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  1. no one talk much about SN padu.. adhi ravachemo. last time kuda takkuva majority tho poyindi. TDP vote bank ekkkuva ee constituency lo
  2. Potula will win. Ulavapadu mandalam chala strong potula
  3. Congratulations annai ? We're in the finals..?? witnessing the greatness ?

    1. srikanthnarne


      ha ha.. congrats to you also bro... :) mothaniki Lebron finals ki tesuku vachadu

  4. annai.. congrats.. we made it thru conference finals.. another mind boggling performance from King ? 

    1. srikanthnarne


      super... Boston meda kuda win avtamu anipistundi.. :)

  5. Congrats Bro :) Keep it up, Jai Lebron!

    1. Kiran Edara

      Kiran Edara

      somehow..some way.. King pushed it through.. lets hope for best.. Hail the King in the North! ?

  6. beach la ku daggara lo trails create chesthe baguntundi like nature trails parks in US..
  7. aa 'A' symbol capital design lo vunda?