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  1. Any update on Rain status in AP ..? sofar Does it rained enough ..?
  2. Same thing did in Telangana and created lot of districts , Initially first two months they got real estate boom, but after drastic down fall. So real estate get the boom only with development not with the no of districts.
  3. I think it's already in implementation. Recently one of my friend went through Engineering admision process there it's showing under OBC category Kapu's having 5% out of 10%.
  4. Why CBN proposed ..? he only implemented that right ..? I mean 5% quota on EBC category.
  5. Is Jagan removed 5% reservation to Kapus ..? Seen that in few face book posts.
  6. Does any one have any idea on Rains status across AP ..? Since June completed and July first week also almost done.
  7. Is NBK moving out of politics ..? If yes why ..?
  8. Yes last year June 01st week only, is any one have any idea this year when they going to start ?
  9. any progress on HCL construction in AP ..? Any recent videos ..?
  10. Any exact update on Ashok Leyland bus body building unit ..? when it will get complete and when they will start production ..? I hope we better to keep separate link for "Ashok Leyland" as "Kia Motoros" ..
  11. also Sri Sathya Sai Airport -- Puttaparthi( Hope not in use) Dagadarthi -- Nellore ( I think it's under construction) Bhogapuram(International airport -- seems to be in Tender's state, Construction yet be start)
  12. Current running airports Tirupathi(I hope currently having International status) Vijayawada(Having International status and have the flights to Singapore) Vizag(Having International status and have the flights to Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand) Rajahmundry(Domestic airport with very good traffic) Kadapa(Domestic airport not bad traffice) Oravakallu(Kurnool --about to start -- Domestic airport)
  13. can some one confirm is the Polavaram work going since last 4-5 months ..? or else it's stopped completely and waiting for Navayuga to step in ..?