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  1. Somewhere read, first 25 years communist...taruvaatha capitalist ga undaali ani... ee renditloo edhi lekapoyinaa long run lo edhagleru ani... Unless one has a humble beginning, he cannot be a successful entrepreneur in long run...
  2. bjp cadre poll aa enti idhi...loller
  3. And congratulations & all the very best for your venture bro!
  4. Alaagee telsinollu ki kaavalante oka maata cheppataanki
  5. dats too much time.... nice.....in action edokati start ayithe fast gaa
  6. generally asking, oka 1-2 years nundi MoU lu sign chesthunnaru, ilaa industries peru vintunnamu. How long it will take to materialize? Heard some news about VIT etc eductional instituions at amaravathi & establishing it as educational hub which is the best option to develop. But rough ga enni years pattudhi oka university or industry padi konchem economy boost manaki kanapadataanki?