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  1. Vijayawada city Beautification

    uncle needhi mana bezawada?
  2. Kia in Anantapur !

    huge ane word chaala takkuva ..antha vundhi plant
  3. Ayesha Meera case investigation

    aayana pattukunnodini kakunda verey vadu donga ani ela chepthadu ...ledha he will be guilty
  4. rahul gandhi

  5. 15% kaavala veediki ...inkendhuku 100% ichesthey pola nd change ap name to kapupradesh
  6. Krishna District

  7. PK touring two states

    TS lo nijalu evadu chupinchadu Pawan approached Adilabad police and informed about his tour plan to Murali's village in Adilabad district. He wanted to console the bereaved family of the student. Murali committed suicide unable to face examination stress. In a quick response, police rejected Pawan Kalyan's plea and told him postpone his visit. Leaders said Pawan will visit the village only after situation comes under control. Heavy police forces were deployed in Adilabad district and did not allow any leader to visit Murali's family.
  8. PK touring two states

    seva rajakeeyam lo jagan tarvatha veedey
  9. Modi&Shah speeches in Gujarat

  10. https://twitter.com/venkatsrpt/status/937532032522924032 https://twitter.com/kantuagasthya/status/937549500112965632