkata Krishna and Professor Nageshwar gurinchi, these days Venkata Krishna moved to YCP earlier he was doing meaningful debate but suddenly he changed his voice and supporting YCP. Inka Nogeswar he has some ill feelings towards TDP and CBN. He supports KCR and Telangana naturally, so he hates CBN. He supporting YCP as expected. 

    aa debate choosaa.. I dont think VK is biased...he is just gathering technical opinions there... professor nageshwar too much idealistic & anti-CBN la cheppaadu... pilla politican nundi professors varku CBN antee chaalu meedha padipothaaru.... 

  4. Okati aithee clear, eppudaithee tdp ki traction vasthundhoo PK hadaavidi gaa delhi velthunnadu...

    1) Farmers issue peak ki cherinappudu, overall CBN & TDP ki traction vasthunnapudu alliance announce chesaadu....

    2) ippudu Saasan mandali lo stuck avudhi ani signal vachinappudu Delhi poyii....long march announce chesaadu... 


    So looks like PK-BJP alliance is born to just  kill tdp like trs did in TG... Appudu long run lo BJP-PK & YCP will  polarize their votes thru religious bases... 

  5. 18 hours ago, GOLI SODA said:

    I am absolutely for those progressive inventions which can make man happier, live longer, be younger, healthier, and which make his life more of a play, fun, and less of a torturous journey from the cradle to the grave.

    How people get motivated to do inventions at first place the or societies move forward?


    And as far the other description you mentioned, mankind alaanee start ayindhi...alaane sustain ayindhi enno 1000s of years.... but as humans are selfish by nature, one way or other they find a way to organize things and try to impose power and feel powerful.... 

    eg: Random Sex preceded marriage but not otherwise & barbarian system(exchange fo goods) preceded with monetary system.


    P.S: I dont say Oshos idea is bullshit or on that lines, I am just saying what he said is a very start of basic human nature that we already did in the past..... since humans are selfish by nature, we always grow beyond that. Probably his teachings are helpful in re-visiting our own self and do a self assessment.

  6. 16 hours ago, Godavari said:

    CBN should be cm but future leader should be Rammohannaidu:no1:..



    Administration ante kammas tappa evadu cehyaledu anattu tdp loo BC voting kuda shifting day by day to some other party..


    2014 lo Anni kalisi ochayi kabatee power ochindii... pk  &BJP& division  and tdp do or  die effort vallaaa..next time Anni Kalsi ravali antee adrustam undali EMI avtadoo :dream:.....


  7. 1 hour ago, koushik_k said:

    Political stability chuskokunda cadre ni galiki vadili. Nammukonnollani nalipesi development development ani parigeddi palti kottina leader ki undali mundu.  
    prathi sari gurtu cheyali eyanaki.  Singapore pm cheppadu aspirations ela unna as a politician power kapadukontene vision workout avuddi ani.  Eyana as usual galiki vadilipetti vodipoyadu.  
    vision vision ante saripodu workout cheskontene value untundi.    Telangana e matram undi ante political stability undatam valla

    completely agree... First raajyam kaapadukovaali, tarvaatha rajyanni abivrudhi cheyyali

  8. 7 hours ago, uma said:

    fight cheyyatam tappu ledu uncle..but maa okka area lo ne capital undalsinde anatam wrong...3 capitals right or wrong pakkana pedithe... amaravathi lo development kosam emi kaavalo adagaali kaani....meemu lands icham kabatti...capital ikkade pedataavaa ledaa ante elaaa....for ex: name sake capital amaravathi ani cheppi..development vizag , karnool chesthe chaalaa vellaki..development vadda?

    maa okka area lo nee capital kaavali antunnaru antee, jaggad amaravathi ni poorthi ga ignore chestahrani telsu skaabatti....anthee kaanii, amaravathi ni hyd laanti city la chesi, capital vizag antee evarkii no problem......

    Development vere places lo jarigithe, dharnaa chesee batch aithee, kia motors anthapur ki vellinapudu, hero corp chittor ki vellinapudu, business developments or konni IT centers vizag ki vellinapudu  ee farmers dharnaa chesevollu.... they are just worried that their promise of building amaravathi as mahanagaram is completely shattered down....

  9. 22 hours ago, chanti149 said:

    Sensible seema fellas ni pogu chesi.....vallani e fight lo kalipithe...even better....


    Kurnool highcourt anedi biscui...it doesnt help semma develop in any way....bonus ga...pakanna deggara unde capital ipudu far away vizag ki vellipptunfi...ane artham ayyela chrppali evaraina seema janalaki...

    It should be like...seema plus andra agitation....

    Otherwise not much use

    felt same