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  1. BalayyaTarak

    TDP member speech points on No confidence

    I am expecting this, they will bulldoze us by all theor emotional drama , hope our members get things straight
  2. Scary being a father of two girl child, etu pothundi cant believe anybody. Ee madya mari ekkuva vinipistunay ilantivi That too seems to have happened in a community whihc we generally feel to be safe compared to individual residential units
  3. BalayyaTarak

    Kutumbarao press meet

    This should be taken to national media and start discssions and right time as parliament sessions are about to start Mem clean mem clean ani dappu kottukuntu tiragadam ekkuva ayyindi ee BJP vallaki and media also reiterating this as no corruption allegations came forward till now.
  4. BalayyaTarak

    Lokesh Interview

    Good interview Anchor evaranna manchi vallaite would have been much better
  5. BalayyaTarak

    Jaffa interview ..paid media

    Naalo ee maarpu ledu ani prove chese lage undi interview overallga though it is more edited and filtered version it still has that flavour of Jaggas arrogance
  6. BalayyaTarak

    Thota trimurtulu fires on irrigation officers

    Too much, should escalate it through irrigation departments, GO release ayi money sanction ayaka koda why officers are not taking it forward why should MLA’s involve after that stage, isn’t it responsibility of officers to implement them
  7. Letter rasinadani gurinchi info teskodaniki ani rasaruga, ikkad apogadatalu teskodalu em undavule All party meetlage letter rasadu kabatti inouts teskodaniki ayuntadi anthaku minchi em undadule chill
  8. BalayyaTarak

    Peeleru politics!

    asalu contest cheyaledanukunta eeeyana 2014 lo, brother poti chesinatlunnadu Kotha party petti only pracharam chesadu Congresslo ela join ayyado ardam kavatla, malli daniki oo discussionlu TVlo
  9. As a policy istaru anukuntunna as it is completely being built here
  10. Isuzu v Cross is a different segment and not comparable to Bolero on any front Isuzu Vcross is the chaeapest and only option available for us in India, bayata marketslo there are modes from every major player like ford, toyota, VW, Mitsubishi, nissan have models Indialo ee vehicles inka market build avvaledu hope some day it will come
  11. Yes in andhra tax relaxation icharu which is coming to around 1.5 to 2 lakhs, not sure ipudu koda unda ani
  12. BalayyaTarak

    All NRIs

    What if already have vote in India
  13. Assuming because I am observing this since last two days in several tv discussions as well, where spokesperson is trying to talk positive on TDP who blamed us earlier, same with krishnamraju now, it is not more than a month he blamed TDP and now praising
  14. BalayyaTarak

    Paper industry to come in prakasam district

    Local availability unte required quality obvious kada, they can cut down a lot on import logistics costs