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  1. TDP spent 2000 crores for kapu corp. Read in Eenadu
  2. Manchidega , Achan Naidu Ni state leader Ni chestanaru jagga
  3. It's vice versa, Jagan irriated and cant counter hence went for verbal war.
  4. I agree, verbal war instigate chesina answer chepalkaa arivheste saripodugaa
  5. Ledule, yesterday TDP wasn't prepared for the discussion, today they r well prepared and confident. Jagan lost his control, menu taluchukunte meru undaru,menu 150 meru 20, size penchav burra peragala, buddi unda, Kalu pedaga choste evadu bayapadatadu, ilanti maatalu anavasaram. Cm bulldoz chese paristi vachinu ante , eiter ycp MLAs and ministers and not well.enough to face TDP or cm himself broke out with irritation. Rajinama.chestanu annadu ninnna, say yes or no ante Inka donka tirugudu enduku.
  6. Yesterday it's Jagan's show, how ever Jagan in defence today, list his control and provoked verbal war himself. Good job by tdp and CBN.
  7. Hmm, Payyavula kesav is te first candidate on the wall anukunta, he is not even responding
  8. Jai Vijayawada, Jai Vizag, Jai Bangalore. Rest of AP gurinchi manaki anavasaram : kick:
  9. People deserve this, aath care
  10. Cm ordered to demolish Praja Vedika. Hyd building free ga ichadu, ap lo unna buildings Kula gotestunnadu, what a cm ..mala cost cutting etc etc ani dlms ki ready ga undandi
  11. Neku shy anedi ledugaa , ipatai laina DVR Ni vachi ma CBN legs patukomanu
  12. Regional parties should be emotion driven , which TDP lost it now. YSJ is successful carrying the some kind of emotion since 10 years and he is succesful in it . Regional parties don't have leverage as national parties. KCR will have tough time for next elections i believe , he played well with anti tg - pro tg sentiment long enough.