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  1. Tsunami lu vaste ne cbn 2 days lo chepinchadu
  2. Last week narakoduru (ponnur const) eeduru gali ki current pothe 4 days varaku ivvaledu.chuttupakkala villages annitiki icharu. Denni emantaru ychepi fellows
  3. Villages wise aithe daily edo oka paper lo estunadu
  4. Mp seats bokka pk valla Bapatla Amalapuram Narsapuram Vizag Mcpatnam Rajamundry Kakinada
  5. Dear Mr.Venkatrao .../ VR Yarlagadda ...!!! Good morning... This is Vallabhaneni Vamsi... Hope I don’t need to introduce myself... I just wish to bring to your notice the following few lines for favourable consideration... I have helped you to the maximum extent possible at the instance of our mutual friend, Kodali Nani ,when a SC/St case was filed against you,by Mr.Ramesh... Later,I helped you in getting out of a Dowry harassment case filed at Bhavanipuram P.S even though we never met or spoke to each other... You should be grateful to Kodali Nani for pursuing me to help you get out of those cases so that your passport is not seized...We have never met or spoke to each other till you came to Gannavaram as YSRCP candidate After coming to Gannavaram, We met at Lakshmi Tirupatamma temple where I said, Venkatrao....!!! Welcome to Gannavaram... Later,I called you one day that your followers have put up a banner related to Prasadampadu village,at Kesarapalli village,erroneously n advised you to correct it I have contested 3 elections till now... I spoke about our TDP party n good governance by Honble CM,ChandraBabu naidu garu only... I never spoke loose about Lagadapati or Duttaa,on personal front... Infact,Rajagopal garu told the then CP, Vja to provide me security ... My children still go to his house n our kids are very good friends In this election campaigning also I never spoke loose about you on personal front... I spoke about TDP n Good governance by Honble CM,ChandraBabu naidu garu But It came to my notice that you were telling people that you used to finance me which never happened I helped you at the instance of Nani ,only... Not for materialistic gains... Did you see me ever before coming to Gannavaram? Did you speak to me ever before coming to Gannavaram? Did you ever finance/fund me??? Inspite of us never meeting,It was very surprising that you levelled baseless n wild allegations against me,knowingly... Sooooo .... I wanted to meet you n create a cordial atmosphere at Gannavaram as I feel that my character assassination will neither help you get a good image nor benefit the society... So I called you to meet up... Thought of coming to your home to create a cordial atmosphere... If you are uncomfortable with me coming over to your house, you can come to my home for a cup of coffee... Place n time are absolutely at your convenience n comfort... You can invite Mr.Balavardhan Rao ,Mr.JaiRamesh n all your well wishers also for a cup of coffee... Infact I also want to felicitate you for your wonderful proposal of converting Gannavaram into Dallas So I called you... As you you didn’t pick up the phone,I sent my people to ask for your appointment... Later, I myself came to meet you...Later,I have read in a newspaper that you have approached Honble CP,VJA saying that I am threatening you ,seeking Police protection.. I assure you that you need not be fearful of me due to your wild allegations against me... Devudunnaaaadu... Anneee aayanaku thelusu... Andarikee aaaa Devude nyaaayam chesthaaaadu... With best wishes n Regards... Vamsi, (Vallabhaneni Vamsi)
  6. Tadepalli mandal pathur lo aithe tdp kanna 500 ekkuva ichondi ycp. Reddys ekkuva ee oorlo
  7. First 1000 andariki vesesaru.nxt 3000 matram check chesi tax payers ki tesesaru
  8. Alapati harsha


    Tnl constitueny

    Repalle -cherukupalli-gudavalli ee groups lo add chey annai

  9. Krishna & gnt ki no rains aa? Pantalu koyyatanki janam tension padutunaru
  10. Yerragondapalem constituency na??
  11. Gnt nunchi cheste old kuchinapudi ni replace chestaru emo. Cherukupalli cheste ch.palli, amruthluru/ bhattiprolu/ nagaram mandals kalapali..