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  1. I don't think it can hold 40K. I am guessing it to be around 30-35K. Hyderabad population lo 1/4th vuntayi Vijayawada and Guntur kalipi. Uppal stadium capacity 40K. Initial 2-3 matches ki tickets kashtam avthundhemo kaani tharvatha dhorukuthaayi. Amaravati Sports City lo manchi Track and Field, Football, Hockey and Cricket stadiums kattali
  2. Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Honor ippudu top 5. Looks like Samsung overtook Xiaomi in Q2. Migatha brands TV manufacturing lo levu naku thelisi
  3. Xiaomi is India's biggest smartphone brand currently
  4. Amount gurinchi kaadu uncle, copy scheme ki kuda vaadi name tho pracharam endukani
  5. Poor Hindi heartland (UP, MP, Bihar etc.,) veeti kosam biscuit la vundhi
  6. Aa mathram pulihora ki ××××care ani name endhuku uncle ?
  7. Watching Prabhakar's interview for the first time. Konni chotla konchem ekkuva cheppukuntunnattu anipinchina, overall ga he looks like a genuine and straight forward guy. He has almost everything on his fingertips ? https://youtu.be/LxaS0n2uHk8
  8. Ninna Narayanapur avg outflow 1.06L ga chupistundi. Repu aa flow add avthundhi ?
  9. Almatti and Narayanapur dhaggara 30K inflow and 30K outflow vundhi. Jurala nunchi canals ki max entha release cheyyavacchu? I think we might get some 10+ TMC in the next week from that side