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  1. Old video anukunta....backdrop lo fan undi.. criticizing govt for lack of development, investment, employment and agriculture.....inni issues Andhra lo unte, tG lo emi draama adadaaniki vellindi eeme ? rajanna rajyam ilaa ayipoyinda ani chala badha vestonda !!!
  2. Each beneficiary got 5.4 lakhs in 2 years aa.....for what? Indian tax payers are the most bullied segment ante induke monthly 25k Este inka vallaki emi kavali.....raja kaja
  3. Manaki 7% and 1 MLA....so no recognition...mari enduku edupu
  4. O think he's saying PK will be Central minister...maybe announced in pre release event?
  5. DGP will talk about freedom of expression and power of 4th estate and right to criticize by press
  6. Poyina pushkaraniki odarpu endira ayya....kharma ra babu
  7. Yes they don't deserve....please do justice to those farmers and move out... legislative capital is bull shit.
  8. RK editorial chadiva...reverse defamation case ki ready anta...good going 👍👍👍
  9. I agree.... Ee sari maa paavala Anna fans valla bjp easy win over NOTA
  10. Odipothe dukanam sardeyali anukunnademo....ila poti cheyyakunda saga deeste next election time ki edo oka settlement chesukuni janda ettestaam