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  1. Bro, vallu ekkada pettukunna manam vadukolekapothe no use If this happens it is on TDP to use the opportunity
  2. Kottinollani ishtam leni vallani party vadili pomannadu rosham unte. Aa logic ento bodhapadala
  3. Eeedu cinema story lekka chepthunnaduga, aadu aadi self dabba
  4. Asalu PVP gadu vesina tweet gurinchi kakunda, it might have done good or bad party ki support chese media meda seela pareeksha chesthu good discussion deeni valla partyki chala upayogam
  5. can someone confirm this, my property registered in 2014 so ippudu BT cheste idi avail cheskovacha anedi kavali @uma mee bank vaditho matladinappudu adagara ee query
  6. BT cheesthe koda idi avail cheskovacha kotha bank nunchi
  7. Partyni kalipesi central lo minister ayinodiki vallu Jackie lu vesi leputhunte manam bokkallu ethukuni maname kindal chesukundam I too feel Lokesh should have contested in 14 kani there is no necessity to kindal continuously, edo migatha antha pathivrathala laga
  8. Adi backdoor ela avthadi it is legal and valid Backdoor is those who won in other party and got ministries here
  9. Jandhyala actualga YSR bakthudu and has high regards for him, didn't understand why he is so against to Jagan Inthakamundu eppudo idream interview lo anukunta antha YSR bajane untadi
  10. Vadi MPlu 22 mandi unte pakkanodiki central ministry isthe oppukuntara, unless proposal is from BJP
  11. Maybe , but domestic ga huge demand, last month and before month they are 3,4 positions in sales in India with just 1 model on sale
  12. With current sale numbers Kia is commanding and the fact that this being the only production facility they have, I don't think they have a reason to cut down production
  13. notices aithe velthunnay, maku telisina vallaki vachay. For govt benefits oorlalo white card lenollu leru, though they are big farming family/ they themselve stay in HYD or somewhere and doing RE. Amaravati boomlo these RE people grouped and bought lands, now they are becoming target.
  14. Mana state lone Teluguni mingabeduthunte inka telugu nerchukoni em chestaru bro. Matru basha ani mana tapatrayam anthe
  15. If they have plans to return to home country at all then we can understand, there are many even in my family who only comes to India very rarely say once or twice in 10 years, their kids never prefer to come back or stay here and the properties they bought in Bangalore and Hyderabad kind of cities are already occupied by local goons and now their parents who are old enough have to roam around lawyers and courts for their children The cases mentioned by you I too agree, in such cases they should have due diligence in the area they invest and the price they are putting into the property Maa bava unnadu , oorlo polam konta untaru and aaa oorlo polam vese vallu leru so kintha beedu padipoyundi, latest is Jagga taking some of that land for distribution, and kids dont even know telugu and doesn't have much relation with relatives, now image what will happen at later stage to thise lands
  16. I partially support that ban on purchase of homes, instead of ban it can be something else to demotivate NRI's from purchasing Those who settled in US or other countries I don't understand why they purchase flats in Hyd or Vja or any other city, what returns will it yield except taking prices to higher brackets and making it unreachable for people who currently live in the cities and towns. As someone mentioned in this thread atleast 90% of their kids will not move back to India down the line and slowly alll those properties will go into relatives or some politicians or into the hands of those who have strong hold in the area. Ofcourse it is their financial decision, unless they return back to India within 10years they will face issues when their kids or grand kids try to liquidate them.
  17. EC daggara Calculatorlo batteries aipoyayata, kothavi order pettaru once received they wii calculate and share the details, don't worry Indian democracy is in Moshah's safe hands
  18. Same reposted with correction Looks like it is inevitable, pity AP
  19. Monna initial gola gola ayina roju oka mistake raasaru Twitter lo going to Andhra ani, adi coorect chesi repost chesaru going out of Andhra ani
  20. Reuters have reconfirmed and sticking to the article they have published