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  1. they wont dare to speak against CM or publish books...Only AJ hadavidi.
  2. already notices andina vallu emi chesaru ? when the party leader openly says he will support his online soldiers, why would any general public take this seriously. these guys have mastered the trick.....speaker will also get away with this and so will be anyone. All who will suffer will be ppl like Ranganayakamma garu and others who are spreading truth 😞
  3. No chance...sagam paina Jagga ante susu posukune batch....maybe 1-2 at max
  4. Both states handsup uncle..... May go for full lockdown from.17th. atleast cities
  5. Mee party gurinchi disco kaadu Rajakeeyam uncle
  6. Nature cure undi hyd lo...not a satire
  7. He is preparing his warriors to defend the lapses. CBN anni khaali chesadu ani start chesaru
  8. Mr. PK twitter handle choodandi poorthiga BJP loki maarutunna janasenudini choodandi!
  9. Ap doctors distanced themselves saying this is political.... Ayyanapatrudu ni kalisadani he is a tdp sympathiser ani stamp vesi dulipesukunnaru....
  10. Isn't this a punishable statement. Judges integrity ni question cheyadaniki eeyana evaru Okka Chandrababu ki enti....ingitam unna andariki telusu aa court judgement emi vuntundo