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  1. Due to Global Warming Ice caps are melting very fast . As much as ice caps melts Russina gets more fertile and mineral rich land..
  2. Delhi Police are Behind Bus Damages it's an open secret
  3. Here is some data related to CAB/CAA, NRC and Refugees in India. According to the 2011 Census: - 5.5 million people in India are immigrants. - This is 0.44% of the Indian population - Only 55% of these total immigrants (0.24% of total population of India) came from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. - 2.3 million people out of those came from Bangladesh - 0.7 million of those came from Pakistan - 6,596 of those came from Afghanistan - 1.7 million of these immigrants have been living in India since before 1991 - The balance immigrants, approximately 2.5 million of them are from China, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and other countries. The number of refugees out of these (those who came due to persecution) would be relatively lower. The NRC in Assam alone cost the Indian Govt Rs. 1,300 Crores.... Just in THAT ONE STATE. A Pan India NRC, with 29 states and 7 UTs will cost India an approximate Rs. 50,000 Crores. The Citzenship Act (even without CAA) already provided for a process for refugees to seek asylum/citizenship of India, irrespective of their religion. So why did the GOI want to bring in the CAA? So the Indian Govt wants to spend Rs. 50,000 Crores for what? Just to identify Muslims living in India and deny them citizenship rights? The CAG has found misappropriation of Rs. 108 Crores in the Assam NRC and this report is on record. A Pan India NRC costing Rs. 50,000 Crores will have the potential for misappropriation of how many Crores? Not only is the CAA unconstitutional, going firmly against Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, that grants equal treatment to ANY PERSON (person, mind you, not citizen) in the eyes of the law, but this CAA cannot be implemented without an NRC which is going to cost India a tidy sum of money. This money can definitely be put up to better use in creating employment and helping the flailing economy of the country survive. This needless emphasis on Hindu-Muslim rift seems to be nothing more than an attempt to keep the communal pot boiling. Why isnt the Modi Sarkar focusing on the economy, jobs, rising crimes, rapes, health indices, downturn in industries and inflation, instead of spending its time in creating narratives which are going against the secular fabric of this nation? Why is the Modi Sarkar so hell bent on keeping the Indians, busy and fighting against each other based on their religion and caste? Is it because they are completely incompetent in addressing the real problems that face the nation? Coz we all know who wins elections when the communal fires burn the country...... Stay Together!! Stay Strong! Demand Your Rights! Demand Accountability from the Government. #SayNoToCAB #SayNoToCAA #SayNoToNRC Disclaimer: The best way to keep a nation distracted from one's failure on real issues is to create a imaginary enemy and keep them busy fighting it.
  4. Hindu Muslim Political Gain Between Parties
  5. Madhyalo e TDP godava endi ... Manollu Work Busy Lo Children's Production Aapesaru Daaniki Vallu Cheya ledu so population grow authundi Daaniki deeniki emanna sambadham unda
  6. They did false propaganda in assam by saying majarity infiltrations are Muslims but it was found many of them are Hindus so In an emergency they put forward CAB
  7. There are drawbacks ? The whole purpose of demo got failed to achieve except the political gains in UP Similar with NRC it's gonna be waste of public money