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  1. Inka maa old city lo aape vaadi undadu ga
  2. can a corporator or a mayor decide the traffic rules ?
  3. Ragunandan is KCRs relative....some sections of yes cross voted for ruling caste ani pracharam lo undi
  4. 3 years of padayatra ki rallies chesina vallandari meeda emi action teesukuntundi CS madam ? adi corona spread ni reduce chesse rally aa? IAS lu intha blind ga stand teesukovadam nijamga first time!
  5. There are hard working people in both IT and Govt Sectors. Generalize cheyalemu. I know people in my team who work for solid 8 hours a day and even more and many more people who enjoy - that doesn't mean everyone is working only 3 hours. There were days I worked 18 hours a day for 4 months and hardly for 4-5 hours for next 2 months to balance out and only support the product. But never had luxury of 3 hours work a day. There are a lot of people "undeserving" across levels in IT and we cannot help. They know the survival skills and all I can do, is feel jealous, but your personality may not allow you to relax and be like them...don't take accountability etc. Govt offices - my friends work in Defence labs and medical departments. Trust me, they work even harder than me. Again, in their offices too, there are those lazy birds who enjoy these guys hardwork. Politics, escapists are there in every field. Only thing is maybe there is more scrutiny in private for these kind of people.
  6. Black tickets?? Interesting Ayina 23 temples chairman and pradhana archakulu vachi aasirvadinchi aayana aasirvadam teesukovala??
  7. Evm okkate kaadu....prathi booth lo vere agents ki kooda desha bhakti nimputaam
  8. Akkada edoka scam ki scope create chesi ballot ki veltarule... Work in progress anukunta. Institutions damage cheyadaniki kotha vyuha rachanalo unnadu mosha
  9. Assume MGB wins some 100 constituencies with 10k plus margins...what matters here is NDA would have formed government even if they won 125 places with less than 100 votes also. Overall total votes polled for nda will be less than MGB. So, this vote share stats is only going to soothe the losing side but nothing else. Manipulation is not done at places they know they will surely lose 😀
  10. it is almost a month now 🙂 Picture is very clear.
  11. 14 Nov 7:39 PM akshardam mandir lo he n his ministers will do pooja...will be telecast live and requesting all 2 crore Delhi public to switch on tv and do pooja at same time in parallel. Signifying Lord Rama's return to Ayodhya after 14 Years of exile...on this 14th at 7:39 PM If 2 crore people pray together at same time...all known and unknown forces will bless Delhi and there will be one adbhutam happening at that time 😀 P.S. sorry in advance if any translation mistakes
  12. trs catching up....955 majority in 15th round.