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  1. NRT Infra tho patu Last 5 years STP ki koda chala infra create chesadu
  2. We are good but not them Southlo koda andariki hindi vaste valla vaagdhati tho mesmerize chesi conquer cheyochu south ni
  3. populist policies chesthe chesaru they should understand the priorities and pull up socks to be in the race. Early pitching advantage once missed is missed forever
  4. Paritala ni directga kill chesthe image inkaa perigindi so they tried character assassination this time. Paritala meda koda anthega Kaddapa courtki tipparu. Chinatamaneni meda inthe evevo caselu pedutunnaru, Next would be Chintakayala, Yerapathineni, Dulipalla , Karanam, Accham etc kind of strong people. Manollu relaize avvakunda supportga undakapoyina aprla valla kante koda egabadi tittadam modaledithe ika sardukovachu
  5. Johar Kodela Ippati kurollu emi matladina teliyaka mis-information valla ane anukuntunna, knowing your contribution to our region will never forget or utter a word against you.
  6. Every state in the country know the focus is shifting towards electric mobility, IT lo laga evaru lead tesukunte they will have more advantage. Automobile industry ki already Chennai or TN is preferred destination, now they made a big step towards electric mobility tooo. https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/national/tamil-nadu-unveils-electric-mobility-policy-with-plethora-of-incentives/article29431014.ece Highlights of the Policy: Vision to attract ₹50,000 crore investments in EV manufacturing and create 1.5 lakh new jobs All-electric vehicles including two and three-wheelers, cars, buses and commercial vehicles to get 100% road tax exemption till the end of 2022 Special incentives to the EV and their components manufacturers having a minimum investment of over ₹50 crores, creating employment opportunity for atleast 50 people 100% refund of State GST (SGST) for EVs made and sold in Tamil Nadu until 2030 Capital subsidy of 15% and 20% for investments in EV manufacturing and battery production, respectively till 2025 Exclusive EV parks in major auto manufacturing hubs 15% subsidy on the cost of land for an electric vehicle or parts production project in the state’s industrial parks. For projects started in southern districts, the investors will get 50% subsidies until 2022. 100% exemption from stamp duty for purchase of land to establish EV and EV part units The EV or parts production units in Tamil Nadu will also get 100% exemption from electricity tax Charging infrastructure projects to be encouraged. Government will establish charging infrastructure on its own or through public-private partnerships Changes in the building and construction laws to incorporate charging infrastructure in the planning stage MOnna CG budget lo they made it clear about focus on Electric mobility, aa opportunity use cheskodaniki ilanti policylu emanna chese alochana koda unatlu knaipinchatla Mana CM emo America velli Janalu leni meetinglu pettukoni SM lo hadavidi chesthu PR build chesukunta unte, TN CM had visited Tesla plant and had discussions with them, Eee policy koda inline with it to attract those companies and supporting units
  7. Same with Chintamaneni and ither strong leaders too they are targeting all strong candidates and assassinating their character, ardam chesukoni manollani maname tittadam manukunte baguntadi
  8. As said in my earlier thread reg license, I still stand by my words Koduku avineethi ivanni YCP created stuff to counter Kodela and assassinate his character as he is the only one who initially rose against Reddy leaders in the region. Valla propoganda ki manollu inka ekkuva thodayyaru, emi teliyanollu koda prathi okkadu gumpulo padi Kodela koduku chillara anukunta, I blame our cadre more than YCP for this. RIP Kodela garu, being one from Palnadu region my respect towards you will never go down and you are always a role model for me.
  9. Afe kada two extreme contradicting statements within a minute Mamulugane Andhra meda edche veedu matram Amaravati vaddu ani cheppochu JP matram Kaleswaram meda logical calculations tho matladagodadu
  10. Cbn is active then in politics not the case with Tarak at present Anyway you have everyright to have your opinions
  11. I know bro anduke adugutunna , partyki oka leader undaga activega leni vallaki paggalu ivali anadamlone ardamvtundiga I am no anti to NTR but Politics loki this is not time for him , nakinchadame ippudu ganaka full-time politics ante
  12. I already voted for cbn in 2018 and 19 in TG and AP Ikkada poll batti change chesestara avasaramaithe good Remember seeing post by someone earlier, NTR tarvata tdp cbn ki icham nakinchadu ani, request same member to answer why he gave to cbn
  13. CBN kadu someone from TTDP with strong oratory power should counter it Cbn iste he will make use of it and will be ultimate beneficiary
  14. That is the only option he is left with to rakeup and use emotion. Anti baga build avtundhi so trying to use his formula again to overcome it