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  1. This is bi election for 2 positions in Karimnagar where congress and bjp won one each while trs lost both their sitting seats bielections happened due to death of sitting candidates
  2. Having an MP on stage as per protocol is ok, but how did officials allowed him to come with party towel on to the government program stage. That’s really a failure by those officials who invited him
  3. PK met KCR and praised 24hr

    Do you think AP has same revenue to spend as TG has? You should also have got a doubt why can’t all the remaining states implement it
  4. Rajinikanth

    Kotha cinema unna prathi sari ide sodi
  5. Ante kada vadi anna partylo nunchi bayataki vachina vallani target chestunnadu, kesineni nani meda anthaka mundu edchaduga and ippudu parakala meda. Revenge party basicga
  6. Exclusive Interview Promo

    Aa trailer cut chesinodiki lal salam aaa face expressions and tumpara sedyam gadu
  7. akka bharathi akka.....ROFL

    Dupeni petti chepistunnada enti janalu leni daggara
  8. Yeah agree, change should start some where. Eee CM relief fund is not useful in most of the cases, total karchulo chala takkuva approve avtadi, dani process koda chala delayed. Government should think of log term solution by equipping govt hospitals with all the required technology. Asalu private hospitalski enduku inta spend cheyalsi vastundi parallel ga govt hospitals unnappudu already salaries istu where are we lacking ane introspection jarigi long term solutions kosam koda spend cheyali.
  9. Eee arogyasriki private hospitalski iche dabbulutho govt hospitals modernize chesi fully loaded cheste ilanti vallaki chala upayoga padatayi. Eee schemes valla pratidi private hospitalski vellipotunnay
  10. polavaram

    Last para highlight, information kavali, dabbulu adigite sate e chusukovali