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  1. Ee lekkana 50 cases in progress antunnaru.... Edaina okataina munduki vellinda
  2. Aa police laki ayina undali ga... opposition lo unnappudu anni annadu...ayina vaadike oodigam chestannaru.
  3. Ammeseyyandi uncle aa land ni...next time meeru India vacheppatiki kabja chesesi nava ratnala khajana loki kalipestaru
  4. Modi medalu vanche time.ochindi mana ycp rowdy MPs ki
  5. Did they ever ask about these??? Kalisi pani cheyalsindi poyi last 5 years ee vishayamlo adakkunda...ippudu adakkunda icheyataniki
  6. Highlight enti ante aa Mandadam lo ladies ayite 2019 elections taruvata aa "XXXXX'valli Sreedevi ni rojukokallu intiki Bhojananiki pilichi 20,000-30000 range sarees petti... Saaganampaaranta. ilaanti vinnappudu inka yalaparam vachestundi Oh my Mandadam! rich farmers!!!
  7. this case will never ever see the culprits punished anukunta!
  8. if they can get center to cancel in one year, they will pursue it. If they know it is going to take time, they will send another resolution to revoke the cancellation and enjoy the majority there. I see this as a knee-jerk reaction from jaffa as he took it to his ego and nothing else. Anni sardukunnaka vadike telusu council avasaram TDP kanna vaadike ekkuva undi ani. would be interesting to see what is BJPs stand in this and how they will protect state's interests along with their new friend to counter jaffa.
  9. why waste so much money.....ask them to hire Boston group and High power committee. they just charge you for samosas and xerox to give you a recommendation. Their population is 5x times Andhra's. So they need 15 capitals.