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  1. Vadoka Kallu Thagina Kothi....E Chettu Aina Ekkuthadu
  2. Vadedo Gullu Gopuralu Thirugutha Part Time Pass chesthunte endi Mee gola
  3. Nandi Pipes is an emotion to my Grand Father. We have diesel engine which can be used for hire
  4. In my mandal my grand father the first one who purchased Nandi pipes. He met SPY Reddy ...daggarundi lorry pampinchadu anta..his love towards farmers and poor is awesome
  5. Nandyal lo Karuvu Vachinnapoudu Rotte Pappu Padakam ani 2/- ke Lunch Arrange Chesadu poor people ki....
  6. Mental Tensions emo Company Losses No Tickets from TDP... yesterday CBI ride aindi 500 cr defaulter ani