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  1. Not 5 few years and suggested 5 imp points to tackle it
  2. Koduku Twood tho cheekinchukodamlo baga busy , em chesina Kachara sir e cheyali
  3. Already sarigga satisfaction ki lick cheyaledanega modalayyindi malli inko trail ivvakapovachu
  4. Chinapudu chadukunnavi vinnavi gurtosthunnayi Pakkanodi kompa antinchadaniki nippu aruvu isthe akkada pani ayyaka mana intiki koda nippedatharu
  5. Intha library maintain chesthunnara sakshi di. , Good job
  6. That is how faction leader operates, people depend on and work for them only when they are kept to starving
  7. Nailed it on field and Off field on SM today
  8. Rules implementation lo seatbelts for all occupants kuda mandatory cheyali including RTC buses if their intention is really about safety of people Also roads maintain cheyani dept ni hefty fines tho kottali which is major reason for accidents that are happening within city limits
  9. Eedu bail meda bayataki vachduga malli lopala esara Script prakaram suicide or light apaledani co prisoner champale
  10. Aadi bonda dabbuku eda nunchi vastay. Development jaruguyunte anna evo oka rotation untadi
  11. Evadosthadaaa ani, anna reputation mamuldi kadu and Hyderabad still has large scope in this business area
  12. Still AP ki revenue lekapothe ekkadnunchi techi isthadu eee Nanyamayina Biyyam, Grama Paid volunteerski Asalu aaadi brainlo em nadustundo koda ardam kavatla, income pergakapothe huge burden
  13. Income leni state ni inka xxxxx nakinchi em cheddam ani veedu Aaa momentum continue chesthe atleast vadu cheddam ano tindam ano anukunevi anna avthay
  14. Jagan aaadikunna core Converted vote bank debba veukunevaraku wait cheyali. Aaa vote bank crack aithe chalu
  15. So RBI daggara Janala daga dabbulu teesukoni pakka desalaki appu ichi sontha image build chesukuntunnada
  16. Last line highlight brother
  17. Ok to fine motor vehicles for not following rules Are they going to impose any fines on overloaded RTC city buses too Corporations also have to be heavily fined for not maintaining roads, we are paying hefty road taxes for non existent roads. Did any of our DB members drove till Chityal toll road from Hyderabad. This is the worst belt I have seen in the recent past on a National Highway. Road from Miyapu to GandiMaisamma also the same case, and the worst part is at junctions.
  18. KCR ki anti Andhra sentiment work ayinatlu, Modi will use Anti PAK emotion. Migatha emunnna it willl compensate.
  19. Eppudu edave kakapothe ipac maintenance and strategies tho elevation lu ichi ippudu leni lotu telustundi
  20. ఇంకోసారి ఎవడన్నా ఒక్క చాన్స్ అనాలన్న తడిచిపోయెలా చేసాడు జపాన్ అన్నయ్
  21. Stay fit and everything will fall in place If still have issues shall add another medicine like 370