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  1. Urban Legend

    AP TDP Loksabha & Rajyasabha MPs

    lol income tax ridelu genuine ga fight cheyyakapothe jarugutunnaya ...ento me logics
  2. Urban Legend

    KCR Press Meet LIVE

    hmm...after this loss its not easy for him le ...janalu gelichina vaalle goppa ane idhi lo vuntaru
  3. Urban Legend

    KCR Press Meet LIVE

    TDP seriously lacks a good spokesperson
  4. Urban Legend


    voter listlu sarigha chusukondi first Chief Election Commissioner has apologised for missing 22 lakh names in voter lists in Telangana - that is 8% of total voters andhulo sagam ap lo chesina difference chaala untadhi
  5. Urban Legend


    dabbedhi? dochukupothe ts Ap govt already running many welfare schemes
  6. Urban Legend

    Kishan reddy lost

    channels trs tunes lo edo cbn defeat lekka portray chestunnaru kaani ...reddys lost the battle completely with this election ...most reddy leaders lost ...
  7. Urban Legend

    Final Count

    city and towns youth aithey maree daarunam unnaru no connect for us ..next gen hands daatiipoyaru ...
  8. Urban Legend

    Live: Telangana Assembly election results 2018

    yes money & power in hyd vundhi ...easy for them to rule AP is not so easy to govern....janalu vote vesindhe andhuke cbn aithe ne odduna padeyagaladu ani
  9. Urban Legend

    Live: Telangana Assembly election results 2018

    thanks bro how r u ....
  10. Urban Legend

    Live: Telangana Assembly election results 2018

    results are on expected lines ...kutamiki 30 anukunna adhi vachinattu levu
  11. Urban Legend

    Final Count

    bagaa busy bro and ground reality telisi calm ga unna ..i don't want to discourage anyone here