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  1. Meeru cheppina daanilone undi ans kuda... KCR reacts to people's emotion is very much true.... Reacts for the sake of people's good anukunte mana karma.... People's emotion ni tanaki kavalsinattu use chesukuntunnadu anedi ardam avvali manaki. Janalu ibbandi padda prati saari KCR Edo chesi unte... Meru cheppedi saripotundi... Ayanante abhimanam antunnaru ga... Rational thinking kastam lendi... Have fun👍👍
  2. Ide pani vere cases lo enduku cheyatam ledu... Ee thop thurum KCR.... Ide first incident wer a woman was raped and killed in Telangana? Political mileage kosam chesinde ga..... Pitty the way mindset of people is these days... And something terribly wrong with telugu states