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  1. Credentials ichidha chippa 😂 😂 😂 😂
  2. Manki vachina 40% vote share ledhantara ah protest lo ...just relax dont get emotional and use every issue to build anti on govt
  3. When people like koushik are there to believe ..y not 1000 ina lectures istham
  4. yes ... evaraithe extremism ki support chestharo vaalane tinudhi
  5. anni threads n gabbu cheyyaku saami ...happy ga oka thread vesukoni ne aanandham teeruchuko andhulone
  6. Nirmala Sitaraman credentials nenu post cheyyaledhu brother ...
  7. can i have the credentials of modi who leads all these ministers
  8. Em undadhu land rates padese varaku ilage vaagutgadu after rates come down koni dobbutharu ycp batch
  9. Polavaram spillway ready for Gallery Walk.