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  1. Vishal_Ntr


    dont insult prostitutes bro 🙂
  2. Vishal_Ntr

    Jagan..List of 11 Charge Sheets by CBI

    Ivan I chadavataniki baagunnai..2 years nundi court hearing undi..bokkalo vestara Leda aa cock knife batch ni?
  3. Vishal_Ntr

    Diwali rule

  4. Vishal_Ntr

    kcr meeting Gov

    ee ESL goru Governor aa leka ?
  5. Sharad Pawar meeting CBN while second video shows him asking Jaffa to go get permission outside before sitting in front of him.
  6. Vishal_Ntr

    Raman singh

    Most useless political bitches are in AP at the moment...GVL Kanna Sarai Rammadhav along with our Jaffa n PK
  7. Vishal_Ntr

    Democracy in Danger cbn live

    I hate Mayawati...why didnt she meet my leader Janasena adhineta... This is CBNs conspiracy to gain political advantage. I heard Lokesh gave 100 cr to her to cancel her appointment with our God PSPK, but instead meet CBN
  8. Vishal_Ntr

    Anil kumar yadav,roja,mangali krishna

    EMI operation chestunnaru
  9. Vishal_Ntr

    CBN press meet live

    yes I guess skin issues
  10. Vishal_Ntr

    DUET ...

    nadendla manohar s/o nadendla bhaskara rao
  11. Vishal_Ntr

    Jagan meedha attack

    kathiki blood undinda? leka tomato ketchup aa??
  12. Vishal_Ntr

    CBI or GBI

    very likely
  13. Why is PM directly interfering....why not Rajnath