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  1. RamaSiddhu J

    Good Morning All

    Just Like for Lagadapati. It's a credibility test for me. Anyway I am 💯 % confident that MK will form government. Thank You All RamaSiddhu J PS: From tomorrow just Read Only Mode
  2. RamaSiddhu J

    **** need help ****

    Not this one
  3. RamaSiddhu J

    Repu ee time ki

    Down aithey zero hits ga
  4. RamaSiddhu J

    Independents in Telangana Elections

    All once INC became single largest
  5. RamaSiddhu J

    Independents in Telangana Elections

    Inka Vellu Confirm Anukunta
  6. RamaSiddhu J

    TDP to contest elections from Odisha

    Have you visited villages near Andhra boarder many of them waiting for alternative. They may go to BJP this time where TDP can have some edge
  7. RamaSiddhu J

    TG Voting %

    There will be a reluctance if the people are pro govt. Etlaina TRS vastgadile emundi anukuntaru just like in old city Hyde. So voting % will be less. but voting % increases elagaina TRS vodipovali ane Kasi undochu. however money and freebies may also increase % a bit
  8. RamaSiddhu J

    Final Count

    IND + MIM + BJP = 10 AA ending nee key board lekka
  9. RamaSiddhu J

    Kotha Paluku Live

    KCR ante kadupu manta undi but waited for time
  10. RamaSiddhu J

    Kotha Paluku Live

    ETV balanced ganey undi ABN atadesukundi TRS ni
  11. RamaSiddhu J

    2014 Poll %

  12. RamaSiddhu J

    Rajath kumar press meet

    Veede correct mogudu
  13. RamaSiddhu J

    Revanth Reddy Deputy Cm Bhatti Vikramarka CM

    +1...even giving B form to both TDP and INC in some constutuencies is good strategy for some time