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  1. ah amount edo state govt ye pettukoni state/private railway lines vesukuntey better emo (if there is any legal possibility) vaallu ichey ah dabbulu kantey costly land kottestunnaru dead cheap ga ....
  2. forest agrea anukunta ga brother kashtam anukunta may be zoo la edo plan chestunnatu vunnaru
  3. e blue red lights endhi anni places lo ...taste less rulers
  4. Clear ga ap crda youtube lo till 21-aug-2018 ani rasindhi e page run cheseodu 27 ani veyyatam ento , 1 week matter ah kaadha ani kaadhu ella pani teeru ila vundhi
  5. Kondaveedu fort turns tourist hotspot in AP https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/vijayawada/kondaveedu-fort-turns-tourist-hotspot-in-ap/articleshow/65320669.cms
  6. What about kondaveeti vaagu ? Did it rain in that catchment? I think the pumps are not installed yet
  7. I think All rivers in South are overflowing ..
  8. what is this bhrami batch ? drive matram super vuntadhi and sravana masam started so temple ki kuda vellochu
  9. Ninnati varaku cheppidhi Inka chaala vasthayi le no problem
  10. Yes good rains in catchment areas, AP lo Present levels ki Inko 50 tmc confirm krishna waters