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  1. Article is not completely true bro. VIP passes is must for any event as we are aware. For general public it has been made free and there is a big turnout on Day 2 when I attended it, there are all arrangements done and global dance and music festival after the event was also good and engaging. Parking arrangements were also done and there are hoardings with parking slots map every where near the site. People not allowed to watch it from Prakasham Barrage as it will become a blocker for traffic if people start to pile up there. Only down side I felt was traffic organizing by police which is also because of the uncompleted flyover I believe.
  2. I am going to Vijayawada tomorrow with family to watch this event, don’t want to miss the opportunity
  3. Planning to attend this event on 17th and 18th Any ticketing process or direct entry
  4. Ee pushpalaki ipoudenduku gurtochindi id inni rojulu evadi m xxxxthunnaru bill lo unna migatavanni vadilesi idi prioritynaaaa
  5. Unna count aite TRS lost confirm ayuntadi, so maybe to favour TRS seats peragakapothe congresski oka 40 seats daka cake walk considering their strong candidates and will be less by only 23 for magical figure which can be easily achievable by alliance parties like TDP and fighting hard. Seats perigithe last minute will be tough for opposition parties and TRS can accommodate all assamithi . KCR dora 50 days 100 meetings hadavidi aapi intlo korchodaniki reason ide ayuntadi kashtamavtundi gelavadam ani or BJP gameplan to backstab KCR right before elections But the question is, Is it that simple to increase constituencies? Eeee BJP valla natakalento gani sava *****tunnaru janalni eppudu politics tho
  6. 2004 ke complete ayina building ki ippatiki companies vastunnay malli babu garu vachaka.
  7. Mana stateki emanna airforce employment lo reserve chestara , cheste gana very good opportunity for people to look beyond these routine tech jobs
  8. Monollu deeni chuttu koda RE boom create chestaremo ?
  9. Good, ila cheste nijanga inka anti peruguddi Oka YCP leader ni koda invite cheskondi Raja will be more helpful
  10. Vaadu PK ni support chestunnada or Badnam chestunnara, veela logics peaks amma Mega family cinemalu koda chudakandira andhralo , tax money state ki vastunnayga
  11. Whether people believe it or not is a different thing, but game plan ade ani anipistundi and ninna Jagga letter tho clear adi part of game plan ani.\ Interesting game ahead
  12. There seems to be game plan brother, they want to send out a message to portray YCP is not with BJP to gain in elections that is what happening now and all in the game plan So vallu ninna RS decision BJP ki help chesina, eekshalo matladina maatalu then ee chargesheet to show they are not sailing together and nullify their stand in RS
  13. Ninna YCP Vanchana deekshalo koncham gatiiga matladi and RS election statement, vati affect anukunta
  14. So Eenadu is still reliable Regularga manam two wheeler or carlo tirige vallaki route veru kabatti distance antha undadu, for heavy vehicles it is more as said
  15. By Road aithe untundi approximatega, Ibrahimpatnam to Varadhi via bypass ringroad kada, city lo not allowed and barrage not allowed so kachitamga untundi brother motre than 50 kms
  16. Employment creation lo CBN is a master, no one can beat him. Ayana politics loki rakunda Entrepreneur ayunte just imagine where he would have been with his hard work and mindset, we must be thankful for having such leader (edchevallu edustune untaru just ignore them)
  17. Papam aa farmers notlo matta, vallavi vallake icheyochuga anthaga kavalante or govt ki handover cheyochuga ade amount ki they can use it for better purpose. Ila atatch chesi pettukunte meostadi bhoomulu padavatam tappa
  18. Ave avtayi brother nothing to worry, people will realize once ground work has started Avvakapothe janala karma manaki chetanayyindi manam chesukuntu velladame, hard work always pays off