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  1. Using jrntr to divert issues. Don't fell into trap
  2. Vamsi thana kosam jr ni , jr peruni vadukuntunnadu. First paritala Ravi and ntr , later cbn , now ysj. Tommorow modi anna ascharyaponakarla . Cbn knew this, Jagan em nyayam chestaru jr ki ani Vamsi chepthadu . more over k nani sticked loyal to NHK and jr. Nani much credible person than vAmsi. Ofcouse political differences undochu loyal ga NHK ani chepthadu even in ysj party. Oka rangaa a Vamsi a big artist. This in s already know n to many tdpians here. Vamsi will be 1st mla to jump ani nenu may lone manalotho discuss chesa, good he waited for 3 months. Vamsi will loose credibility as like many . Statements should be sensible which defines our character. Monna jr ni ani , ivvala cbn ni ani repu ysj ni anadani guarantee emundi ? Paritala Ravi ki antha loyal follow er ayte champinchana ysj ipudu mitrudu ayyada , ?? Self interest s and political agendas for this MLA. Jr fans better know this.
  3. Tadepali and kaza zone max confirm. Waste of time ,, Edo time pass ki e committee
  4. Thanks undavalli uh ncle,. Bjp lo eppudu join ing
  5. 100% reality ga dagara ga unna news Idi,
  6. One of the main reason for tdps defeat was too much arrogance and ego of MLA's ministers and local.leaders. Manam AJ , Eenadu choosi padukunam ground reality was different. Cbn gelavali but ma mla odupovali ane concept baba vachindi neutrals lo. Another reason i believe was ysrs charisma and ysj okka chance sympathy. Janma Bhoomi committee s main affect. Pk Anti on TDP helped ysj a big turn in youth. Cbn looked like a fool to youth for his double standards and lack of clarity. Set back of youth and neutrals imoacted TDP in a big way . Congress tho dostana was a political failure. Pk team kamma hatred propagonda ,. And their marketing was one of the best strategies which cbn never realised.
  7. With out support of bcs and kapus TDP was not in power and cannot regain power. Check history and make comments before posting.
  8. TDP muddu bidda Kodela , johar
  9. Rip sir, saddened with your loss. Enduko teliyani bada undi , mana manishi ane feeling Baga tolichestundi