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  1. ivi same winston churchill words laaga unnayi.....India ki independence endhuku, totally corrupted people.....veedhi rowdies leaders avtyhaaru....giving them independence will be a total mess annadu.... alaa ani independence vadhanukogalamaa... alaagee first center thana responsibility gaa thanu funds isthee...evaru saavu vaallu sasthaaru...... people will decide, suffer, learn & prosper
  2. full videoo choodabid, its too good....baaga handle chesaadu... oka thera esi, valla thappulu choopi...he confronted with his negatives
  3. bjp one of the several targets is terming nation as non-secular.... independence vachinapudu, we were not termed secular...later 60s r 70s lo nehru/indira gandhi got this....so one nation slogan lo mundhuki going....
  4. I USD = 40 INR ki testhaa anna bjp, hope cheyadam enti bro?
  5. lokesh perfect ga respond ayyadu ee issue lo...asla evadaadu, edhoo vaaguthuntaadu ananttu
  6. this is better...he just reported wat TDP MP said..aa ABN odu breaking news eshaalu, vaadi wording etc worst leee...only next to sakshi
  7. bjp AP ki em cheyakundaa, ram mohan bjp lo join ayithee..... ram mohan does not have the staunch character we all thinking of him at first place!
  8. alaa polarize cheyoochanee...modi-shah came up with this idea at first place ani talk.....secret alliance of bjp-MIM....time by time prove avtondhi...first experiment was probably UP 2017 assembly elections where bjp won humongously
  9. ruling lo unna jagagdni corner chesinollu, oppostion lo CBN ni maathram endhuku vadulthaaru...... TN is a different thing, akkada clearly jayallaitha thappithee inkoo face ledhu aa party ki....so atatck chesaaru....ikkada jaggadni alaa mossthe 2010-2012 lo vachinattu sympathy vasthadhi jagan ki....inkaa highlight avthaadu.....edhooo mana ooha maathramee idhi
  10. asla anthaa idelogical differences unna party tho bjp elaa kalisindhi? malli electons ki vellalsindhi, lekpaothee eppatilaaga president rule pettalsindhi....lets say bjp did for lokakalyanam, shiva sena kooda edho reason cheppudhi valla local version lo cong ki support isthunandhuku