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  1. Doctors are not sure about the issue, suspecting Lever damage or cancer He is in Phoenix
  2. Hi NFDB friends, one of my friend's friend health is in critical stage, we started fund raising for hospital expenses. https://www.gofundme.com/f/immediate-assistance-with-medical-expenses?member=3543542&utm_source=twilio&utm_medium=sms&utm_campaign=contacts-v2-invite-to-donate It's a genuine case, i am live witness Please help him
  3. Same thing applies to others too Vaallu chesthe... Samsaaram, vere vaallu chesthe... Vyabhichaaram
  4. It is clear that paytm batch is here "Memu kooda TDP ne.... Antu... Slow poison ekkisthunnaaru"
  5. Meeku...... Batthaayi gaadi laaga.... Venuka nundi pattukune vaalle correct
  6. ee Jaffas isis kante danger la vunnaaru
  7. Both Telugu states got software jobs because of cbn
  8. NTR ki chaala time vundi Brahmini.... Best bet
  9. That's wrong Bro, farmers or Real estate doesn't matter Paapam land ichhina vaalla situation enti? They can't even identify their land and boundaries