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  1. Aina bhramaravati lo inni buildings unnaya... According to ycp n Sakshi okka ituka kooda padaledu ga
  2. Emo sir...aa lekkalu Valle esukovali Swiggy boys laa monthly oka 5k plus black lo 2k is sufficient maybe for them...and in 5-10 years they turn 45 and get pension....so they must be a happy lot enjoying freebies. As usual life long ycp jenda mostaru 😂 Bayataki vachi baagupadadaam anukune vadu elagu volunteer avvadu
  3. https://www.news18.com/news/politics/if-you-cant-beat-them-chandrababu-naidu-may-hire-prashant-kishors-i-pac-which-helped-jagan-defeat-him-2186529.html?ref=m_hp_top_pos_1
  4. I guess MD is IAS... chairman can be anyone
  5. she is the new adhyaksha of the assembly ?
  6. I didn't know he was a Hindu. I just asked and not spreading rumours. Grandfather's time nundi converted kada...so asked. Good to know he is not
  7. anya matastulaki enduku istunnaru. deeni meeda aacharyula vari spandana emiti ?
  8. chance ee ledu....veedu modi mitra mandali lo untadu kaavalante rashtranni taakattu aina petti
  9. aame health issues cheppi contest kooda cheyanandi ga....i think it was her personal choice to opt-out. Modi gadu lekapothe teesukunevadu....she is never his competition and also has some good will among opposition(offcourse he doesnt care about them now)
  10. vadi lawyers oka petition pedataru....hon'ble Sheeyam of AP cannot come to Hyderabad every week and it will have huge impact on public administration ani. Supreme court will say no in person attendance reqd...
  11. Leave it aside bro...courts became formality...mellaga andhra ki marchukuntadu cases and his new friends will help him dilute the cases.
  12. Vadileyandi bro...choopinchakapoyina akkada kooda sweep chesaru ga
  13. So they counted 500 * 5 per constituency? Andulo kooda discrepancy
  14. Leave the rest to God and just digest the loss and move on with our personal lives....Edo good or bad anedi mellaga janalaki ardhamavvalani praying
  15. Ivo mock polling vi ani sadaru returning officer Garu appude clarify chesaru bro....AVI ayina bayata paaresarenti ante by mistake ani dulipesukunnaru Anyways light...dorakkapothe andaru dorale