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  1. Uncle memedho comedy ki vesukunte meeru chedagodataru enduku.... these are Jaffa pravachanalu
  2. Odipoyina aascharyam ledanta .... 5 years constituency ni gaaliki vadilesi Edo peekudam ani pulivendulaki water ippinchadanta....too much negativity undani talk
  3. considerable drop in voting % of our sure shot constituencies. EVMs debba baaga pettaru. Krishna lo maree ghoram
  4. Disastrous EC. Evm, security, facilities for senior citizens...these seem basic readiness things but we're completely ignored. Ee SP ni transfer cheddam...ivvala evari meeda dadi cheyiddaam...I've agenda ga erpatu chesukunnaru useless fellows
  5. Very tough to predict... malpractice lo PhD chesaru ga kachara and gang it is taking more than 15 hours to complete polling in booths..evms don't seem to be good choice
  6. good going EC 🙂 Seems most free and fair elections ever 😞 Useless fellows making us lose confidence on democracy day by day. 3 more hours - inka enni choodalo
  7. 1st kottaboye seat kooda ide... Jai Telugu Desam
  8. Modi ki Delhi lo CEC gulam...CEO are all postman's of that guy's orders
  9. They are ready with something big n fishy....hope aa Devudu veella kutralu paarakunda aapali ani
  10. Eye to eye maatlade stature ledu kada ....aa chese donga panulaki
  11. You have a conscience? Or are you a post office ..don't you have powers Nenedanna take up chesanate Vadili pettanu...logical ga potha Ruff aadincharu ga Babu garu