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  1. power lo undi manam emi chesam nidra poyam , adi agree cheyali kani ippuud a discussion waste
  2. BT Bro chepindi 100% coreect , learn a habbit listening to others bro , manakana ekuva fight chestadu ayana sm lo
  3. mana tdp olu kuda galoo deepam chupincahru le , manam agree cheyali
  4. ma vijayawada lo konta mandi happy , konta mandi sad .. state gurinchi alochinche vadu sadga unnadu , personal agendas choosevadu happy ga unnadu
  5. neku teledu bro sm lo e janasena lo tdp vala meda viruchuku padaru , janasena must and should respond . BJP alliance party ega , raithulani PM dagaraki tesukele prayathanam cheyaligaa,, adi deekshalaki evariki kavali ? say yes or no . unless he takes a stand on this , he will be always cornered. Ikkada BJP ki udedi emi ledhu but pk ni drown chestunnaru and tdp shpuld take it . evaru avunana kadana tdp vs ycp undi and meru cheppe points ani already oka 10 sarlu discussion ayipoyindi tvs lo select commoite ki pampinapaudu...
  6. TDP is spot on , jansena aand BJP is cornered ... TDP fighting with 3 parties here CBN atacking YCP others attacking pushpams and pilla pushpams
  7. naku podduna oka video lo jansena chepindi chosthe navu vachindi.. cbn did a mistake by land poling of 35 k acres and jagan did a mistake shifiting the capital is their stand . Venkata krishna , murali krishna , abn , tv5 sambasiva rao , tv9 rajinikanth etc etc; asked them simple question " are you against to this bill or you support this bill "? what is your stand on current scenario. again repeat mode lo cbn did a mistake , long back pk told 35k acres unnecessary etc etc; PK should support farmers else it would a political blow to him .
  8. gangadhar thati kanipinchakunda video chesthe bagundedi , this will be projected as TDP Media and tdp is against to Janasena. Ycp clear with 3 capitals. Tdp clear with 1 capital, Pushpam - 2 toungues , 2 idealogies Janasena -- ???? opposition ni target chesthe inko opposition edagadhu anedi my feeling ? cbn mistake chesadu etc blah blah ok , kani what is ur current stand anedi chepakunda ycpp ki vantha padite advantage ycp ki untadi kani janaena ki undadu .. Janasena - either u suport amaravti or u support 3 capitals , take one decision and move on . My advie beter go with cycle , these pushpams will drown u septic tank one day
  9. pekasam lo chesina bagundedi , our districts dont deserve the capital and this turmoil :iagree:
  10. Just to make everh one clear, vasantha cbn meda personal ga comments cheyadu .political comments okkate untayi.