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  1. Vishal_Ntr

    Avanthi Srinivas meeting with Jagan today!

    కాపులకు రైలు తగలబెట్టే సత్తా కూడా లేదా? అన్నారు. కడప నుంచి వచ్చి రైలు తగలబెట్టారని చంద్రబాబు అన్నారన్నారు. what the hell does this mean? Donga xxxx na koduku. ADI Edo pedda Ghana kaaryam chesinattu
  2. Vishal_Ntr

    Where is PK

    basic ga Monday to Thursday Jalgan anna....Friday court ki poye time ki PK saab entry - Friday to Saturday Ila panchukuni untaru
  3. Krishna Nadi pravahakam ekkada..madanapalle ekkada. CM sir tussi great ho. Your relentless efforts in the irrigation sector are Ming boggling. Hope people remove their caste lenses and appreciate your vision and the great works you have done for generations.
  4. his ploy is simple....talk loose and let his paid supporters spread in all media....who is interested in fact finding nowadays....this should not be taken lightly or he should not be let go away with this allegation. the Police officers union should condemn it along with the govt and party right here and expose his agenda. I feel it is an insult to the IPS cadre to be alleged as being biased based on caste...dont know when he will come out of this sort of politics though his back can never be clean with his affinity to Reddy caste - he and his dad.
  5. Vishal_Ntr

    Jeorge Fernandez

    Rest In Peace sir
  6. Vishal_Ntr

    ESL mediation

    Ivvala pk Dora Guntur sabha anta GA...anduke gaddalu Anni cherayi oka chota.... This guy is a sheer disgrace to that constitutional post
  7. Vishal_Ntr

    ESL mediation

    What I don't understand is at what capacity is this guy invited by the state governor for such events? All political party heads? Or special friends?
  8. Vishal_Ntr

    CBN vs KCR

    do people in AP care....they need to remove the caste mask they wear and see the reality.
  9. Vishal_Ntr

    Real Reason for Trump Tweet

    Israel Palestine Iraq Iran North Korea South Korea Vellaki kooda oka letter pampara Pawana..Nobel peace prize neeke vachedi Chandra Babu Davos velli addukuntunnadu
  10. Vishal_Ntr

    Positive talk started

  11. Vishal_Ntr


    Minion bro what is this kolaveri...throw some light to us please about this Bihar angle
  12. Vishal_Ntr

    Jagan..List of 11 Charge Sheets by CBI

    Ivan I chadavataniki baagunnai..2 years nundi court hearing undi..bokkalo vestara Leda aa cock knife batch ni?